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Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Total Annihilation-Free Review Zine n1-(Newsletter-UK-2002)

Short Free Review Zine made by Evan Griffith,in Sheffield(North England)who was also printing the amazing fanzine Gibbering Madness,which I posted few issues and also He released the cool video compilation Video Ate My Brain.

Lots of reviews here...
Enjoy  it.
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Monday, 16 January 2017

v.a.-MINUTEMEN WROTE PROPAGANDA SONGS-(Cracks In The Sidewalks-Italy-2002)

Miming the famous Minutemen song "Bob Dylan wrote propaganda songs" this italian label released this great compilation, with only italian bands covering the music of the famous american punk band.
The result is quite astonishing.Free jazz mixed with a good dose of  punk going towards different dimensions,the genius arrangements eventually finish a sincere and real tribute cd. 
Those bands nail it,simply.
It came out with an A5 size b/w fanzine,each band has a page where you`ll find graphix,address,line up and info(all the relevant scans included here).
A great sampler for all the lovers of The Minutemen.
Enjoy it.
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Sunday, 15 January 2017

ALCHEMY OF THE 20th CENTURY/GRUNT-Split Tape-(Kadef-Germany-C30-1996)

Back in 2010 I passed this great tape to Vita Ignes Corpus Lignum blog,I am going to re-post it here with the nice review by Crepusculum.
"great cassette here which was released on thee German label Kadef in thee mid/late 90s!! both Alchemy Of The 20th Century and Grunt are projekts ov thee Finnish artist Mikko Aspa [Clandestine Blaze, Clinic Of Torture, Creamface, Nicole 12, Stabat Mater] who is also the owner of Northern Heritage label, and also thee publisher / editor of the S/M magazine "Erotic Perversion" and "Northern Heritage Zine"!! Alchemy Of The 20th Century provide two nice longer pieces ov droning experimental atmospherikx with thee use ov shimmering and scraped metals with some minimal guitar usage, and Grunt provides several trackx ov full-on screaming power elektronikx assault!!"
A discogs page about this german label is here.
Enjoy it.
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A1 Alchemy Of The 20th Century Colossal Iron Spiral Part 1 10:38
A2 Alchemy Of The 20th Century Colossal Iron Spiral Part 2 3:37
B1 Grunt Re-Packed Daily Waste Part 1 3:55
B2 Grunt Re-Packed Daily Waste Part 2 2:43
B3 Grunt Re-Packed Daily Waste Part 3 2:53
B4 Grunt Re-Packed Daily Waste Part 4 4:49


  • Noises [All Noise By]Mikko Aspa (tracks: B1 to B4)
  • Sounds [All Sound By]Mikko Aspa (tracks: A1, A2)


A1 recorded 130596+240796.
A2 recorded 150696.
B1 recorded 170796+270796.
B2 recorded 170796.
B3 recorded 140696+170796.
B4 recorded 270796.

Limited to 60 hand-numbered copies.

Saturday, 14 January 2017

ODPISANI-Live In MKNZ-(Active Productions-Slovenia-1995)

Odpisani is an old punk band from Slovenia,this tape is live and the recording is pretty good.
10 killers tunes of HC Punk well played,delivering their explosive live energy.
It seems that they are still active.,a discogs page about them is here.
This tape is the first production by this Slovenian label called Active Productions,it doesn`t seems easy to find info about it on the net. 
Enjoy it.
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Friday, 13 January 2017

Greenhouse-Visual Propaganda Magazine n1-(Self Released-Greece-199?)

Issue number 1 of this cool greek fanzine edited and distributed by Yiannis Thomatos in Athens,it was the beginning of  the 90s,I posted already the Number 2.

In this issue some  amazing collages (some in english, some other in greek language) and few articles(only in greek).
Very nice,old school diy done.A big Thanx to Zoe for the basic info translations.
Enjoy it if you are greek literate.
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Thursday, 12 January 2017

Strongly Opposed n1-(Fanzine-UK-1998)

Very interesting fanzine mixing personal thoughts/ideas and experiences with long and in depth interviews to few cool bands:Active Minds,Battle Of Disarm,Disclose and Yuppiecrusher.
The graphix layout is nice too,28 A5 size xerox copies offering  plenty to discover inside them...
Enjoy it.
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Wednesday, 11 January 2017

DANIELE CIULLINI-Forgotten Monuments-(Self Released-Italy-2016)

Last astonishing work by the sound sculptor/mail artist and cross-cultural genius Daniele Ciullini.
I spoke about him when I posted his digital album Resti(2014) and the mini album Identita` Sonora(2016). 
In those 3 tracks Daniele offers us an exquisite example of atmospheric ambient noise.A nice virtual gift for this year just started,thank you Daniele.
Enjoy it.
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