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Saturday 15 May 2021

DUMA YARMA-Some Body Call A Priest-(Pesants Revolt Records-UK-1991)


Second album by this genial band from Reading active at the end  the 80s. I have already posted their first album Bomb In A Crowded Restaurant released by the same label in 1990.

As I said in that post I have little info about this band as there are not many words on the net about it and it remains with an obscure veil of mystery. Coming from the very political DIY/Squatting scene and active in Reading and around the UK, they took part in parties and festivals with friends such as RDF and Sore Throat. This album comes with a folded lyrics sheet including some precious info. I am posting some here.

Their music is a personal blend of post-hardcore, new wave, and some hints of old-school industrial, definitely something very original. I don`t know much about the label although I reckon it was associated with the band. To complete this post I am adding the whole album from my Youtube Channel.

3 very big Thanks to Vanessa for introducing me to such an amazing band, lending me her copy of this cool piece of vinyl to digitize for the blog, and providing this info.
Enjoy it.
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  1. Wonderful!

    That's two jobs you've saved me. Or more accurately, thanks for these LPs that I bought and shelved and haven't listened to for far too many years. Thanks, Vanessa!

  2. so fckng glad 2 b back reading ya right now n started w this precious one. I run the audiovisual worx ov WWW.AUTOBONECO.BANDCAMP.COM sinz the 90s. Be(A)st wishes