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Sunday, 21 October 2018

WITCH n5-(Fanzine-Poland-2004)

A very good fanzine all in the English language although printed in Poland by a collective of women into riot girls/feminism, anarchism and music.
In this issue very interesting articles about anti-abortion laws in various countries, protests, riot girls around the world, Annie Sprinkles guideline for sex in the 90s, Karen Finley multi-cultural artist, Fuck Finger (band), an interview at the band CTB and other messages about gender-related subjects.
All in all a very good fanzine with amazing articles and a positive attitude.
Enjoy it.
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Friday, 19 October 2018

ZOVIET FRANCE-Assault And Mirage-(Red Rhino Recs-UK-1987)

Zoviet France is an idiosyncratic group of anonymous post-industrialists, dronologists, and pseudo-ethnomusicologists. Their investigations have taken them into fictional cultures where nothing is easily located and reality often slips into the hypnagogic. Having secluded themselves in Newcastle, England since their inception in 1980, Zoviet France has developed a radical relationship with the cheap technologies of old-fashioned tape recorders, homemade acoustic instruments, primitive looping and sampling devices, and basic dub trickery. From these machines, the collective has crafted a distinctly unique vocabulary of postindustrial sonic hypnosis. Just as Zoviet France's sound was alchemic reconfigurations of inexpensive technologies, their vinyl packaging literally covered their sounds with aluminium, roofing shingles and porcelain. This tape is crafted with 11 tracks of sublime noiz-ambient...it came out on the Red Rhine Records. Defunct UK indie label, founded in York in 1977 by Tony Kostrzewa. It had a Belgian division, Red Rhino Europe, that was distributed by Play It Again Sam [PIAS].
Red Rhino Records closed down with the financial collapse of Red Rhino Distribution in 1988.(all the info from Discogs)
Their actual webpage is here.
Enjoy it.
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Cassette packaged in a cardboard box, with a photo attached to the front. A wrap-around translucent sleeve comes over the box, with print on the spines, and an image on the front, plus an insert.

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

v.a.-Endorse It In Dorset Festival 2007-Vol 4-(Hogbitch-UK-2007)

This is a great cd compilation which came out to present the artists performing in the 2007 edition of this amazing festival held in the countryside in Dorset.
There is lots of cow-punk in it both as attitude and music.
Super cool bands, great fun: fast ska,crazy folk-ragga, country punk, deviated electronics, acid dub, cow-punk and a bit of pure rock make this cd-sampler a stunning document to explore and dance.
Hogbitch seems to be the personal label by Pronghorn: an UK band that promote themselves as The Kings of Cowpunk since 1992. 
To complete this post I am going to attach the video of the 'official' 2007 film from the Endorse it in Dorset Festival, total running time is 25 minutes, it has been split into 5 parts for Youtube, enjoy.
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Monday, 15 October 2018

I Love Your Wife Or Girlfriend-(Mail Art Project-Belgium+Global Networking-1991)

International Mail Art Project launched by The Societe Anonyme Of Liege(Belgium).
Those A3 Pages are a resume of the many art-works received by many mail artists from all over the world, the title of the project is kind of funny and annoying.
Enjoy it.


Saturday, 13 October 2018

THEATRE OF HATE-Leeds Futuredaze Fest 26/9/81-(Not On Label-UK-1981)

I reckon Theatre Of Hate needs no introduction, they are, in fact, quite famous. Here a little note was taken from Discogs.
"Theatre of Hate is currently active featuring original members Kirk Brandon, Stan Stammers and John Lennard, and have recently released a new album, Kinshi. They are touring in March 2017 with Stiff Little Fingers.Current touring line up is Brandon, Stammers, Lennard, Chris Bell and Adrian Portas." 
This tape was probably recorded with a cheap tape machine yet the recording is pretty good and the cover sleeve reports the song-titles too.
Big thanx to Scott for passing me this precious pearl.
Enjoy it.

Thursday, 11 October 2018

CULVER-Sky Hooks-(Matching Head-UK-c90-199?)

Another tape by  Lee Stokoe aka Culver, I already posted the split tape with Onco, the one with Cefodie the one with E.H.I. and also the split with Enigma Analogico.
I have also posted other productions by his personal label Matching Head which is still active with the most of the back catalogue still available cheap.
Also in this tape experiments with noise touching the ambient,the drone and personal electric weird goings.
Great cover-sleeve too.
Enjoy it.

Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Mouldy Brain n9-(Fanzine-Italy-1994)

Number 9 of this Italian fanzine, I have already posted the number 10.

Mouldy Brain was focused on gothic subjects: nightmares, poetries, horror movies, monsters, and the like.
This issue is dedicated to the subject: serial killers.

With a nice graphic layout and quite a few interesting articles about various crazy murders, this zine is pretty cool.
In Italian language, only.
Enjoy it.
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Sunday, 7 October 2018

v.a.-Bravo Uomo Vol1-(RivoluzionariaAzionePunx Autoproduzioni-Italy-199?)

Good compilation tape with HC Punk bands active in the 90s.
The different recordings are pretty good  and the selection of bands too.It came out with a booklet, unfortunately not included here.
It was a benefit for Comitato Liberazione Animale of Bergamo, a pro-animal rights group active in that northern Italian city. 
It was the third production by this small + totally DIY label active on the end of the 90s. 
Enjoy it.
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Friday, 5 October 2018

S-CORE-A Great Lump-(Technological Feeling-Italy-c46-1987)

Another great cassette by this uncompromising artist from Japan.
Active since the mid of the eighties, Japanese musician Yutaka Tanaka released his works under the name S-CORE. 
Early works are all cassette albums he put out on his own cassette label Afflict Records, many of those were recorded via mail collaboration with many sound artists from international underground scene, such as Stefano Biasin (Italy), Telepherique and Trigger B (Germany), Merzbow (Japan), Al Margolis/If, Bwana (USA), Rafael Flores (Spain).
Webpages: orc.ru, rgnz.free.fr
  Technological Feeling is a self-produced label of crazy Italian experimental noise-maker Mauro Guazzotti. Released the early works of his projects F:A.R., MGZ and Open Graves Style, as well as several tape compilations featuring many international industrial and noise artists.
Enjoy it.

Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Cargo Cult n3-(Fanzine-UK-2000)

I have written already about this zine when I posted the n2 split with Bald Catus n17.

This is the number 3 and it contains interviews with Eggraid, Kate Sharpey Library, Scum and Hell and Damnation zine+ gigs reviews,rants, and lots of zines+music reviews. 

It was a benefit for The Heretic, a direct action newsletter in Leeds. 
To complete this post I am attaching what Chippie wrote to introduce this issue.
Enjoy it.
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Saturday, 29 September 2018

Партия ‎– Панк - Моя Жизнь! -(Примитив-Дистро-Belarus-2003)

This is the first demo by this band from Belarus, in this cassette they play a raw form of punk rock while in their other releases they play crust/grind. The name of the band is PartiYa and this cassette is titled "Punk Is My Life".
"PARTiYA was formed in Minsk (Belarus) in September 2000. 
We are
playing crusty punk. Now it is more and more crust with elements of
grind. At first, there were 3 guys in the band, starting the autumn
2015 there are 6 members."
Primitive distro blog has lots of info(English and Cyrillic languages) about them, please go here to read more, watch lots of videos and get the rest of their long discography as free download.
Their Bandcamp page is here and a Discogs page here
To finish this post I am attaching an old video with a song from this tape. 
A very big THANX to my friend Al-Maytatu L-Habithu for all the translations, info and links and eventually to Ben of Raising Hell zine for borrowing me this tape a long time ago.
Enjoy it.
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Thursday, 27 September 2018

Masakre n2-(Fanzine-Spain-1989)

Old political fanzine by a Collective Of Youth In Mislata (Valencia-Spain) covering punk bands and some political subjects.
In this issue American imperialism, Antifascist resistance group "First October", some poetries, history of The Crime Gang Bang from Italy, a report from a prisoner of the Grapo group, some comics, Vegeanza from Peru`, anti-sexism and feminism,Alcoholicos Cronicos from Valencia(Spain),antimilitarist prisoners,Maniatica from Alicante and an article against the heroin. 
Very old school it has all the DIY spirit of the punk scene from the 80s. 
It was all printed with the use of a  Cyclostyle (copier): The Cyclostyle duplicating process is a form of stencil copying. A stencil is cut on wax or glazed paper by using a pen-like object with a small rowel on its tip. A large number of small short lines are cut out in the glazed paper, removing the glaze with the spur-wheel, then ink is applied. It was invented in the later 19th century by David Gestetner, who named it "cyclostyle" after a drawing tool he used. Its name incorporates "stylus", classical Latin word for a pen.
Only in the Spanish language.
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Tuesday, 25 September 2018

HOCICO-Autoagresion Persistente-(Self Released-Mexico-1994)

The Mexican group Hocico was officially formed in 1993 by Erk Aicrag (lyrics & vocals) and Racso Agroyam (synthesizer, programming). 
The names are anonymous of the real names Erik Garcia and Oscar Mayorga. Both cousins had been experimenting with electronic music, mixing Industrial and EBM, since they were fifteen years old and formed a band in 1992 called Hocico de Perro. The first live gig of Hocico was on February 18, 1994. Their music can be described as dark and aggressive electro-industrial. Their lyrics are mostly English although some songs are in Spanish.
The Spanish word 'hocico' means snout and is a derogatory term that indicates ugliness (i.e., ugly as a dog's snout).(from Discogs)
Their official webpage is here.
Enjoy it.
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Sunday, 23 September 2018

REQUIEM-Storm Heaven-(CrimethInc-USA-2005)

Requiem is an American anarchist hardcore punk band founded by ex-members of Catharsis.
In this full-length album, they play a furious form of HC punk mixing various influences. This cd comes in a beautiful booklet reporting ideas and lyrics, the cover sleeve is actually a stencil...
A very good production by the legendary Crimethink: a label that started in the mid-1990s, the CrimethInc. Ex-Workers' Collective (CWC) is a decentralized publisher of anarchist and alternate lifestyle ideas in literature, music, and video. No copyrights.
The label originally released titles as Inside Front Records, having its origins in the Inside Front hardcore fanzine. Their actual webpage is here.
Enjoy it.

Friday, 21 September 2018

BIzarro Distribuzioni-(Self Released-Italy-1991)

Short yet very interesting catalogue edited and distributed by the mail artist, music critic and a real cultural activist: Vittore Baroni.
Mixing music, videos, mail art and graphic works it offers a view about what Vittore was distributing long time ago, all stuff that is definitely out of print now. 
 The astonishing graphic-works by the fantastic Professor Bad Trip enrich this small catalogue making it a pure gem by the intricated world of the underground press from the last century.
Enjoy it.
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Wednesday, 19 September 2018

AFGHANISTAN-Autodafe 95-(Self Released-France-1995)

Afghanistan is the astonishing project by the French artist Philip Chasset-a Discogs pages about him is here unfortunately with no much info about his activities.
 In this great tape-work, Phil plays a raw form of electro-industrial. His cover version of The Wall by Pink Floyd is simply amazing.
 This is an amazing tape for people into electro/cold wave and industrial music.
Enjoy it.

Monday, 17 September 2018

MALCRIA-Que` Chingada Madre Quieren?-(Self Released-Mexico-2015)

Very powerful ep by this band hailing from Mexico City and shooting at us 6 tracks of powerviolence mixed with some crude HC Punk. 
Well recorded and with a brutal cover sleeve this ep will make happy certain listeners of fast`n`angry music.
Enjoy it.
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Sunday, 16 September 2018

1982 A Lament,Poems By Janet Dube`-(Xentrix-UK-1982)

Janet Dube` wrote those poems in Pencader, where she lives. Pancader is a rural village in South Wales 15 miles from the Royal Aircraft establishment Guided Missile Testing Station at Aberporth NR Cardigan and 37 miles from the United States Submarine tracking facility at Brawdy on the West Wales coast. 
These poems include quotes from the work of Brecht, Keats, Lennon, Mandelstam, Enzensberger, and Shakespear. 
This amazing 24 b/w pages, professionally printed fanzine has also great illustrations by Domino and Lance d`Boyle. 
Some of her poems hit us as a punch in our face, very crude yet subliminally tender. 
Enjoy it.
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Thursday, 13 September 2018


Astonishing compilation cd with great acts playing some brilliant and sublime forms of ambient, industrial, techno, ancient rhythmic noise and bizarre frazzled weird goings. 
Praxis is a label and record shop for harsh experimental electronic music led by Christoph Fringeli based in Berlin (first located in London/UK, then in Berlin/Germany, then in Basel/Switzerland, now again in Berlin/Germany), its official webpage is here.
Enjoy it.


01 Bitniks* Audioactive 7:37
02 Bourbonese Qualk Pseudocode 4:00
03 The Mover Track 2 3:51
04 Lagowski Screaming In Chains 7:31
05 GTO Sonic Ocean 8:57
06 9901 Violation 3:12
07 Deadly Buda Nirvana Trail 5:10
08 Mnortham* When Time Became A Lock 5:19
09 Zeroxyd Error 6:49
10 Noface (You Don't Have To Do Anything Now But) Hallucinate 4:45
11 Metatron Mark Of The Beast 2:57

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

ULICA-Ulica-(Nikt Nic Nie Wie-Poland-1994)

Great album by this HC punk band called Ulica and active in the early 90s.16 tracks of pure personal HC punk mixing politics and melodies, anger and poetry...
This is really a fantastic album by a special band.
The cover sleeve reports the polish lyrics with English translations + various info.
Nikt Nic Nie Wie releases records and tapes since 1989. Non-mainstream music, mainly d.i.y. hardcore punk stuff promoting an alternative lifestyle and not just a fashion. Also mail-order with hundreds of records, tapes, zines, books, shirts, patches. 
This is their actual webpage!
Enjoy it.

Sunday, 9 September 2018

PUNK SHIT N3-(Fanzine-UK-2000)

Free fanzine covering the UK punk scene of early 2000. In this issue, quite a few punk gig reviews, a long interview to Intention, The Steam Pig biography, Dropkick Murpheys, gig pics, records reviews and flyers.
Enjoy it.

Friday, 7 September 2018

CILICIUM-Morte Chimica-(Goat & Gore-Italy-2008)

4 tracks on this demo by the Italian crusties~metal-heads Cilicium, they mix eloquently a good dose of crust punk with some sonorities death metal.
The cover sleeve reports info and lyrics.Good recording too.
Enjoy it.
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Wednesday, 5 September 2018

v.a.-In The Spirit Of Total Resistance-(Profane Existence-USA-1992)

Double 7 inch released by the mighty Profane Existence in 1992! 
The year of the celebrations (and the anti-celebrations) for the discovery (aka the looting) of The American continent and the beginning of the mass-murders of its Indian civilizations.
It was a benefit for the Mohawk Nation of Kanesatake and comes with a 64-page booklet with articles on the indigenous revolt in the US and Canada. (unfortunately, this booklet  is not included here) 
Enjoy it. 


A1 Jonestown (2) The Gnawing Flood Of The Wasichu
A2 Los Crudos Quinientos Años (500 Years)
B1 Huasipungo Estúpida Ambición (Stupid Ambition)
B2 Charred Remains A.K.A. Man Is The Bastard Homo Afflictus
C Pollution Circus The Angry Brigade
D1 One By One Self Determination For The Fucked Over Of The World (Common Ground)
D2 Dogfight Texas Two Step