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Friday 21 June 2024

v.a.- Really Fast Vol.10 - (Really Fast Records-Sweden-1999)

  Volume 10 of this great compilation series by the Swedish Really Fast Records, this is a double album containing 50 tracks of fast and furious HC punk.

Enjoy it.

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A1    Section 8 (2)–    D.I.Y.
A2    Section 8 (2)–    Hey Pale Face
A3    Dishonest–    The Grip Of Addiction
A4    Dishonest–    Mania For Drugs
A5    Skumdum–    Vardagens Slentrian
A6    Skumdum–    Vårt Oförstand
A7    Snifter–    Schengen Agreement
A8    Centrus B40–    Stupido
A9    Centrus B40–    Years To Build
A10    Scamp (8)–    Ultimata Nazi-Äckel
A11    Scamp (8)–    Satans Jävla Vaktfan
A12    Youthless (2)–    Unfortunate
B1    DS-13*–    Prechewed Rebellion
B2    DS-13*–    World Of Hatred
B3    DS-13*–    David Sandström I Refused Är En Kukskalle
B4    Slutstation Tjernobyl–    Mitt Alias
B5    Senseless (3)–    Faces
B6    Retaliation–    At The Cost Of Mankind
B7    Retaliation–    Who Gets Blamed
B8    Bonds Of Trust–    Bonds Of Trust
B9    Bonds Of Trust–    You Sold Us Out
B10    Gymnastiken–    Snygg, Ful
B11    Gymnastiken–    Osäker
B12    Amok (14)–    M.B.
B13    Amok (14)–    Den Perfekta Människan
C1    Hylands Hörna–    Ansvaret
C2    Hylands Hörna–    Dödens Portal
C3    Scumbrigade–    Being In A Band Is No Excuse For Being An Asshole
C4    Scumbrigade–    No More Macho Dancing
C5    Planet Trash–    Fuck The World
C6    Planet Trash–    Female Temper
C7    Dismachine–    Volatile Space
C8    Dismachine–    Rädd For Sina Kanslor
C9    Ignorance (6)–    Smells Like Bad Religion
C10    Död TV–    Allting Blir Fel
C11    Död TV–    Ensamhetens Dröm
C12    Downward Spiral–    When Tomorrow Comes
D1    Siniterror–    Light
D2    Slobsticks–    Coming Attractions
D3    Fucking Chaos–    Krossade... Skallar
D4    Fucking Chaos–    Antikrist
D5    Fucking Chaos–    Medveten Skit
D6    Blackout (19)–    Loosing Trust
D7    Blackout (19)–    Rivals
D8    No Admission–    Warpsystem
D9    No Admission–    Long Night Of Bitterness
D10    Stop-Gap–    J And I
D11    Stop-Gap–    How I Figured Out...
D12    Mörder–    Nuclear Blast
D13    Mörder–    Lås Din Dorr

Tuesday 11 June 2024

MONSTER MAIL N7 -(Mail Art Documentation-Global Networking-1997)

 Number 7 of this ongoing mail art project launched by Evan Griffiths back in the 90s. Inside this zine many drawings, a short story, some comics and an extra lino print by Evan himself, all inspired by the subject:MONSTER. Evan was also running a punk distro called Mitsey Distro and a zine Gibbering Madness, you`ll find them clicking the link above. Enjoy it.

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Saturday 1 June 2024

v.a.-Here We Go, A Celebration Of The First Year Of The U.K. Miner`s Strike 1984-1985 (Sterile records-UK-1985)

 A great compilation with a few acts that will become very famous in the following years,it was benefit for the Miners during ther first year of strike. Sterile Records was a label founded by Nigel Ayers (Nocturnal Emissions) for own and related releases, active from 1979-1986 and then re-activated April 2021. On this page you can read about this album,info provided by Nigel Ayers. A Bandcamp page about Sterile Records is here. Enjoy it.

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Monday 27 May 2024

Kjell Nyman Art-Works - (Mail Art-Global Networking-1992)

 4 Art-Works sent by the Swedish Mail Artist Kjell Nyman in 1992. Address very obsolete.



Monday 13 May 2024

SWARAJ CHRONOS - Gibberish Madness - (Self Released+CoDA zine-UK-2024)

 New CD EP by this London combo playing a sort of  twisted Post Hardcore, I have, already ,posted their debut album released  in 2021. I am attaching the review  taken from Raising Hell zine n29 and the video clip by Mario PunksNOtDeafRecordings. Enjoy it.

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Monday 6 May 2024

FINAL WARNING - Stop Vivisecton...By Any Means Necessary - (Tribal War Recs -Usa-1996)

 Live album by this American crust / hardcore band from New York City active in the 1990s. Recorded live at MKNZ in Ilirska Bistrica (Slovenija) on 5th of May 1995 during their European tour with Dirt.Lots of political messages during their live show and the recording is pretty good. A few cover songs of Nausea since the singer was active with them. Enjoy it.

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Friday 3 May 2024

v.a.- Really Fast Vol. 9 - (Really Fast Records-Sweden-1994)

 Vol. 9 of this famous serie compiled by Really Fast Records,I have posted already a few of these great albums.

 DIY label from Mjölby, Sweden. Founded by Patrik Jonsson, Staffan Fagerberg and Peter Pinaitis in late 1981, it seems to be still active. A very interesting interview with Patrik Jonsson is here.

 Enjoy the fast and furious old school HC punk!!!

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