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Monday, 29 August 2016

MR MOTO & DE FABRIEK-Rovelatous-(EE Tapes-Belgium-c60-1996)

Quite an interesting and lively collaboration on this tape released by the Belgian Tape label EE Tapes back in 1996. Here Mr Moto [Matthias Lang] from Germany and De Fabriek from Holland meet on a neutral ground to work on a unified project of experimental electronic sounds. They are delivering to us weird yet beatiful electro-experimentations!!! 8 tracks (4 each side) crafted with minimal sequencing and yet sometimes rhythmic and slow moving forward implosions of melodies/noises.
This tape came out in a limited edition of 100 copies, 50 with a red cover and the other 50 with a blue cover, the sleeve design was created by De Fabriek. 
I quite like this tape …somehow has all the energy and the freshness of the electronic sound researches of those artists involved in this scene back in the 90s.
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Track listing:
A1 Koyote
A2 Nerve Stream
A3 White Exit
A4 Outside It's Cold
B1 Tatura
B2 Afro Snow
B3 Four Dreams
B4 Money For Nothing

Saturday, 27 August 2016

v.a.-Anti System Front Compilation n2-(ASF Distro-Greece-c60-199?)

Old international compilation with anarcopunk bands.I cannot find info about this small greek label called ASF based in Thessaloniki.There is no release date stated anywhere on the cover sleeve,I guess it came out on the early 90s.The overall recording is pretty good.
Bands included :Conflict(UK),Naftia(Greece),Kismet HC(UK),Chaotic End(Greece),Disorder(UK),Oi Polloi(UK),Toxic Narcotic(Usa),Political Asylum(UK),Negative Stance(Greece),Anticimex(Sweden),Embittered(UK),Human Lethargy(Greece),Beyond Description(Japan),Earth Citizens(Switzerland).
Anybody out there with more info about this distro/label???
Enjoy it.
ps-this tape is not indexed

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

CONCEPT N18/19/20-(Cartel Experimental-France-1993/1994)

Almost 2 years ago I posted 2 other issues of this  small but amazing french  newsletter.It was  published and distributed every 3 months by the artistic collective Cartel Experimental,they were also
producing tapes of industrial and noise music with a special interest in the avant-garde and theatre`s soundtracks.
Also in this 3 issues,released as a single zine,you`ll find lots of reviews and info about bands/projects/albums of the industrial and experimental/extreme electronics international scene of the early 90s. 
About Cartel Experimental I posted  lots of tapes released by their great label:Groupuscule Vision,you might want use the search box in this blog to find them.
Enjoy it.
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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

DESOBEDIENCIA CIVIL/POS-GUERRA- ¡Basta Bastard@s!! / Sonho Plebeu[Split demo]-(Depapuseve Distro+Self Release-Mexico-1998)

Desobediencia Civil are Mexican-Pos Guerra are Brasilian,they join forces in this split tape to deliver us their angry and fast HC Punk with political lyrics.
A very good recording and a nice folded graphix cover sleeve complete this amazing split tape,it came out with a booklet reporting their ideas and lyrics unfortunately I lost it,sorry.
Up the punx.
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A1Desobediencia Civil Enemig@s De Dios
A2 Desobediencia Civil Soldadito De Plomo
A3 Desobediencia Civil Relief Pt.4
A4 Desobediencia Civil Éste Triste Mundo
A5 Desobediencia Civil Escúchame Patrón
A6 Desobediencia Civil Tod@s L@s Rebeldes
A7 Desobediencia Civil No Más Llanto
A8 Desobediencia Civil Vivisecciones
A9 Desobediencia Civil Exterminio
A10 Desobediencia Civil Peste Neo-Nazi
A11 Desobediencia Civil Pres@s
B1 Pós-Guerra Despedida
B2 Pós-Guerra Sonho Plebeu
B3 Pós-Guerra Faca Meu Dia!
B4 Pós-Guerra Homofobia Nao!
B5 Pós-Guerra Becos Escuros
B6 Pós-Guerra Anti-Patriarcado
B7 Pós-Guerra Terrorismo Policia
B8 Pós-Guerra Dominick
B9 Pós-Guerra Condenado
B10 Pós-Guerra Terra Natal
B11 Pós-Guerra Produzir
B12 Pós-Guerra Anti-Racismo
B13 Pós-Guerra Punk Do Suburbio

Sunday, 21 August 2016

v.a.-MECANISMES Vol. 4-(Groupuscule Vison-France-C60-1993)

Volume 4 of this amazing serie of compilations edited and distributed by the french Groupuscule Vision,a label managed by the aristic collective Cartel Experimental,they were producing tapes of industrial and noise music with a special interest in the avant-garde music, theatre`s soundtracks and they were also writing the newsletter Concept.
I already posted the vol.I & II, Vol. III ,Vol. V  and Vol. VI.
All the cassette were chrome tapes coming with colour sleeve and inserts on coloured xerox copies.Limited edition of 50 copies.
 Enjoy it.

A1 John Bartles U.S.A. Jazz Scene Zeen
A2 Stigma Lethal Radiations
A3 Bär & Co.* Tanzschatten
B1 United Gods Diosiks
B2 United Gods United
B3 Condominium (2) Mecanique Sociale
B4 Condominium (2) Thermodynamique
B5 Condominium (2) Apologie
B6 Condominium (2) Apology (Inventing Dada Mix)*

Saturday, 20 August 2016

POLITICAL ASYLUM-Valium For The Masses-[demo]-(Self Released-UK-1984)

Political Asylum was an anrcopunk band formed in the early 80s and active untill mid 90s.This is their second cassette.It has a folded sheet reporting the lyrics and various info,it was self released  and then re-printed by the spanish Puuagg!!! Tapes and the swiss Resistance Productions.
Amazing lyrics and very good music too.Here a discogs page where you can check their other productions.
Enjoy it.
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Friday, 19 August 2016

Cuba No Al Bloqueo-(Mail Art Project and Exhibition-Global Networking-1992)

International mail art project launched by the mail artist Clemente Padin,I spoke about him when I posted his other mail art project No Mas Excusas.
A small biography taken by Wordpress.
"Clemente Padín was born in Lascano, Uruguay in 1939. He is a poet, performer, designer, video- and multimedia-artist, and art critic. He studied Spanish Literature at the University of the Republic of Uruguay. In 1967 he made first experiences in the field of Mail Art, exchanging publications with Edgardo Antonio Vigo, Guillermo Deisler and Dámaso Ogaz. In 1969 he published the magazine “OVUM” as well as postcards and visual poems. During the Military Dictatorship in Uruguay he organised the first Latin-American Mail Art exhibition in 1974 at Gallery U in Montevideo. With his fake postal stamps he doomed the dictatorial regime for its brutal suppression of human rights. This might have lead to his imprisonment from August 1977 to Novembre 1979. Mail Artists from all around the world protested against it.
In October 1983 he showed the public his artistic activities in the exhibitions “1. Mai” in Uruguay. After that he organised the Latin-American and Caribian union of Mail Artists, founded August 31, 1984 in Rosario, Argentina. Since then Padín has been participating in hundreds of Mail Art exhibitions worldwide.

“Mail Art is not made for the art marked, it is there to be consumed and communicated. It is impossible to reduce the artistic to political or social interests. The political content of art is inseperably bound to the artistic content. Mail Art shows itself as a form of social consciousness.” Clemente Padín (translation by MAI)"
You can read a very interesting interview to this artist on Iuoma.org
In this documentation you`ll find an article(english and spanish)about the blockage in Cuba and some artworks about the subject.
Enjoy it.
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