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Saturday 22 May 2021

SHOVLHED-Proud As A Moose(Incentive-K7-Canada-1989)+Stove Boy Serves Daily Special-(Konkurrel-Holland-1992)


Recorded Spring 1989 in Victoria, BC. Knobs and faders by Scott Henderson with arguably dodgy input from Ken and Chris. Converted to digital using a tape deck, some software and a couple of copies of the source material I found in an old shoe box. It's DIY punk on tape, this is what it sounds like, get over it.Released June 1, 1989. All songs written by Scott except where extensively noted in the Footnotes and Citations document which was unfortunately destroyed by Tom Holliston during a competitive duck herding mishap in September 1993.

Recorded Spring 1990 in Victoria, BC. Shovlhed was Chris Buck, Scott Henderson and Ken Kempster. All music and lyrics by Scott except where noted.released January 1, 1992 Produced by John Wright and Shovlhed.Mastered by Cec English and several other high rolling business suit types including Craig Bougie who was asked to leave the room on more than one occasion during the process. Originally manufactured and distributed by De Konkurrent / Konkurrel in The Netherlands. Shovlhed logo by Audrey A. Band pic by Cathy Phillips. Royal standard of Tunis 1907 by Order of the Queen. Ken and Scott still live and play music in Victoria. Chris passed away in 2004. He is remembered fondly by all those who loved him even though he eventually drove us all freekn' crazy.  


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