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Saturday, 23 March 2019

The Brain Of The Monster n2-(Fanzine-Italy-1989)

Number 2 of this great fanzine created by Gherardo Boccato and
Alessandro Ceccotto of the Mail Art Archive in Adria (Northern Italy).
Their aim was to talk about unpopular subjects allowing communication via different media. 
In this issue interesting articles about The Monster of Dusseldorf, the freedom of suicide, body art, Xipe Totec(an Aztec deity), Hiroshima Shadow Project, the death penalty in the USA, Tibet`s demons, the secrets of Joujuka, mail art projects and few other rather bizarre  yet creative subjects. 
A very good example of underground press from the last century.
In Italian language, only.
Enjoy it.
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Thursday, 21 March 2019

LIFE CYCLE-The Weight Of Tradition-(Mad World Records-UK-1989)

The Weight of tradition sits heavily on all our shoulders, from the subtlest forms of enculturation to the most stringent social codes, all encourage us to lose truth in favour of habit or convention; as Blake wrote"The Establishment of truth depends on the destruction of falsehood continually"

We all possess the faculties for self-analysis along with the ability to change our modes of thought and behaviour, in reality, the stumbling block when it comes to the conscious avoidance of sexual or other forms of roleplay,is our fear of deviance,the fear of disapproval from those around us,along with anxieties based on the abandonment of our histories,our individual experiences. Shere Hite outlines the visual codes our society perpetuates,"The fact that men are allowed so little in forms of dress while women can wear all kind of things, show the value that men and the male system place on conformity, showing membership on the "male" group, because only by abiding to the rules of conformity can one prove he is part of the "male" club or the official ruling elite. That is why men adhere so strongly and with such pride to these forms, who would ever catch a man wearing a skirt, no matter how liberal?"

Hite`s words are not without humour but they still ring true, and if men cling so fiercely to traditional forms of dress, Imagine the ferocity with which they hold onto internalised norms and roles. It follows too that women are similarly attached to ideas and values that tie in with their position as the subordinate sex.
So it goes the long script on the back cover of this mini-lp, written by Marie Sheard(the singer) in June 1989. 
  Previously known as Capital Gain, the band Life Cycle started in the summer of 1986. The line-up consisted of Marie Sheard on lead vocals and bass, Ivor White on lead guitar, Neil Morgan on guitar and Chris Sheard on drums. After playing some live events, Ivor White left to join the band Shrapnel.
Enjoy this great Welsh crust/metal band. 

Tuesday, 19 March 2019

GRIM MACHINE-Decay-(Concrete Noise-Greece-Mini Cdr-2013)+Still Lives-(Concrete Noise-Greece-Mini Cdr-2013)+Ancient Future(M/Stick-Not On Label)+ Heterodoxa-Une Totale Midnight Chamber Music-(E.D.A./E.T.C. Tapes-Greece-2017)

Grim Machine is a solo project by Alex M. (The Zyklons, Black Faun)
through found/modified instruments and homemade/readymade sounds it deals with noise and improvisation as machinery made to attack reality, more or less, a useless skronk of freedom.

I swapped a few emails with Alexander, the headmaster of this project, He kindly wrote a biography based on his releases.

"Grim Machine started 2013 as an HNW experimental project dealing with noise as a way of protest in music, an anti-silence statement, opposed to the cultural and moral deprivation that occurred during the worst years of Financial Depression in Greece. Also, it was –and still remains- a political entity, anti-fascist, anti-capitalist and supporting the DIY ethos. The name is a metaphor for the human condition, the man seen as emotive machinery overwhelmed by negative feelings. The first releases were self-made cd-rs, hand painted or printed and distributed hand by hand in DIY concerts, squats and counter culture spaces. Decay and Still Lives are the documentation of that period, existential and strongly political in nature, made from urban sounds loops, broken toy instruments, and noise generators.
Along with those came the Ancient Future USB memory stick that included 3 digital mini albums and a folder of GM’s art inspired by rock drawings, prehistoric art, and Art Brut.
In 2016 GM cooperated with EDA/ECT TAPES label in Athens, sharing ideas, organizing gigs and forming a coherent circle of like-minded artists. Heterodoxa is the first tape release on ECT label, mixing a wide range of diverse references such as sound poetry, industrial noise, children’s music, circuit bending, the Dogon Nommo mythology, and tribal fetishism. B side Une Totale Midnight Chamber Music is a live recording from Villa Zwgrafou squat in Athens shortly before it was evacuated, and the title is a schizophrenic homage to three of GM’s beloved artists, Ghedalia Tazartes, SPK, and Violent Onsen Geisha."

I have split his introduction according to the various releases,I will make another post about his more recent releases in the near future. 
To complete this post I am also attaching a video.
Enjoy this amazing artist.
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Sunday, 17 March 2019

HARHAT-S/T Cassette-(Filthy Rat Records-Finland-2016)

Harhat is a crust punk band hailing from Helsinki(Finland).
This is their first production released on cassette back in 2016 and now sold out. 
9 tracks of pure violent crust punk sung in Finnish, one side only cassette,you will find it as a free download on their Bandcamp Page.
Enjoy it.

Friday, 15 March 2019

v.a.-Treviso Underground Vol. 2:Atmosfere E Sperimentazione-(Not On Label-c60-Italy-1989)

The year was 1989 and someone out there released this nice sampler, many artists took part in it, I guess all the artists are from Treviso or, at the least from Veneto region in Northern Italy.
I have no idea how many copies were printed back then and who compiled it yet this is a great one.
If you are into experimental electronics, old school new wave and similar genres than you`ll like it.
Enjoy it.
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A1 Max Cloud Hony Ye'
A2 Max Cloud Valzria Minikya
A3 Max Cloud Uh! Ah!
A4 Marginal Note Ley-Ley (Based On A Persian Lullaby)
A5 Marginal Note Rain Tells Stories
A6 Max Cloud & M.N.* Arkepathos
A7 Max Cloud & M.N.* Ball'es Korakas
A8 Cabaret Du Ciel Traiettoria Del Sogno
A9 Cabaret Du Ciel Arco Nel Cielo
A10 Cabaret Du Ciel Theoria Dei 4 Azzurri
B1 Therabaqud Liec* Theatro Solubile
B2 Death Tricheco Jazz Car I/II
B3 Death Tricheco Raid
B4 Stefano Biasin Signora Longari
B5 Officina Magneticha Antonbrega* Accesso S-piriticho E Rotativo
B6 Officina Magneticha Antonbrega* Malfunzione Puleggia EH54N
B7 Officina Magneticha Antonbrega* Galvanicha E Sprfc
B8 Subliminale / T.L.S.O.-T.W.S.L. In The Beginning Is The Void

Wednesday, 13 March 2019

K-GOENDIOLA n1-(Fanzine-Spain-1986)

K-Goendiola was a Spanish fanzine printed in Leon, it started in 1986  with a print run of 500 copies.
In this first number 26 A4 b/w pages with few comics, some poetries and short stories. 
In Spanish language, only.
Enjoy it.
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Monday, 11 March 2019

HUMAN LEATHER-The Demo Side Of The Choon-(Self Released-UK-2016)

Last Month I saw this astonishing Brighton based duo twice and I was very well impressed by their furious energy, stunning performances and music. Eventually, we had a quick chat and agreed about a future post on this blog. 
Their sheer energy is like a slap in our face and I can only recommend you all to go to see them live. This is their very first production available as free download on their Bandcamp Page where you`ll find other 2 albums, including the last one  called "Succulent"
for which They kindly sent me an introduction.
Enjoy it.