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Monday, 21 January 2019

MURDER CORPORATION–Exenteretion-(Slaughter Productions-Italy-1995)

Murder Corporation is Moreno Daldosso, active with this name since 1992. The name was chosen later as I felt that fitted perfectly the content of the music that I was making. I started listening to Heavy Metal, Punk, Hardcore, moving later to Dark Gothic EBM and finally Industrial music. 
The first Industrial record I got into was “Discipline” by T.G. The people who influenced me the most were Merzbow and particularly Boyd Rice. Also, William Bennet and Kevin Tomkins inspired me. 
For the first recordings, I used mostly tapes, noises, short waves and distorted voices. Successively I adopted a sampler Akai s01 and a tone generator (V.C.O). (from Discogs)
 Slaughter Productions was the label managed by Marco Corbelli aka Atrax Morgue, releasing mostly his own music and few other associated noise artists.
Enjoy the Noizzzz...
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Sunday, 20 January 2019

SCRAWL N3-(Fanzine-N.Ireland-2001)

Another issue of  Scrawl, a free newsletter/zine supporting the DIY scene.

In this issue many zines and music reviews, writings about anti-racism and refugees + a cool article about John Heartfield!

Short zine yet very interesting.
Enjoy it.
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Thursday, 17 January 2019

EXTINCTION OF MANKIND-Live At MKNZ-(Atomic Fart-Slovenja-1996)

Another amazing recording at the MKNZ in Slovenia,this place hosted quite a few good punk bands during the 90s and the live recordings of these gigs are just wonderful.
I have already posted the demo by Extinction Of Mankind, on their official webpage you`ll be able to read their long history, gig, discography, news and more.
Formed in 1992 and still alive and kicking this band has made, definitely, history in this genre with a huge following of passionate fans worldwide. 
This tape is crafted with powerful tunes showing us their destructive force as a killer live act.
Very good recording and song titles in the cover sleeve.
A great live tape.
Crust as fuck!
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Tuesday, 15 January 2019

v.a.-FLORALIA Vol 2-(On/Off Records-Italy-1997)

An amazing international compilation with very obscure bands/artists playing weird shoegaze, strange psychedelic rock, unhinged avant-garde, personal space rock, and similar acid jingles.
It came out with a little booklet reporting bands info and graphics works.
A little treat for people into acid musical voyages and joyful no-sense carnivals.
It was released by On/Off Records 
Italian independent label from Spotorno (Savona); in 1998 changed the name in beware! RECORDS, continuing the same catalogue numbering.
A very big thanx to Dante D. for donating to this blog this little unknown gem as Flac files + this small interesting note about the sampler.
"Comparable to the better known Succour and Alms compilations, The Floralia series of four discs was released n Italy during the same period, and like Soccour these CDs featured similarity independent space & psych bands from across the globe.
Personal highlights from the second volume are Kryptasthesie`s spiralling teleportation raga(from Italy) and Tribe of Cro(launching from Belgium in a brief stellar cruise toward suspended animation).
Other guests include two of Jorge Beltransjam-bands, Humus(Mexico) and Frolic Froth(ex loch Ness).
The U.S. Texas arm of underground space-rock bands are represented by Iron Bong and Bag(both from the same dry heat that gave us Lithium X-Mas and ST 37).
Excerpts from Anna Nacher`s sacred cave meditations with the polish group Atman are also added, along with contributions from S/T and others you no-doubt know or will soon discover."
Enjoy it.


1 Moonflowers (2) Let It Rain 4:46
2 Tribe Of Cro Implosion 4:54
3 Dunlavy In Circles 2:45
4 Humus Brylereem 4:56
5 Earcandy (2) Cosmic Space 6:48
6 Wobble Jaggle Jiggle Keep Yourself In Control 4:06
7 ZeN (62) Spaghetti Eastern 3:56
8 Lo-Fi Sucks! Get Out Of My Way 3:05
9 Iron Bong All Day Long 3:12
10 TV Dinner Sheltering Sky 6:59
11 Bag (2) The Last Resort 4:10
12 Frolic Froth Karmic Controlled Planets 2:14
13 Ole Lukkøye Children 5:48
14 Atman (2) Theatre Of Mist 6:49
15 Anna Nacher 39 4:30
16 Kryptästhesie Brevi Amnesie 2:03
17 S/T Marsschleifen 4:58

Sunday, 13 January 2019

FURIA N4-(Fanzine-Finland-2004)

Short yet cool English written fanzine created and distributed by Diana Takehana in Finland in the early 2000s with the help of few good friends including Ben of You're So Hideous/Raising Hell zines.

In this issue London punk report, South America report,an interview with Inepsy, music and gigs reviews and some personal thoughts.
With a very punk graphic layout and some nice pics, this zine is pretty cool.
Enjoy it.


Friday, 11 January 2019

ANTONYM-Native Dystopean-(Obsidian Tapes-UK-1990)

Antonym is the solo project of Metamorphic Journeyman magazine publisher Antony Burnham.
A Discogs page about him is here.
This tape is crafted with 18 tracks mixing industrial, noise, ambient and similar sort of experiments.
Here a video taken from a YouTube Channel where you`ll find much more music/videos by this amazing artist.
Enjoy it.

Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Kryptästhesie-Shaken At The Sun-(Double Vinyl-Menhir Records-Italy-1992)

KRYPTÄSTHESIE was a band from Lecco(Northern Italy) active from 1987 till 1997, they were playing their idiosyncratic form of psychedelic rock mixing some new wave, rock anthems, acoustic melodies and other fluid passages of creativity. Definitely, a band that has its own personality and never wanted to sell its soul for the commercial music industry. 

 Somehow there is in this disc a pure Syd Barret spirit yet they have their own energy making their music a voyage to the centre of not adulterate fantasy

To complete this post I am attaching  a great live video.

 Enjoy this rather obscure masterpiece of psych-rock.


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