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Tuesday 31 December 2019

PLACENTA-Atomic Sterilization-(Witchhunt Records-Switzerland-1995)

15 tracks of violent industrial metal on this cd by the Swiss Placenta. The cover sleeve reports a few info. 
The recording is pretty good and the music should make happy all the lovers of Ministry and Young Gods.
Enjoy it.
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1 More News 4:17
2 Shit 2:23
3 Void Marching Ghosts 4:01
4 Chaoplasm 2:38
5 Hyper Tribal 3:44
6 Deformed Abortions 1:55
7 Gundance II 3:53
8 Gore 3:30
9 Skull Flag Carnivore 2:18
10 Werewolf Dinner 1:23
11 The Hollow Men 4:42
12 Drooling Oil & Napalm 3:41
13 Atomic Sterilization 1:38
14 Miss Sarajevo 5:57
15 Meltdown 11:03

Sunday 29 December 2019

v.a.-LOSING STILL #3-(Red Rossetten Records-Germany-1995)

CD compilation with a bunch of bands playing hardcore punk, ska and punk rock with political and/or personal lyrics. The cover sleeve is also a small booklet that reports the lyrics and the band's addresses.
 Red Rossetten Records was a German label based in Röttenbach active in the 90s.
Enjoy it.
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1 Oi Polloi Helmut Kohl Fick Dich Selbst
2 Contempt 12 Years On
3 Rudolf's Rache Die Kraft Der 2 Herzen
4 Rudolf's Rache Ich Klebe
5 F.O.N. (5) Endzeit Trauma
6 F.O.N. (5) Monster
7 Disability (2) What Should I Do
8 Disability (2) P.I.
9 Simuinasiwo Abschied
10 Simuinasiwo Niederlage
11 N.O.E Nie Genug
12 N.O.E Popperschwein
13 Möped Lads Der Spinner
14 Möped Lads Möped Lads
15 Atemnot Randale
16 Atemnot Menschlichkeit
17 My Lai Normal Life
18 Upside Down (13) Use Your Head
19 Upside Down (13) No More
20 Dead Beat Where Do You Stand?
21 Dead Beat Shut Up And Learn
22 Brain Ahoi I Play
23 Brain Ahoi Greed  

Friday 27 December 2019

Auto Erotik Publication 1-(Fanzine-Usa-198?)

A short fanzine of images, graphic works, collages and pictures inspired by the subject: eroticism.
The release date is not stated anywhere and I guess that It came out sometimes in the 80s.
Here the introduction that Kathee wrote to present this first issue which was printed in a limited edition of 69 hand-numbered copies.
Enjoy it.
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Wednesday 25 December 2019

v.a.-FLORALIA Vol. 1-(On/Off Records-Italy-1997)

Volume one of this great compilation series, I have already posted the Vol. 2.
Also here a bunch of obscure bands/artists playing various forms of psych-rock, it came out with a booklet reporting info and pics/graphic works about the bands. All the relevant scans provided.
 On/Off Records was an Italian independent label from Spotorno (Savona); in 1998 changed the name in beware! RECORDS, continuing the same catalogue numbering.
And also this time, It is a precious gift from my friend Dante, who kindly donated this amazing sampler as FLAC files adding a personal little note. A big Thank You, dear Dante.
Enjoy it.
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 As with Vol.2, Floralia #1 presents us with a wide variety of indie-psych, rock & space-pop sounds. Mostly Italian bands this time, understandably. So far, I'm still only familiar with half of it, but the highlights for me are, naturally, Kryptästhesie (quite the Saucerful!), and Subterraneans (driving, retro fuzz), Olographic Landscape (bouyant interlude), Experimental Low-Fi Pop Oscillator (reminds me of The American Analog Set), the 2nd entry by Backwards,
Angus Bidoli (pre-launch warm-up). 

Gastel Etzwane provides the most welcome experimental sounds like the album's closer. As I hear flashes of early Floyd in many of the bands, which is also quite natural, then Gastel is the Ron Geesin of the entourage. (Dante)


1 Mirabilia (2) The Economy Of Thinking 5:48
2 Oak (26) Taverna Magica 6:08
3 Kryptästhesie Mara E La Macchina Del Tempo 6:36
4 Gli Acidi Tonanti Le Sfere Angelicali 3:48
5 Gli Acidi Tonanti Cattedrale Di Luce 3:34
6 Subterraneans (3) Something About You / Inner Space 6:59
7 Olographic Landscape Sole 17 1:58
8 Knot Toulouse Jamboree 5:39
9 Experimental Low-Fi Pop Oscillator Three Suns 7:05
10 Angus Bidoli Oscurità 6:34
11 Backwards I'm In You 2:20
12 Backwards Merry-Go-Round 3:51
13 Sunscape (4) Libera Esplosione 7:16
14 Howth Castle The Golden Lotus 4:01
15 Gastel Etzwane La Liquefazione Di Fleba E Vignola 4:47

Monday 23 December 2019

v.a.-Punk 4 Pussys Vol 1-(Not On Label-UK-199?)

Long compilation benefit for Cannock Cats Protection League.
It includes many  British bands playing punk, HC punk and similar genres. 
Most of the recordings are pretty good and the folded cover sleeve reports bands addresses,song-titles and a few info.
The release date is not stated and I guess it came out on the end of the 90s.
Enjoy it.


A1 P.O.A. Victims
A2 P.O.A. Maniac (Live)
A3 The One Chord Wonders* Sell Out
A4 The One Chord Wonders* Hag On The Rag
A5 The One Chord Wonders* Oi
A6 M.D.M.* The Ra Ra Song
A7 M.D.M.* Existance
A8 M.D.M.* Destiny
A9 Distortion (4) Action Man (Live)
A10 Distortion (4) Smash & Grab (Live)
A11 Warwound (2) Young Loves Nightmare
A12 Warwound (2) Do We Need It
A13 Torcha Shed Shark
A14 Torcha Shed Scopophilia
B1 Fun Scandals Pop Music's Dead
B2 Fun Scandals LA's Not The Place To Be
B3 Raggity Anne Table Manners
B4 Raggity Anne Easily Confused
B5 Raggity Anne Y.M.C.A. (Live)
B6 The Bus Station Loonies Hops & Barley
B7 The Bus Station Loonies Kill That Nazi (In My Head)
B8 The Bus Station Loonies Loonies In The Bus Station
B9 Oi Polloi When 2 Men Kiss
B10 Oi Polloi The Only Release
B11 Ilegal Edge Johovahs Brainwash
B12 Ilegal Edge Royal England
B13 Charlies Family Crisis Boneless Chicken
B14 Charlies Family Crisis Fucked Up Baby
B15 C.D.S. Target
B16 C.D.S. How Do You Know?

Saturday 21 December 2019

ENEMA DIGEST-Baby Guts-(Exart-Holland-1984)

Recorded in Durham(UK) in October 1983 this tape is another manifestation by the projects Brobat Enema and Paul Daniels: 
A group of three hardcore industrial musicians from London, named after Paul Daniels, who was a famous magician & TV personality in the UK. The band set up a gig and announced it as Paul Daniels World Tour.
Paul Daniels is the same musicians as Brobat Enema and Enema Digest
(info from Discogs)
This cassette contains 10 tracks exploring the unlimited world of minimal lo-fi music touching the weird pop, the industrial music, some strange improvisations, rhythms and vocals experimenting the impossible and a new crazy muzak.
  EXART (label, studio and archive) was founded by Hessel Veldman and Nick Nicole (2) in October 1982. In 1978 Hessel had started composing experimental music and before 1978 he was playing the guitar in several local blues- and rock bands. The label wanted to spread new experimental and improvised music. The studio was the place to improvise, compose, record and make radio-programmes, mixes and remixes. At the same time, Veldman started to preserve sounds in the Exart archive. The label ended its activities in 1995, although there are rumours that Veldman has plans to do digitalized reissues of some of the releases.
Variations on the label name (Exart Cassettes, Exart K7) are used on some of the releases
(from dijima blog)
Enjoy it.

Thursday 19 December 2019

On`T Road n11-(Fanzine-UK-2009)

A pretty well-done zine about travelling and punk rock, as the author said in his introduction.
Many long personal writings and articles about his travels in many European countries, visiting places, cities and meeting people and punk bands. It is very entertaining and at the same interesting, a  zine that leaves space to many personal thoughts and experiences. 
There are also a few music reviews on the end of it but it is mostly about travelling and making new experiences.
I am adding here the introduction to this issue.
Enjoy it.
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Tuesday 17 December 2019

v.a.-RAPTUS-(Meccano Records-Italy-1983)

A piece of history of the Italian underground punk scene raging fully alive during the early 80s.
A bunch of very unknown bands, only very few of them kept playing and made a name in this scene... yet this is a real political statement of the very first punk explosion made of revolt as a way of surviving this oppressive society.
Meccano Recs is one of the first Italian record labels, who devotes priority attention to new musical influences, resulting in the the explosion of the punk phenomenon, from 1975 onwards.
Meccano Records is a record label founded in 1979 by Giulio Tedeschi.
Well-known artists discovered by Meccano Records are Righeira, Raw Power (2), Rough (6).
In 1985 the label changes artistic setting and name to become the Toast (2)
Enjoy it.
A1 Drull (2) Tentacoli Di Potere
A2 Drull (2) Militare
A3 Uart Punk Anarchia In Italia
A4 Uart Punk Frustrazione
A5 Wrong Boys Massacro
A6 UDS (2) Ma Che Bella Società
A7 UDS (2) Basta
A8 Petrolio Italia/Italia
B1 Wops* Hateful Town
B2 Wops* Kids
B3 Last Call (2) Fall Of Italian Empire
B4 Last Call (2) Your Solution
B5 Raw Power (2) Raw Power
B6 Raw Power (2) You Are A Victim
B7 Raptus (2) The End