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Saturday 20 September 2014

M. NOMIZED-L`Eau De La...(Gurteltiertapes-Switzerland-1995-c60)

Another tape by  M. Nomized, an artist already covered in this blog various times here and here and here and yes probably there is more stuff by him also as the Golozos and as No Unauthorized.
I never spoke instead about this label,Gurteltiertapes was managed by Pille Weibel back in the 90s releasing quite lots of stuff  and funny enough I have just found his webpage, go here to read about all his activities and productions-I cannot understand when his webpage was last updated yet it is a real pity that his email address there is not working, I `d love to get in touch with him again. It means this time I will go to the post office to write to him just like the old days.
This tape came out with a small zine with lyrics and drawings, all the scans included.
Enjoy this and yes if anybody out there wants the real thing then please write to Pille...
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