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Sunday 23 July 2017

SEDITION-End In The Beginning Beginning In The End-(Flath Earth Records-UK-2003)

Hardcore crust punk Scottish legends Sedition released this full-length cd with almost all their discography in 2003.It came out with a 44 pages booklet reporting the original and amazing graphics works,the interesting lyrics and thoughts about them + more info.A very in depth research into the life and work of this astonishing band.
Formed in 1988 and disbanded in 1995, they reformed for a couple of gigs with their friends Hiatus in 2009, this cd is, therefore a very good retrospective, a must for the crust punk lovers worldwide.
Flath Earth Recs was a British hardcore/punk label and DIY distributor founded March 1986 by the 'Flat Earth Collective' and later run by David "Sned" Sneddon (and Alec (5) in the 90's glory years!) until 2011
You can find all its discography as a free download on their nice blog.
Enjoy it.


Earthbeat LP: 1993
1 Earthbeat
2 Tribal Transition
3 Gaia
4 Deconsume
5 Lungs Of The Earth
6 Ecologic
7 Logical Isolation
8 Ride On
9 Trail Of Tears
10 Aphorism
11 Who's The Savage?
12 Sex Biased Roles
13 The Key To Co-Existance
14 New Breed - Bad Seed!
15 Death Chant
16 Freedom Is An Attitude

Sedition / Pink Turds In Space Split LP: 1990
17 Consumer Brainwash
18 Suffocation
19 Authority
20 Cease To Exist
21 Nobody
22 Deja Vu?
23 No Poll Tax!
24 Homophobia
25 Friday
26 Love
27 Judge And Be Damned!
28 Swine
29 Holy Corruption
30 Understand Me!

Dealing With Clichés EP: 1989
31 ...Or Dealing With Death!
32 Criminals Of War
33 The Chase Is On
34 Justified Violence
35 Violation
36 Life?

First Demo: 1988
37 T.V. Sickness
38 Disgrace
39 Abuse
40 Why Fur?

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