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Friday 5 September 2014

LUCIFER`S SACRED DRUG-Permanet Brain Damage-(Sound Of Subverse-199?)

I do not know much about this band,not even from where they come from...there are no info in the cover sleeve and I have never heard of this label neither...
Their music is a funny example of lo-fi punk mixed with weird cut ups ,distant crazy voices,electronic no senses and more weird goings
It will suit the fans of Butthole Surfers,Helios Creed and similar bands.
All yours to check...

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  1. I had this on cassette. Picked it up in St. Paul, MN '92 or '93. No idea what happened to my copy, but I thought it was just somelocal punks as it was pretty DIY production.

  2. I had this tape, too. Never knew much about them or the making, but def local Twin Cities work.