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Thursday, 17 October 2019

NOMUZIC-Solid,Liquid,Light,-(audiofile Tapes-c60-USA-1987)

Another great tape by this great artist, I have already posted  News You Can Choose released in 1991 on the same label aT Tapes managed by Carl Howard the mastermind after this tape work.
 Here an interview to Carl on AUToreverse independent music magazine and here another one published on The living Archive of Underground Music by Don Campau.
This cassette is crafted with pure experiments made with synths, voices, guitars, drums and effects.
11 pieces of music quite different one from the other yet all of them exploring various ways to reach a very pleasant journey into a world made of liquids, lights and solids.
Enjoy it.
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A1 Oh Isis/(Oasis)
A2 'Asiyah: The Ass And Genitals
A3 Air Melts Sun
A4 Yetsirah: The Bells And Breasts
A5 Spirit Into Flesh
A6 The Chief Smiles
B1 The Exultation Of Power
B2 The Clear Fact Of Progress
B3 Beri'ah: The Neck And Shoulders
B4 Allah-Hu
B5 'Atsiluth: The Head And Face



Thank You Sharon Gannon And The Drummers Of Apocalypse.

Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Under The Oak n1-(Fanzine-UK-1989)

Under The Oak was a British fanzine focused on heavy and doom metal. This is the first issue featuring interviews to Hellbastard, Saint Vitus,  Mercy, Destiny, Brocas Helm, Solitude Aeternus + lots of music reviews and some cool pics/graphics.
A very good independent publication searching the true spirit of heavy metal fans and maniacs.
 Here the editorial.
Enjoy it.

Sunday, 13 October 2019

MAKHNOVCINA-Demo-(Self Released-Italy-1988)

Makhnovcina was the Revolutionary Insurrectionary Army of Ukraine (Ukrainian: Революційна Повстанська Армія України), also known as the Black Army or simply as Makhnovshchyna (Ukrainian: Махновщина), was an anarchist army formed largely of Ukrainian peasants and workers[1] under the command of the famous anarchist Nestor Makhno during the Russian Civil War of 1917–1922. They protected the operation of "free soviets" and libertarian communes in the Free Territory, an attempt to form a stateless libertarian communist society from 1918 to 1921 during the Ukrainian Revolution.(from Wikipedia).
This is instead the old Italian punk band who took the name from this army,  and this is their only tape released in 1988.10 tracks of angry and furious HC Punk with political lyrics.
I must admit I have very little info about this Italian band, they were from Northern Italy but I am not sure exactly from which town and I guess this is their only production, anyone out there with more info, please leave a comment.
Enjoy it.
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A1 Britches
A2 Rebus
A3 State Of Siege
A4 Echi
A5 Nausea
B1 Anything New Under the Sun
B2 So Fuckin' Mad
B3 Alterazioni Emotive
B4 Strade
B5 Mille Uniformi

Friday, 11 October 2019

HEX MINORA-Sabrina-(Metamorphosi-UK-1995)

Another great cassette by this uncompromising female noise artist, owner of  BV Tapes.
This project and her label have been covered a few times in this blog.
In this tape-work, Hex Minora plays her usual psycho-sexual dark electronicks.
8 tracks of harsh noise mixing loops, weird vocals messages, cold synth textures, subliminal deviated feedbacks and hypnotic blasting sounds.
For all the lovers of certain obscure esoteric electronicks...
Enjoy it. 

Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Game Of The Arseholes n6-(Fanzine-USA-2004[?])

I have written already about this zine when I posted the number 5, this was the personal zine made by  Stuart Schaber in Portland back in the last decade. 

This is a short issue covering  a few subjects: involvement in the punk DIY scene, Thrashfest 2000, a few reviews and some cool pictures.
Here the 2 short introductions for this issue.
Enjoy it.

Monday, 7 October 2019

SEXUAL MILKSHAKE-Space Gnome And Other Hits-(Teenbeat-USA-1990)

Formed in the late 1980s in Harrisonburg, VA, Sexual Milkshake originally consisted of three members: Sexua, Lmil, and Kshake (also known as Greg Allen, Chris Callahan, and Todd/Rusty Massie, respectively). Their musical philosophy could best be summed up in a comment Greg Allen once tossed off: "Tune schmoon, just play!"(from Teenbeat Records Official Webpage).
Describing the music of this crazy band isn`t an easy task, I might say Art Rock, bizarre free jazz,improvised semi-genial passages or all of this mixed together as a weird milkshake, maybe...
For all of you curious to know more about this rather obscure band then you`ll find 2 biographies on a page dedicated to them in the above-linked webpage, where you can get the other productions by this trio while this 7 inch appears to be sold out. 
To complete this post I am attaching a couple of videos so you'll have an idea of their rather strange performances. 
Enjoy it.
All copies include multiple inserts along with a Space Gnome mask, which is numbered and matches the dust sleeve numbering.5 test pressings
1st press: 1000 on clear red vinyl
2nd press: 1000 on black vinyl


Lick The Toad
Space Gnome
Bus To B.C.

Saturday, 5 October 2019

SNIGMORD-Demo 2012-(Alerta Antifascista-Germany+Halo Of Flies-USA-2012)

"from the ashes of The Assassinators, comes SNIGMORD.
a bit more Norvegian (a member boasts quite the Norsepunk resume), and yet perhaps even catchier than their past band(s) somehow.
in the spirit of great melodic Scandinavian punk rock and punk still being fucking political without being shite."
(taken from Halo Of Flies Bandcamp)

Alerta Antifascista Records is a label, distribution, mail-order, and booking agency for loud and heavy music based in Hannover, Germany.
The label offers many sub-genres of punk, hardcore, and metal and adopts an anti-fascism attitude.
Formerly known as Fuckin' People Records.(from Discogs)
Their Bandcamp page is here
This tape came out with a folded cover sleeve reporting lyrics in Norwegian and English + address and a few pics.
A great tape if you are into melodic yet powerful and fast HC Punk with political lyrics. 
Enjoy it.