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Tuesday 15 January 2019

v.a.-FLORALIA Vol 2-(On/Off Records-Italy-1997)

An amazing international compilation with very obscure bands/artists playing weird shoegaze, strange psychedelic rock, unhinged avant-garde, personal space rock, and similar acid jingles.
It came out with a little booklet reporting bands info and graphics works.
A little treat for people into acid musical voyages and joyful no-sense carnivals.
It was released by On/Off Records 
Italian independent label from Spotorno (Savona); in 1998 changed the name in beware! RECORDS, continuing the same catalogue numbering.
A very big thanx to Dante D. for donating to this blog this little unknown gem as Flac files + this small interesting note about the sampler.
"Comparable to the better known Succour and Alms compilations, The Floralia series of four discs was released n Italy during the same period, and like Soccour these CDs featured similarity independent space & psych bands from across the globe.
Personal highlights from the second volume are Kryptasthesie`s spiralling teleportation raga(from Italy) and Tribe of Cro(launching from Belgium in a brief stellar cruise toward suspended animation).
Other guests include two of Jorge Beltransjam-bands, Humus(Mexico) and Frolic Froth(ex loch Ness).
The U.S. Texas arm of underground space-rock bands are represented by Iron Bong and Bag(both from the same dry heat that gave us Lithium X-Mas and ST 37).
Excerpts from Anna Nacher`s sacred cave meditations with the polish group Atman are also added, along with contributions from S/T and others you no-doubt know or will soon discover."
Enjoy it.


1 Moonflowers (2) Let It Rain 4:46
2 Tribe Of Cro Implosion 4:54
3 Dunlavy In Circles 2:45
4 Humus Brylereem 4:56
5 Earcandy (2) Cosmic Space 6:48
6 Wobble Jaggle Jiggle Keep Yourself In Control 4:06
7 ZeN (62) Spaghetti Eastern 3:56
8 Lo-Fi Sucks! Get Out Of My Way 3:05
9 Iron Bong All Day Long 3:12
10 TV Dinner Sheltering Sky 6:59
11 Bag (2) The Last Resort 4:10
12 Frolic Froth Karmic Controlled Planets 2:14
13 Ole Lukkøye Children 5:48
14 Atman (2) Theatre Of Mist 6:49
15 Anna Nacher 39 4:30
16 Kryptästhesie Brevi Amnesie 2:03
17 S/T Marsschleifen 4:58


  1. I've been curious about the Floralia compilations. Thanks for providing one!

  2. Fantastic compilation of psychedelia, all kinds!