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Monday 31 July 2017

Helou Kaet & Son n8-(Fanzine-Joukkomurha Products-Finland-1991)

Number 8 of this Finnish fanzine focused on short stories, poetries music , mail art and comics.I already posted the number 10 and the number 9.It was assembled and distributed by Jupe Luoma in the early 90s.Jupe was also into mail art and running the label Joukkormurha Tapes and the sublabel JM Tapes.
I posted quite few tapes by this Finnish label, you will find them here. 
This fanzine has few articles, short stories, some poetries, lots of nice graphix works and comics and more random stuff.
Few poetries are in English, the most of the articles/comics and other writings are in Finnish.
Enjoy it, if you are Finnish literate.

Saturday 29 July 2017

Colorless Green Ideas N6 + Mutual Extermination Club-Cathemeral-(Fanzine+Cdr-Self Released-UK-2011)

Colorless Green Ideas is a fanzine focused on different subjects.
10 issues were edited until 2012, those are available online and you can download them as pdf via their nice blog.
Sometime some music artists join the amazing fanzine with their musical contributions.
In this issue, we find a cd-r with a long track by Mutual Etermination Club
(real name Byron Jackson) playing some sort of quiet ambient/esoteric electronicks ending with interrupted blowing noise.
Various artists contribute to this number with poetries,short stories, and great pictures/artworks, you`ll find their contacts on the first page.
I can only suggest you, to follow the links here included and explore the other productions. For the lovers of experimental graphix and music, this is something that will make you happy.
Enjoy it.
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Wednesday 26 July 2017

v.a.-Froggies But Chic-(Not On Label-France-199?)

Very good sampler with a bunch of French bands active in the early 90s.The music is all about high energy rock, early stoner rock, garage rock and more amazing tracks riding  this music`s wave.
and Help Records, all French labels active in the early 90s and releasing mostly rock bands/artists.
A nice cassette for the rock aficionados!
Enjoy it.
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Tuesday 25 July 2017

NO SENSATION n1-(Fanzine-South Africa-1994)

Small and interesting fanzine focused on the anti-fastist movements and actions in South Africa,good articles and reports about different related issues covering this subject.
If I don`t fail this  was released by the South African distro Backstreet Abortions.
Enjoy it.
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Sunday 23 July 2017

SEDITION-End In The Beginning Beginning In The End-(Flath Earth Records-UK-2003)

Hardcore crust punk Scottish legends Sedition released this full-length cd with almost all their discography in 2003.It came out with a 44 pages booklet reporting the original and amazing graphics works,the interesting lyrics and thoughts about them + more info.A very in depth research into the life and work of this astonishing band.
Formed in 1988 and disbanded in 1995, they reformed for a couple of gigs with their friends Hiatus in 2009, this cd is, therefore a very good retrospective, a must for the crust punk lovers worldwide.
Flath Earth Recs was a British hardcore/punk label and DIY distributor founded March 1986 by the 'Flat Earth Collective' and later run by David "Sned" Sneddon (and Alec (5) in the 90's glory years!) until 2011
You can find all its discography as a free download on their nice blog.
Enjoy it.


Earthbeat LP: 1993
1 Earthbeat
2 Tribal Transition
3 Gaia
4 Deconsume
5 Lungs Of The Earth
6 Ecologic
7 Logical Isolation
8 Ride On
9 Trail Of Tears
10 Aphorism
11 Who's The Savage?
12 Sex Biased Roles
13 The Key To Co-Existance
14 New Breed - Bad Seed!
15 Death Chant
16 Freedom Is An Attitude

Sedition / Pink Turds In Space Split LP: 1990
17 Consumer Brainwash
18 Suffocation
19 Authority
20 Cease To Exist
21 Nobody
22 Deja Vu?
23 No Poll Tax!
24 Homophobia
25 Friday
26 Love
27 Judge And Be Damned!
28 Swine
29 Holy Corruption
30 Understand Me!

Dealing With Clichés EP: 1989
31 ...Or Dealing With Death!
32 Criminals Of War
33 The Chase Is On
34 Justified Violence
35 Violation
36 Life?

First Demo: 1988
37 T.V. Sickness
38 Disgrace
39 Abuse
40 Why Fur?

Saturday 22 July 2017

Alberto Fiori Carones-Solo Ed Esclusivamente-(ADN-Italy-1985)

Astonishing cassette by Alberto Fiori Carones, musician, and mastermind of the label megamagomusic.
Full experiments of various nature on this old yet great k7 released in a  limited edition of 105 copies back in 1985.
Adn was an Italian electronic/experimental/industrial label based in Milan. ADN was run by Marco Veronesi, Piero Bielli and Alberto Crosta (with one Carla Crotti also involved at some point), although Alberto Crosta was the main international contact.
ADN was established in 1983 as the first Italian fanzine for experimental new music published in English. The very first issue was called "L'Amore del Nipote" which set the trend for all labels as acronyms of ADN. The fanzine published 8 issues through to Spring 1986, with the later issues (co-released with "Skeletal Work") including optional sampler cassettes. The booklet and cassette idea carried on with the series of various artist releases called "Out Of Standard".
Most of their early releases were ADN Cassettes. For their vinyl releases, post new-wave and industrial music came out on the label 'A Dull Note', whilst avant-garde and "RiO" Rock In Opposition (left-field experimental rock) releases came out on 'Auf Dem Nil'. There was also a short-lived CD label 'Alma De Nieto' and some other name variations. A few 'Auf Dem Nil' releases were also branded "Recommended Records Italia". In 2014 ADN has restarted with 3 new labels " Artisti del Novecento" (R.I.O. and Electronics) "Apparémment des Notes" (re-editions and obscure artists) and "Agnostic Dumplings Nursery" with the compilation dedicated to Marco Veronesi (who died in 2013)[info taken from discogs]

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Friday 21 July 2017

AutoMobile Manifest-(Mail Art Documentation-France+Global Networking-1992)

54 mail artists from 14 countries took part to this mail art project launched by the French mail art organisation God` Art.
Mail art documents on xerox copies...
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Wednesday 19 July 2017

SYNTHETIC ZOO-Bedroom With Sounds-(Sub/Mission Records-Italy-1997)

Nice full cd by this Italian duo formed by Enrico Carminati and Paolo De Gregorio hailing from Vicenza(Northern Italy).
They play a personal form of dub mixing some pop/ techno, mellow electro and bizarre passages of cheesy/indie rock.
The graphics work report some info.
A good album for plastic ethereal ears !!
Enjoy it.
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1 Want 5:06
2 Wannagetyou (So Sad) 4:19
3 Fog 3:20
4 Lever 3:03
5 Transit 5:02
6 Liketosee 3:57
7 Slow 3:58
8 Folds 2:51
9 Stretch 3:54
10 Ungentlemanly (Ideal Splitted Version) 3:17
11 Fashion 3:06
12 Fourteenth 1:21
13 FLGD 3:32
14 Original Samples 7:55


  • Artwork By [Sgorbion-grafik] – Alessandro Staffa
  • Mixed ByMr.Grieves*
  • Photography – Mr.Grieves*, Pat Martin
  • ProducerMr.Grieves* (tracks: 1, 3 to 9, 11 to 14)
  • Recorded By, Arranged By, Mastered ByMr.Grieves*
  • Vocals, GuitarMatey (2)
  • Vocals, Programmed By, SamplerMr.Grieves*
  • Written-ByP. De Gregorio* (tracks: 1, 3, 6 to 9, 11, 12)


Produced, recorded, mixed, arranged & mastered at home in the spring of 1997, except <b>2</b> and <b>10</b> recorded in 1994 at the Blue Velvet Studio..

Sleeve has the catalogue number as CDWHIP033 by error; the correct catalogue number for this record is CDWHIP034 according to the UPC.

<b>14</b> is a collection of original samples used for making the record.

<i>Synthetic Zoo allow any group to sample and recycle the sounds of this album, provided they mention the origin.</i>
<i>Rage against the loopiness: only samples, keyboards and synthesizers used in the making of this record.</i>

Monday 17 July 2017

YOUTH OF TODAY-Live At VFW Hall, Albany.NY. 28th May 1986-(Not On Label-Usa-1986)

Another tape from the collection of Mahler Maze, digitalized by him and kindly donated to this blog.
So big thanx  Mahler for this rare recording.
Here a note from him: "Legendary YOUTH OF TODAY live tape here, from when they supported GBH in Albany in May 1986. It's legendary because of the way they keep shitting on GBH & calling them names etc (GBH, great big haircuts, fucking faggots,  laughing at their drunk fans etc). All pretty funny stuff. The set itself is great & played with a lot of anger & passion. 12 tracks in 32 minutes. Ripped & mastered from a 30-year-old cassette tape."
To complete this post I am adding 3 minutes video of this concert.
Great document, amazing gig and much more.
Enjoy it.
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Sunday 16 July 2017

OV/EST UNDERGROUND-(Mail Art Documentation-Italy+Global Networking-1997)

The second issue of this fanzine which appears to be a mail art documentation too.
Some nice copy art-works and few poetries.
For the lovers of the very underground press from the last century. 
Enjoy it.
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Friday 14 July 2017

LIFE...BUT HOW TO LIVE IT?-Day By Day-(Konkurrel-The Netherlands-1990)

The band was formed in the summer of 1988. The members all frequented Blitz, a squatted building in the middle of Oslo, where many other notable Norwegian hardcore bands such as So Much Hate and Stengte Dører had their base in the late eighties. LBHTLI toured extensively, near 300 concerts in fifteen countries in the five years they kept together and managed to release a live album on Your Choice Records, produced by Tobby Holzinger. They split up in 1994, but have played three concerts later, one in 2002 celebrating Blitz' 20th anniversary, and two in 2008.(from discogs)
A great album:amazing guitar riffs,astonishing voice,personal and touching lyrics,kick-ass tunes and much more...
We should call this record a masterpiece.
I saw them playing live back in 1990 and they were just explosive.Incredible show.
Enjoy it.

Thursday 13 July 2017

CHAOS C.H./ADDICTION-Hard Core Punk Split Tape-(Not On Label-Japan-1994)

Split tape with two japanese bands playing HC punk.
Chaos C.H. (C.H. stands for Channel) and Addiction.
The recordings are a bit chaotic/noisy + diy style and the lyrics are pretty much political messages.
Punk as Fuck.

Wednesday 12 July 2017

PANG N2-(Fanzine-Italy-1995)

Second number of this very good fanzine curated by Claudio Pomo in Firenze during the mid 90s,Claudio was also running a distro. 
I wrote about him when I posted the amazing compilation Food For Dogs.
In this issue lots of personal thoughts,reviews of zines and music cassettes,vynils and cds.
A nice fanzine,in Italian language only.
Buona Lettura.
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Sunday 9 July 2017

KIA KARMA-Untitled-(Self Released-Poland/Thailand-2007)

This is an excellent cd of esoteric electronickx!
A kind of very limited production released in 2007 and distributed only among close friends.The nickname of this artist is Caramadeha (or Brat Salo- old nick name).The cd evolves in sonic areas such as ambient-noise,ritual,magick and tantra music.
A bandcamp page about this project offer us other amazing productions,all as free download yet this cd is not there.
There is also a myspace page where you can find more info about this obscure yet brilliant program. Caramadeha is also involved in the musical project Sigill,they released an astonishing split cd with Different State,you`ll find it here.
A very big thanx to Caramadeha for giving me permission to post this pure gem and to Marek for introducing me to such great artist.
Enjoy it.

Friday 7 July 2017

RECUSANT/PORC BLEU-Last Squeal-(Self Released-France-199?)

Amazing split tape with two french bands  active in the 90s.Both bands play a strange and difficult music to describe.
Deviated,psychotic,broken rhythms, different vocals,weird lyrics,crazy passages,hilarious changes of  song`s structures and more  deranged alternated jingles make those bands standing aside lots of other punk bands,the spirit is there but the music goes beyond the usual punk clichés reaching very personal and somehow abnormal dimensions of song writing.

For many things both bands reminds me the music of Headache,infact,they are all friends,and Recusant released a split tape and a split 7inch with the french band based in Leeds:Headache, in 1994.

This tape comes in a very special cardboard
package including an info sheet.(all the relevant scans included in this folder).
The release date is not stated anywhere,I guess this came out in the mid 90s.

I love this tape.It is a small masterpiece of deranged fantasy and extreme "off the this planet" creativity.
Enjoy it.
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Wednesday 5 July 2017

Under The Flag Issue 10-(Magazine-Belgium-1997)

Small yet very interesting and well done free magazine exploring the electro-industrial and grey area music scene.
Good articles,interviews and lots of reviews of cds,cassettes and fanzines.
A great tool to research the lively european industrial network of the late 90s. 
Enjoy it.

Monday 3 July 2017

v.a-Recompilatorio Benefico Liberacion Animal "Angry Voices"-(Not On Label(?)-Spain(?)-199?)

This tape is a great international compilation featuring various bands playing Sludge, HC Punk and somehow heavy riffs with screamed angry vocals. It was a  benefit for an animal rights organisation as the name in Spanish states.
I am sure it came out with a booklet explaining the benefit and giving us info about those good bands, unfortunately   I`ve lost the booklet, therefore, I have very little clues about this production and those bands, any soul out there with more info about this great cassette???
I `d love to know more.
Enjoy it.
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Saturday 1 July 2017

v.a.-REALLY FAST Vol.4-(Really Fast Records-Sweden-1988)

This is a classic from the wonderful 80s.It was released by the legendary Really Fast Records.
DIY label from Mjölby, Sweden. Founded by Patrik Jonsson, Staffan Fagerberg and Peter Pinaitis in late 1981, it seems to be still active.A very interesting interview with Patrik Jonsson is here.
14 bands playing furious and very fast (indeed)old school  HC Punk.
In this folder, you`ll find the pics of the folded cover sleeve reporting lyrics, band addresses and graphics/pictures.
Great sampler for old and new generations of fast and raw punk music lovers.
Enjoy it.
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Wounded Knee (5) Plogen I Skogen
Wounded Knee (5) Gösta
Strebers Terrorbalans
D.T.A.L. Fear
Filthy Christians Dark Times
Filthy Christians The Scene
Filthy Christians South Africa
Röten Tandkräm Guran
Röten Tandkräm Självförtroende
No Security Kaptener & Generaler
No Security Svensson
Kazjurol Please Wake Up
Fred & Frihet Hjärnan
Fred & Frihet Sund Moral
Fred & Frihet Lagen Är Ett Brott
G-Anx Fri Som En Fågel
G-Anx Arbetsnarkoman
Puke Stek E' Ecklitt
Dross (2) Vad Är Meningen
Dross (2) Saker Som Ni Inte Vet
Dross (2) Känsliga Punkter
Svart Snö Levande Död
Rövsvett Mos Med Gnu
Rövsvett Strålskadad
Otakt Religion & Politics
Otakt Ut I Skuggan Av En Rönn