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Friday 7 July 2017

RECUSANT/PORC BLEU-Last Squeal-(Self Released-France-199?)

Amazing split tape with two french bands  active in the 90s.Both bands play a strange and difficult music to describe.
Deviated,psychotic,broken rhythms, different vocals,weird lyrics,crazy passages,hilarious changes of  song`s structures and more  deranged alternated jingles make those bands standing aside lots of other punk bands,the spirit is there but the music goes beyond the usual punk clichés reaching very personal and somehow abnormal dimensions of song writing.

For many things both bands reminds me the music of Headache,infact,they are all friends,and Recusant released a split tape and a split 7inch with the french band based in Leeds:Headache, in 1994.

This tape comes in a very special cardboard
package including an info sheet.(all the relevant scans included in this folder).
The release date is not stated anywhere,I guess this came out in the mid 90s.

I love this tape.It is a small masterpiece of deranged fantasy and extreme "off the this planet" creativity.
Enjoy it.
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