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Tuesday, 19 September 2017

v.a.-Really Fast Vol.7-(Really Fast Records-Sweden-1992)

Legendary compilation series edited and distributed by the Swedish Really Fast Records old label that seems to be still alive and kicking.
I already posted the Vol 4 of this great sampler series.
A very interesting interview to Patrik Jonsson, a founding member of this label, is here.
This lp came out in a big folded sleeve reporting lyrics and info about the bands, all the scans included here. For all the lovers of old school fast and furious HC Punk this is a wonderful compilation.
Enjoy it.

Superdong Dr Spock
Union (5) Finale/The Light
Religious Vomit The End
Religious Vomit Pentagon Says
Sole Child Seeds Are Sown
Review (2) Hiding I
Organiserat Vanvett Sjätte Dagen
Organiserat Vanvett Ajja Bajja
Dischange Among The Slaughtered
Dischange Victims Of Madness
MBE Prostitute Jesus
Better Change Three Views
Better Change Better Change
Kung Pung Systembolaget
3-Way Cum Inget Samvete
3-Way Cum Make Me Puke
Babars I Believe
Babars Love Song
Disfear Masslakt
Räserbajs Vem Lukta Illa?
Räserbajs Bärs, Booze Och Hemorojder

Sunday, 17 September 2017

SIVULLINEN Newsletter 2/97-(Sivullinen-Finland-1997)

Sivullinen was a newsletter edited by Jouni Waarakangas in Helsinki(Finland)!!!Jouni was printing in it everything that was coming out from the underground world.This newsletter had no borders!!! 
We could find in its: news about zines, comics, tape labels, mail art, anarchist newspapers, poetries, short stories, experimental music, adverts for future compilation tapes, flyers of bands and their productions, mail art projects and whatever was related to all those subjects.
The graphics layout was messy and at the same time funny on one A6 size folded page, or more pages.
It was printed 4 times at year in a print run of 1000 copies and it was free although a donation in stamps would have been always very appreciated.Jouni was into trading zines and cassette productions!!
Sivullinen was also a great fanzine created by Jouni and I have already posted few numbers as well as a couple of issues of this newsletter, you`ll find it all here.
Enjoy it.

Friday, 15 September 2017

KUARTO DE KILOS-Me Importa Unos Cojones-(Self Released-Spain-1998)

Anarco-punk band from Corbera Del Llobregat (Barcelona) formed in 1991 and active since then with some changes to the lineup, they have out 2 CDs of the labels: El Lokal and Kamilososetas Muscaria.
You`ll find all their productions as a free download and a long detailed biography on this blog: Musica Komabativa.
This tape has a very good recording, it came out with a lyrics sheet.
If you like Spanish ska/punk sung in Spanish language then you`ll love this tape.
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Tuesday, 12 September 2017

The Black Rain Headquarter Presents A COMPILATION-(Black Rain-Germany-2002)

Great cd compilation edited and distributed by this German Label called Black Rain, it is still active and their actual website is here.
A good selection of artists and songs alternating neofolk, EBM, industrial and dark wave.
Enjoy it.
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1 Echorausch Sense 4:33
2 Tactical Sekt Capital Fallacies 5:05
3 DavaNtage No Candle-Light 3:59
4 Predella Avant Part I 3:30
5 Novalis (2) Of The Golden Future Times 4:24
6 Cyborg Attack Blutgeld (Part I) 4:59
7 Aslan Faction Complication 5:03
8 Feindflug Faustrecht 5:01
9 This Vale Of Tears Silence 4:45
10 The Days Of The Trumpet Call San Torga 3:39
11 Grendel Catastrophe 4:39

Monday, 11 September 2017

FLAGRANTS D`ELI-Un Certain Regard...D`Espoir ?-(Self Released-France-1991)

Flagrants D`Eli was a French Anarco-punk band from Epernon, formed in 1986.They released lots of tapes and few 7inches.Their music is a strange form of lo-wi avantgarde experimental punk with a very personal touch.
Definitely, a band that deserves the attention of people into weird punk, interesting lyrics, and strange passages. 
A Discogs page about them is here.
I wrote about them already when I posted a split tape with Flagrants D`eli/Doves Under Chairwalk 2 years ago.
Enjoy it.
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La Tete Contre Les Murs
Chine 1990
Coupable Ou Innocent?
La Fin
Les Colombes
Vivre Autrement
L'Age D'Or
Sombre Justice
Les 7 Masques
Les Langues De Vipères

Sunday, 10 September 2017

RONK N1-(Fanzine-Mail Art Documentation-UK-1997)

The First issue of this Mail Art documentation by Evan Griffith, in Sheffield(North England)who was also printing the amazing fanzine Gibbering Madness, which I posted few issues and also He released the cool video compilation Video Ate My Brain.

Some nice artworks around the subject of Godzilla! In fact, Evan called this zine also Godzilla Mail Art magazine.
Enjoy it.
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Saturday, 9 September 2017

STATIC ICON-Slave-(Machinery Records-Germany-1997)

Static Icon is a synthpop band. They started in Adelaide, Australia as a three-piece band called "Das Concept". In their first incarnation, they were a Depeche Mode cover band. Gradually they introduced more and more original material into their set. To complete the transition to a fully original band, they changed their name to Static Icon and dropped all but one or two Depeche Mode covers from their set.
Through association with bands in the Melbourne, Australia industrial music scene they were introduced to and subsequently signed with EBM label Machinery Records in Berlin, Germany, with whom they released two albums, starting with Sin Machine in 1995.
Their first album was recorded in Adelaide, but there were some issues around the master tapes being stolen. Shortly after they moved to Berlin, Germany where much of the album was re-recorded.
Their second and best-known album Slave was produced by Marc Heal and released in 1997.
Static Icon toured the better part of 1997 with the "SLAVE TOUR" The breakdown of communication with the members and the record label resulted in the cancellation of the second leg of the European tour. The band needs their own personal space for a while. Alan Wicks moved to London where he would start writing the third Static Icon album. Timo Bishop married his German girlfriend and moved back to Adelaide, Australia and Micheal Walker moved back to Melbourne, Australia.
1998 saw Alan Wicks moving back to Australia to finish writing the third Album. Melbourne and Sydney both played their role along with London in his demoing this album, which was written about his own experience as a wide-eyed person that moves to a mega city and how he sees that our conditionings as humans and our ideas of right and wrong and our man-made laws and beliefs don't work with this new era of the Mega city life style. The album was finally demoed at the end of 1998 and was ready for to go into the studio to be completed. Noise records were desperate for the band's third Album to be released and were putting on the pressure to hand over the work to them.