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Thursday 28 February 2019

SCUM OF SOCIETY-Violenza Legale-(AZ Autoproduzioni-Italy-1996)

First 7 inch by this crust punk combo from Latina, I have already posted their demo self-released in 1994.
This piece of vinyl offers us the same cruse violent d-beat punk
with political messages and angry vocals. 
8 tracks well recorded and well played exploding rage and rebellion.
It came out with a folded cover sleeve reporting lyrics and poilitical writings in English and Italian in a very punk graphic layout. (scans included here)
Az Autoproduzioni was a small label from Pavia(Northern Italy)that started releasing a  zine called Astro Zombies from which they took the name AZ. They were into anarcho-punk and libertarian books and zines.
I have posted their very first cassette production, you`ll find it here. 
Enjoy it.
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Wednesday 27 February 2019

Safe To Eat n5-(Mail Art Container-Poland+Global Networking-199?)

Number 5 of this mail art container published by Bartek Nowak mail artist who was also publishing  Karta zine and managing a mail art archive.
19 Mail Artists from various parts of the globe took part in this issue sending 20 artworks to be assembled in this mail art project/container.
Many great art-works, very different yet amazing.
Enjoy it.
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note: address on this flyer probably obsolete!

Monday 25 February 2019

NAUSEA-Live In BRNO-(Not On Label-1991)

Nausea was a hardcore/punk band from New York, NY (USA) formed in 1985 and disbanding in 1992. They were one of the few bands in the New York City hardcore/punk scene at the time playing punk/crust while most of the other bands made the trademark NYHC sound popular.
Although they just had one LP and a few 7" singles and compilation tracks they were really popular among the worldwide crust scene and even managed to tour Europe in 1991.
A Discogs page about them is here yet this tape isn`t listed there. An FB page is here.
The cover sleeve reports only the address of the band and no song titles yet I managed to get the right song-titles double checking/listening their various productions.
The overall recording is pretty good, delivering us their full force as a very powerful live act.
Enjoy it.

Saturday 23 February 2019

MOULDY BRAIN N6-(Fanzine-Italy-1992)

Number 6 of this Italian fanzine focused on serial killers, nightmares, gothic visions, horror movies and similar subjects.
I have already posted the number 9  and  Number 10.
In this issue reviews of horror movies, Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer,
and more terrific stories.
In Italian language, only.
Enjoy it.
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Tuesday 19 February 2019

Kryptästhesie-Inner Whirl-(Delerium Records-UK-1996)

I have already presented this band when I posted their amazing double lp Shaken By The Sun.
Their psychedelic music has a very personal approach and this cd confirm this theory even more. The fantasy flow explodes in millions of colourful particles surrounding us!
For all the lovers of some kind of obscure psych-acid rock, this is a band to discover and love.
To finish I am including here a video of their late life.
A big Thanx to Dante D. for passing me this great cd as flac files,yeah...
Enjoy it.
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Sunday 17 February 2019

STEVE GREEKSHIRE-Worms-(Mini-CD-Self Released-UK-201?)

Steve Greekshire is a musician hailing from Leeds and playing his own rather weird yet genial and personal music mixing various styles. 
These 5 tracks, that make up the album "Worms," are a mixture of eccentric and off the wall songs, mixed in with psychedelic, folk and hard rock.
Here a small introduction is taken from his FB page.
"Hey ho and Hello to all.
I am a musician and occasionally a visual artist and I am one who likes to challenge his own as well as others, conventions, perceptions, and values. This can be expressed in both playful, as well as an aggressive manor.
If I didn't, or could not do this, I would get bored with myself and would have to accept a dull world, which is always eager to swallow one up.
My music and material are sometimes Bizarre, Surreal, Eccentric, Comical and Off The Wall, because it pleases my sense of things as well as, it helps me, and others to laugh.
Sometimes though, I t can be quite different and more straight forward and express light Summery, or Dark Folk Ballads
It can also contain strong elements of Experimental, Psychedelic Heavy Rock and Blues and angry aggressiveness.
I get a kick in finding new ways of strengthening emotion and dynamics in my work and I like to evoke atmospheres and mental pictures that appeal to the imagination of my audience, as well as questioning and giving a friendly poke, that prompts them to question our daily reality and values.
It healthy for us to all rock each other's boat every so often!
I sing stories as well as create sounds and audio pictures. I have different approaches to my music which is governed by a theme, story or mood.
Sometimes I have to vent my anger and give myself a voice at the powers that be, through a serious protest, or a satirical song or three.
Thanx to those who persevere in freeing themselves of the mental shackles of dogma and convention and seek to exercise imagination, cause you give me hope and inspiration.
Ok. you've got the Blerb. Now bugger off and enjoy my works and fumbles,if you can."

To complete this post a couple of video from Youtube.
Enjoy it. 
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Wednesday 13 February 2019

JIHAD-Gods Forsaken People...-(Schema Recs-USA-1995)

Astonishing  7 inch by this hardcore band from Kalamazoo, Michigan that was around from 1994-1997. 
4 violent tracks of HC Punk well played and recorded, this ep came out with a 20pages booklet that is, unfortunately, not included here.
Enjoy their incredible music.
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Monday 11 February 2019

v.a.-A Fucking Noise Tribute To Sore Throat-(Abstinência Anti-Music-Brasil-2018)

Released on the 23rd of  December last year, this compilation with its 39 tracks is a violent`n`noisy grindcore slap...as you might want to expect from a real tribute to the legendary Sore Throat.
Abstinência Anti-Music from Brasil is a net-label interested in releasing what they call anti-music productions.
Their Bandcamp page is here where you will find all their productions as a free download.
Enjoy it.

Saturday 9 February 2019

P16.D4 & Swimming Behavior Of The Human Infant–Nichts Niemand Nirgends Nie! -(Double Vinyl-Selektion-Germany-1986)

P16D4 was a German band whose music bordered on the industrial and on the cacophonous. On their debut album "Kühe In 1/2 Trauer" (Selektion, 1982) they managed to fuse the playful irrationality of dadaism and the oppressive tones of expressionism. Roger Schönauer and Ewald Weber focused on an austere art and technique of loop and tape manipulation. Stefan E. Schmidt joined the ensemble on Distruct (Selektion,1984), a deconstructed remix of sound sources provided by friends in the industrial scene. The double album Nichts Niemand Nirgends Nie (1985) delved into musique concrete and electronic improvisation. Tionchor (Sonoris, 1987) collects revised rarities.
Swimmign Behaviour Of The Human Infant is Achim Wollscheid a media artist whose work over the past 20 years has been at the forefront of experimental music. He has performed and presented installation projects internationally. His work in sound has led to an interest in the relation between sound, light and architectural space, which he pursues through public, interactive and electronic projects. He is a founding member of SELEKTION, an organisation for the production and distribution of information systems. His book, The Terrorized Term, was published by SELEKTION in 1999. Today he still works as an artist for light and sound installations in Frankfurt/Main.(info from Discogs)
German label (Frankfurt-based) for mainly experimental music and musique concrete. Evolved out of the art-punk-label "Wahrnehmungen", which ran in 1980-1981. Many electronic releases of various kinds. Run by Achim Wollscheid and Ralf Wehowsky.Their actual webpage is here.


Packaged in gatefold sleeve with 12-page booklet and A4 handicraft insert.

Sides A and B feature both projects individually in the studio using raw material, transformed tapes or finished songs of the other.
Side C features cooperative live works, improvised on the spot.
Side D features further transformations: D1 used material from A1 to C3, D2 uses material from A1 to D1, D3 uses material from A1 to D2.

Tuesday 5 February 2019

Sunday 3 February 2019

Kranivm ‎– I - The Blood -(Slaughter Productions-Italy-c60-1995)

Astonishing release by the legendary Slaughter Productions created and managed by the noise artist Marco Corbelli, who died on 6th May 2007. He left behind an extensive amount of work both as a label and as a musician.
His various projects were:Atrax Morgue, Marco Nothing, Marco Rotula, Mörder Machine and Kranivm.
He also played in those bands Bondi Gabbana, Necrofilia, Necrophonie, Pervas Nefandum, Progetto Morte.

The official webpage dedicated to Atrax Morgue and all his projects is here.
The Italian harsh noise label Urashima re-released lots of  Marco Corbelli works as vinyl productions,
here their webpage.Many of those productions are limited editions and some appear to be sold out now.
Kranivm was an ultra deep and obscure industrial project influenced by old spanish horror movies, ancient horror literature and dark energy.
This is pure esoteric electronix at its best.
Enjoy it.

Friday 1 February 2019

Mad Sex and Lustful Suicide Artwork-(Mail Art-Italy+Global Networking-1992)

One of the many Art-Works received for the Mail Art project "Mad Sex and Lustful Suicide" created by Eiaculazione Amusicale at the beginning of the 90s.
This original drawing made on hard cardboard was sent by the Italian mail artist Matteo Cagnola from Varese-Northern Italy.