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Friday, 13 July 2018

SCRAWL N5-(Fanzine-N.Ireland-2001)

Small yet very intersting bulletin with some nice pictures, music reviews and a long article about "The War Of Information On The Battlefield Of Culture" very well worth reading.

All in all a solid bulletin with good viewpoints.

Enjoy it.

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Wednesday, 11 July 2018

v.a.-Ears To The Grindstone-(K.O.City Studio-USA-1987)

This is one of the first of the Grindstone series of which I have already posted a couple.
It was released by the amazing K.O City Studio a small label set up by Andrew Szava-Kovats to release his own projects. Now defunct. 
Also in this issue a bunch of fantastic artists playing various forms of industrial,synth pop and experimental creative muzik.
Enjoy it.
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Parade Of Sinners Cover Your Ears
Gelatinous Citizen Big Sound For Happy Cows
Fact-22* Motivation
Dominion (2) They Came In Hordes
The Arms Of Someone New Next Year In Jerusalem
Ferd Gamma Globulin
Nomuzic The Chief Smiles
Mental Anguish Where Demons Dwell
David Prescott The Dreamer
If, Bwana Blatant Non-Attempt

Monday, 9 July 2018

FUSTIGATORI DEL CAZZO/UPSET NOISE-Live At Manicomio-16/03/1991-(Chanson D`Amour And Cataclysm Distro-Italy-1991)

Live tape with the Italian legends Upset Noise supported by Fustigatori Del Cazzo in this gig at the social squatted center Manicomio in Pesaro, during the early 90s.
The live recording is ok and the cover sleeve reports song-titles and a few info. 
Chanson D`amour and Cataclysm was a small label founded by the members of Eversor to distribute their productions
and associated friends.
If you are into classic old school Italian HC Punk then you`ll like this one.
Enjoy it.

Saturday, 7 July 2018

Snail Art Documentation-(Mail Art Project-UK+Global Networking-1991)

Small yet interesting mail art documentation for a project called simply snail art launched by Snail Art Co. in 1990 and ended in 1991 with this  documentation.
Enjoy it.

Thursday, 5 July 2018

v.a.-Cybernetic Illuminations-(Tecdance-Germany-1991)

Astonishing cassette compilation covering the early EBM/Electro dance scene of the early 90s. 
Lots of good acts/artists alternating their great skills here. It came out in a generic TDK SA90 cassette and with a multi-folded sleeve with band addresses and label info.
Tecdance was a small German tape label, based in Hannover. It was formed by Oliver Köhn and released some EBM and Synthpop tapes in the (very) the late 80s/early 90s. Most of the tapes were limited editions and demo tapes.
The label also worked as a tape distributor, e.g. for bands such as Trial, Infam, Beborn Beton, In Absentia, and Brain Leisure and distributed some compilation tapes of INZKZ Produkte and Beton Tapes. (from Discogs)


A1 Cet Ix Intro
A2 Infam Searching For Success
A3 The Trinity Mania* Black Dots In Space
A4 Dying Art My Little World
A5 Trial Falling Angel
A6 Entre Deux Guerres Let Them Perish Like Flies
A7 Cyber Nervous
A8 ROR Shine
A9 Painful Toys He Was The Man
A10 A.G.F. Foncier Slaughter Dance
A11 Beyond The Dräschtänn No Name
A12 Permanent Perfect?* Uncertainty IV
B1 Brain Surgery Never Sustain The Pleasure
B2 Ass'n Head Union* Butty Holly
B3 Check Battery Daily Time To Stay
B4 Fortification 55 Emptyness
B5 The Drum Fondu Mister Clinchee
B6 Bionic (2) Get Out
B7 Solace (5) Broken Dreams
B8 Novo-Scene Body Party
B9 Juniper Hill Eßt Eure Kinder
B10 In Absentia Toxic Kingdom
B11 Cet Ix Extro (Same As Intro)

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

TRAUMA-Trauma-(Nuclear Disaster Records-Italy-2015)

It happens that there are probably thousands of bands with this name.
In this case, this is a special one-off project by Claudio founder of this DIY Label and also drummer/guitarist of many bands, amongst them Epatite HC  of which I have already posted a Cdr.
In this project, Claudio wrote all the songs, plays all the instruments and sings. He is also the sound engineer as this was all recorded in his own private studio.
If you are into powerful tunes, fast music, angry vocals mixing HC Punk and doom metal then this is for you.
An excellent production.
Enjoy it.
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Sunday, 1 July 2018

Distortion Faith N4 and N6-(Fanzine-Sweden-2013-2014)

"Distortion Faith is a hardcore punk fanzine done by Krogh (Blindead Productions) and Jocke (D-takt & Råpunk). Issues #1 through #5 also included Kårén (SMRT Records)."(from Blinded Productions).
Well done ,with interviews and reviews,this is only about music,but it is done with passion and dedication. I have already posted number 2 and 3  and an amazing compilation tape that came out as co-production between Distort The World Records & Tapes and Blinded Productions.
Enjoy it.
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