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Sunday 17 February 2019

STEVE GREEKSHIRE-Worms-(Mini-CD-Self Released-UK-201?)

Steve Greekshire is a musician hailing from Leeds and playing his own rather weird yet genial and personal music mixing various styles. 
These 5 tracks, that make up the album "Worms," are a mixture of eccentric and off the wall songs, mixed in with psychedelic, folk and hard rock.
Here a small introduction is taken from his FB page.
"Hey ho and Hello to all.
I am a musician and occasionally a visual artist and I am one who likes to challenge his own as well as others, conventions, perceptions, and values. This can be expressed in both playful, as well as an aggressive manor.
If I didn't, or could not do this, I would get bored with myself and would have to accept a dull world, which is always eager to swallow one up.
My music and material are sometimes Bizarre, Surreal, Eccentric, Comical and Off The Wall, because it pleases my sense of things as well as, it helps me, and others to laugh.
Sometimes though, I t can be quite different and more straight forward and express light Summery, or Dark Folk Ballads
It can also contain strong elements of Experimental, Psychedelic Heavy Rock and Blues and angry aggressiveness.
I get a kick in finding new ways of strengthening emotion and dynamics in my work and I like to evoke atmospheres and mental pictures that appeal to the imagination of my audience, as well as questioning and giving a friendly poke, that prompts them to question our daily reality and values.
It healthy for us to all rock each other's boat every so often!
I sing stories as well as create sounds and audio pictures. I have different approaches to my music which is governed by a theme, story or mood.
Sometimes I have to vent my anger and give myself a voice at the powers that be, through a serious protest, or a satirical song or three.
Thanx to those who persevere in freeing themselves of the mental shackles of dogma and convention and seek to exercise imagination, cause you give me hope and inspiration.
Ok. you've got the Blerb. Now bugger off and enjoy my works and fumbles,if you can."

To complete this post a couple of video from Youtube.
Enjoy it. 
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