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Monday 31 May 2021

EB And The System-EB And The System-(Self Released-UK-199?)

 4 well recorded tracks on this self released cassette by this british band.I do not know much about them,they play a form of music very much famous in the 90s,mixing rock guitar riffs with rap and dub.Somehow reminds me a bit of Back To The Planet.

Enjoy it.

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Thursday 27 May 2021

PUNCHLINE "Censorship Of Fools" N10-(Magazine-USA-1991)

 Number 10 of this legendary magazine, each issue dedicated to a different subject.I have already posted the number 7.5"cop"the Number 5 "WARning" and The number 13 "Static Elect Trickery". plus N12 "Age Of Discover Up" and N14 Read Our Lips + N4 "Flags R Us" and the N6 "Politics".  

For whoever missed the other posts about this great magazine: this was the amazing graphic work created and assembled  by John Yates and friends. I must write a BIG THANX to John, not only for giving me permission to post his excellent magazines but also to actually providing this digital copy.A webpage about his amazing graphix work is here and you can explore there his great art-works, books and related subjects. A facebook page about Punchline is here.

 A classic work standing against the time passing by!Inside its 32 A4 b/w pages it offers us astonishing art-works  made with pictures, collages and comics. A "Must Have" magazine for all the lovers of the old underground press. Enjoy it.

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Tuesday 25 May 2021

Cause For Effect / Onanizer – Cause For Effect / Final Chaos Evokation-(Machismo Productions-Australia-1998)

Cause For Effect :A fusion grindcore duo from Tampere, Finland, founded in 1992. Initially called Cause And Effect, but released only their first demo "Back" under this name. During the early years the band also had guitarists, but since 1999 they have been strictly a bass/drums duo. Sites:Bandcamp, Facebook, instagram.com, YouTube

Onanizer is a Grindcore band from Czech Republic. Formed in 1996.Sites:MySpace, bandzone.cz                  click me



Saturday 22 May 2021

SHOVLHED-Proud As A Moose(Incentive-K7-Canada-1989)+Stove Boy Serves Daily Special-(Konkurrel-Holland-1992)


Recorded Spring 1989 in Victoria, BC. Knobs and faders by Scott Henderson with arguably dodgy input from Ken and Chris. Converted to digital using a tape deck, some software and a couple of copies of the source material I found in an old shoe box. It's DIY punk on tape, this is what it sounds like, get over it.Released June 1, 1989. All songs written by Scott except where extensively noted in the Footnotes and Citations document which was unfortunately destroyed by Tom Holliston during a competitive duck herding mishap in September 1993.

Recorded Spring 1990 in Victoria, BC. Shovlhed was Chris Buck, Scott Henderson and Ken Kempster. All music and lyrics by Scott except where noted.released January 1, 1992 Produced by John Wright and Shovlhed.Mastered by Cec English and several other high rolling business suit types including Craig Bougie who was asked to leave the room on more than one occasion during the process. Originally manufactured and distributed by De Konkurrent / Konkurrel in The Netherlands. Shovlhed logo by Audrey A. Band pic by Cathy Phillips. Royal standard of Tunis 1907 by Order of the Queen. Ken and Scott still live and play music in Victoria. Chris passed away in 2004. He is remembered fondly by all those who loved him even though he eventually drove us all freekn' crazy.  


Friday 21 May 2021

LORD LITTER-A New Magic In A Dusty World-(Self Released-Germany-1987)

 Another nice cassette by this guru of the cassette culture scene of the 70s/80s/90s until nowadays. I wrote about him when I have posted his tapes Space Age and The Place Where The World Collide and No More Rock `N` Roll.

His actual webpage offers to us his great amount of work both as a musician and as a DJ. Well worth checking out.

Lord Litter Interviews

1. Extensive, VERY in_depth interview from 2012 (ENGLAND)

2. VERY in_depth interview from the LIVING ARCHIVE of Underground music from 2011 (USA)

3. another in_depth interview, this time in Greece 2011

4. WINKLEPICKERS Fruits de Meer Records talks to Lord Litter radio DJ about his vinyl obsessions - 2017

Enjoy it.

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Wednesday 19 May 2021

v.a. - OUROBOROS - (Noise Corruption-UK-2017)


 Noise Corruption is an irregular London party nights, featuring Live Artists as well as DJ sets, including: d.i.y electronics / noise / speedcore / industrial / breakcore / hardcore / gabber http://noisecorruption.com

Ouroboros was a collaboration between over 30 artists - 5 days of exhibition, 2 days of performance and workshops. Our aspiration is to be free to create a noncommercially-driven, artistic reflective interpretation of contemporary issues such as housing, the environment, mental health, gender and capitalism's crisis.​

 OUROBOROS is our platform for presenting our ideas to a wider public, to inspire others to become political, to talk about social problems, to share a view of the world in our way - not driven by cash, but by passion.

OUROBOROS is entirely run by a volunteer collective that aspires to create multicultural harmony and empower dialogue for social and personal transformation through the arts.
This cd is a compilation featuring the artists who performed Friday 17th February 2017 during Ouroboros exhibition.  click me


Monday 17 May 2021

HEAD Magazine N8-(Magazine-UK-1998)

 Number 8 of this excellent magazine, I have already posted the Number 2 released in 1992, the Number 3½(Woof) ,the Number 7(the Sex Issue) and also Number 4(Freedom and Gender). 

In its 135 pages, we`ll find a big quantity of  long and well done articles about many different topics. I am attaching here the list of the contents.Reviews of books and music productions, comic strips, columns, amazing drawings, outstanding graphic works and precious info take us inside the world of alternative communication and counterculture. 

An exquisite magazine from the very underground world of the pagan post-cyberpunk revolution.
Enjoy it.

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Saturday 15 May 2021

DUMA YARMA-Some Body Call A Priest-(Pesants Revolt Records-UK-1991)


Second album by this genial band from Reading active at the end  the 80s. I have already posted their first album Bomb In A Crowded Restaurant released by the same label in 1990.

As I said in that post I have little info about this band as there are not many words on the net about it and it remains with an obscure veil of mystery. Coming from the very political DIY/Squatting scene and active in Reading and around the UK, they took part in parties and festivals with friends such as RDF and Sore Throat. This album comes with a folded lyrics sheet including some precious info. I am posting some here.

Their music is a personal blend of post-hardcore, new wave, and some hints of old-school industrial, definitely something very original. I don`t know much about the label although I reckon it was associated with the band. To complete this post I am adding the whole album from my Youtube Channel.

3 very big Thanks to Vanessa for introducing me to such an amazing band, lending me her copy of this cool piece of vinyl to digitize for the blog, and providing this info.
Enjoy it.
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Thursday 13 May 2021

Fäkalien / Deprivation - Fäkalien / Deprivation -(Bandcamp-Cruel Nature Recs-UK-2013)

7 tracks of the finest power electronics and harsh noise that Sweden and Italy can offer.released June 29, 2013-click me


Tuesday 11 May 2021

SCORNED/HELLBOUND-Split 7-(Not On Label-USA-2000)

 Split 7inch by these 2 HC punk bands :Scorned from Minneapolis (USA) and Hellbound :Scandi D-Beat from Montreal, Canada that rose of the ashes of Global Holocaust, Led by the Blind and Sherbrooke's Scapegoat. Split into numerous band afterward. 

This 7inch was self released by Scorned and it comes with an extra French and Japanese lyric sheet for Scorned side. 

Enjoy it.

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Sunday 9 May 2021

v.a.-Port Out, Starboard Home-(Posh Isolation-Denmark-2xK7-2012)

 Amazing double c40 cassette compilation exploring the abstract,experimental,noise and  industrial Danish scene!A bunch of very interesting names playing a cool selection of astonishing tracks!Limited to 200 copies.

Posh Isolation is an independent label/store located in Copenhagen, DK. Founded in 2009 by Christian Stadsgaard and Loke Rahbek. Initially centered at Noise/Drone, Synth, Punk, Black Metal, Techno/Industrial music, it gradually shifted away from harsh styles around 2015 to include more Contemporary Classical, Experimental Pop, Post-club, and Ambient materials.poshisolation.net, Bandcamp, Facebook, SoundCloud, YouTube, instagram.com

Enjoy it. 

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A1Hvide SejlFurther From Heaven3:33
A2OlymphiaTarring Rope4:04
A3Amphetamine LogicVaseline3:55
A4Damien DubrovnikBorders Crossed By Boat8:45
B1Assault Guard"The Grass Is Greener On The Other Side"4:53
B2Erotikens HistorieDietz Edzard - "Nøgen Med Rose"
Featuring – Blodvite
B3Croatian AmorHuset Med De Blå Øjne4:48
B4Iron PillarNew Client3:49
C2Forza AlbinoGrey6:02
C3Puce MaryDispense6:06
C4War (14)13 Years (Epilogue)2:09
D1Snatcher (2)Core Burn1:58
D2Body LeagueBlack Houses5:13
D3Caucasian ColonyToes Spread Widely Apart (Cock Dance)
Featuring – Amphetamine Logic
D4LR (2)(Outro) Tallin-Stockholm, The Red Flame Of Baltica9:29


Friday 7 May 2021

Phoenix Catscratch – Nectar & Wrinkles -(Dead Scarlet Records-Greece-2011)


Second album by this Greek band from Athens. 7 tracks of pure old school goth rock,well played and well crafted.A good record if you are into new wave/goth rock.

Enjoy it.

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Wednesday 5 May 2021

HeartAttack N46-(Magazine-USA-2005)

 Number 46 of this great magazine created by the Ebullition Records crew.In this issue letters, columns, interviews to Caustic Christ, Zegota, Wow,owls!, Back When, New Winds, Tradition Dies Here + tons of music and zine reviews! An amazing graphic layout with nice pictures and drawings completes a very good punk magazine.

Enjoy it.

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Monday 3 May 2021

Dumbstruck / Y – Dumbstruck / Y-(Thought Crime Records -Germany-2002)


Split 7 inch with Dumbstruck from the UK and Y from Germany,both bands playing furious Hardcore Punk!The folded cover sleeve reports lyrics and info. Thought Crime Records is a German punk label based in Berlin and still active nowadays. 

Enjoy it.

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Saturday 1 May 2021

NOISE AGAINST FASCISM-Defend Rojava-(Bandcamp-Sweden-2019)


Rojava, the Kurdish region of Syria, is one of two Kurdish frontlines in the war with ISIS. The region is attracting a lot of worldwide attention for the Battle for Kobane, and the Kurdish democratic system that is emerging in an otherwise chaotic country.

Rojava is made up of three cantons. Afrin Canton in the West, Kobane Canton in the center, and Cizre Canton in the East. These three cantons are working in cooperation with many local and international players to push back the Islamic State.(from The Kurdish Project )   click me