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Saturday 30 April 2016

FUCK SIMILE-Dio Salvi La Rosina-(Self Released-Italy-c46-1995)

Fuck Simile plays low-fi punk`n`roll. They were active in the 90s playing in the @ social squatted centers, most of the times benefit gigs.
Some of them were back in the 80s involved in Attrito and now in I Magneti.
The lyrics are funny and their music is a nice swing that will make your hips move.
Enjoy it.
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Friday 29 April 2016

I`d Rather Be Out Killing Communists-(Fanzine-UK-199?)

A5 size small zine made by an animalist collective in Sheffield(UK) during the  90s.
In this issue short stories, comics novels, reviews of fanzines and some interesting articles.
Nice, short and cool...
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Wednesday 27 April 2016

FORMER MEMBERS OF ALFONSIN-Former Members Of Alfonsin-(Reaccionaria-Mexico-1999)

"Former Members of Alfonsin do not contain any former members of a band named Alfonsin, so don't go looking for another band. They were, however, a really good (and interesting) mix of melodic hardcore and 90's emo sound. Fast at times and able to take it up to a frantic hardcore punk pace at times, they for the most part did the melodic hardcore thing with the old emo talk/sing-scream vocals (though some songs include alternating male/female vocals). Political, straight edge, funny- they truly deserve a proper re-release but until then they at least deserve some more recognition."(from what we want we must create a blog)
Very good recording, nice cover sleeve with lyrics and info.
Reaccionaria was a totally diy punk label from Monterrey(Northern Mexico)born in 1998 and  run by Fernando Lozano (2)
Enjoy it.
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Tuesday 26 April 2016


I spoke already about Daniele Brusaschetto:here and here. Italian songwriter and musician, He has been active as a soloist since the middle of the 1990s. The releases under his name are characterized by the union of elements of soundscapes and electronics and an intimate soul. The result is a sort of industrial songwriting.danielebrusaschetto.net, Facebook, Bandcamp, YouTube, SoundCloud, Wikipedia
In this tape, Daniele makes a nice collaboration with 3 very talented artists: -Marco Milanesio: Electronic, Ambient and Experimental producer and musical engineer at O.F.F. (Oblivion Free Foundation) in Turin, Italy. Before the owner of Acqualuce Studios. Also well-known as musical head of DsorDNE and co-founder of the Hax Materiali per la comunicazione Label (1988-1997).
Currently active as 9cento9
-Giannantonio Gasparin also involved in those projects:Duo Portugal, Gi-napajo, Pangolinorchestrà, Piume E Sangue.
-M.Nomized,I posted lots of tapes by this Multi-talented artist from Paris, France,He is also the owner of  Fraction Studio.(all the info from discogs)
This production came out with various collage graphics of its cover sleeve.
Enjoy it.

Monday 25 April 2016

RETURN TO FANTASY/DANISH REEF-Leanyears(The Brain Of The Monster-Italy-c60-1988)

Another very difficult tape to find edited and distributed by the The Brain Of The Monster zine crew back in 1988.
2 bands playing  weird old school industrial,electronic jingles and psychedelic/goth rock...
The Brain Of The Monster was a radical fanzine about music and anti-art conceived by a famous mail artist: Alessandro Ceccotto in Adria. He was running a big mail art archive, and few fanzines as well.I already posted some stuff published by him as Mail Art Archive. I have no idea how many copies he printed of it.The cover sleeve was a xerox copy of red plasticized paper.
Enjoy it.
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Sunday 24 April 2016

CELLULOID MATA-Fancy Binaries-(Noise Museum-France-1997)

Another astonishing release by Celluloid Mata,this is a French project of Matthieu Maire who, after his first independent release, signed to the French label Noise Museum. Mata produces (or used to produce) heavy ambient, dynamited by rhythmic crashing pieces of noise. The compositions seem to have a natural electronic body, which gets this impression of "quiet force." Wider, the range of sonorities gears down the impact of these dangerous techno-tronic oscillations, and dark breakbeats appear to go hand in hand with a perfect cohesion of sound. After six years and several releases on different labels, Maire decided to cancel all activities that were executed under the Celluloid Mata moniker. With Philipp Münch (Synapscape, Ars Moriendi) he now produces as Cell Auto Mata.
Noise Museum is a defunct French experimental/industrial/ambient label run by Yann Farcy (L'Invitation Au Suicide).
The first three releases were issued under the White Noise (2) name.
It later became Alice In Wonder.  
Great tracks mixing IDM,Rhythmic noise and distorted angular electronics.
Enjoy it.
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Friday 22 April 2016

ONE BY ONE-One By One-(Words Of Warnings Recs-UK-1992)

Amazing lp by the  mighty One By One: Newcastle, Leeds, Bradford based band who released two studio 7”'s, a Peel Session, an LP, and a split LP which never came out and an LP which never got mixed: A half studio half live 7" plus various comp tracks.
Completed tours of Europe, UK & the US.(from discogs)

This is another band including Sned, drummer and founder of the punk label Flat Earth.His blog about this label is here
I tried to find the booklet of this album on the net and I did realize that it is was not available.So I decided to post it here.
Amazing graphix,very good lyrics and messages.
If you are in HC Punk you`ll  love this one.
To complete this post I am attaching  a video that I created for one of the song of this great album.
It talks about the P.M.R.C. and all those big framed up stories behind it.Very cinical and at the same time critical and challenging, it is still very present after more that 20 years of its release.
A masterpiece,simply.
Enjoy it.
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Wednesday 20 April 2016

G.P.U.-Propulsion-(Groupuscule Vision-France-c60-1992)

Another tape by this nice french project,I already posted the tape called Genese,released by the cool french label Groupuscule Vision,I wrote about them few times already.An independent tape label formed by the art collective Cartel Experimental,as far as I know they were also releasing an international newsletter called Concept.
Industrial,noise,sound collage and more headache sounds to destroy your easy peaceful life.
Enjoy it.
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Tuesday 19 April 2016

Lola Fish n.12-(Fanzine-France-1991)

Number 12 of Lola Fish fanzine,I already posted the number 10.Short fanzine edited by Bruno Pommey in Mainvilliers (France) mixing mail art,random artworks and reviews of fanzines and cassettes.
In this issue different contributions by various mail artists,a very nice comic story by Blair Wilson+Sparrow,flyers and mail art invites.
Nice,small and funny...
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Monday 18 April 2016

MEXICAN POWER AUTHORITY-Haiku...Gesundheit-(Break Even Records-Canada-1994)

Here the legendary tape-work by the mighty Mexican Power Authority...a tape that blows away all the grindcore fans mixing weird passages of  jazzcore,hc punk,fast drums and speed guitar solos to arrive to a pure chaos of creativity with no musical borders.
Here a nice review by Short Fast + Loud zine:
"MPA remain one of the least understood and most underrated bands from the ‘90s underground. Their style was entirely unique, borrowing from hardcore and grind, yet adding so many off the wall elements that the end results never quite equated with their contemporaries. Imagine Muppets who studied free form jazz playing punk rock songs with the RUINS at a high school music recital with students playing recorders. Odd clarinet sounds and yipping vox offset the spastic punkiness that abounds. Kev from the almighty NEOS is in this band, but don’t go expecting straight forward thrash. Maybe someday MPA will get the recognition they deserve, but for now check out this cult favorite if you want something completely beyond the radar."
In September 2007, MPA regrouped after a decade hiatus and began rehearsing material spanning their original six-year existence to prepare for their first performances in ten years.
During 2008, the group focused exclusively on composing new material, with legendary local drummer Jon London completing the line-up in February 2009. The group will release a new LP in 2011.

A great tape issued with hand-numbered cover artwork and tape-labels.Inside the case embedded informations sheet. For all the lovers of certain crazy fast music with some weird genius hiding throu the musical notes/rhythms and the lyrics are funny too.
Enjoy it.
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Sunday 17 April 2016


Microcellulazione  was a collective of @punx active on the end of the 80s in Naples(Southern Italy).
I wrote already about them when I posted the compilation Cellula Prima.
This is a very nice poster for one of their gigs organized before they squatted a big social center called Tien`A` Ment.
Up the punx...

SODA KAUSTIKA-Soda Kaustika-(Self Released-Italy-1992)

It appears that there are two bands with this name.One from Portugal and this one from Bergamo(Northern Italy).They were active in the early 90s,very involved in the @movement and squatting scene.This tape was dedicated to Daniele Marra,an anti-army total abjector jailed for refusing to serve the mandatory army service.
On the end of the side A you`ll find all the songs of the side B in double speed and on the end of the side B all the songs of the side A in double speed,making this tape a real example of punk chipmunk.
I guess this is hard to find nowadays.
Enjoy it.
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Monday 11 April 2016

SEEIN` RED-Punk Is Verzet!-(Not on Label-Germany-c60-199?)

"When Lärm ceased to exist, Paul, Olav, Jos and Menno decided to call their new band Seein'Red. Menno did not stay long in the band and after he had left, Burt joined on Bas-guitar and Jos became the singer, Olav stayed on drums and Paul on guitar.
After the first recordings, Jos went back on bass and Burt moved on and would start his own bands: profound, Manliftingbanner, Colt Turkey and Dead Stool Pigeon."
(from discogs)
This tape was benefit for the anarcopunk zine ROMP,I spoke about it when I posted the tape by Steine Fur Den Friden.
It was recordet live at Ieper/Belgium on 28/4/1995 except track 27 - 29, which were recorded at Ratingen/Germany on 23/11/1990. 
Enjoy it.
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Saturday 9 April 2016

v.a.-RECYCLING PROJECT n2-(Biotope Art Organization-Italy-c90-1990)

I passed this amazing compilation to Vita Ignes Corpus Lignum blog back in 2010,since then other bloggers have posted it on their blogs yet this is my rip and I re-post it because I love this sampler.
If you want to read the very well done review by Crepusculum please go here.
It came out with a very special cover sleeve covered entirely in wallpaper +  A5 size pages with  info and graphix provided by the different bands/projects involved.
I wrote about this amazing label many times now as I posted already lots of very good tapes by it.
If you are into tribal,esoteric eletronickx,noise ambient,industrial and similar music styles this is definetely a tape you should listen.
Enjoy it.
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A1 Majorana The Wedding
A2 Nightmare Lodge N.R.III
A3 T.Q.T.R.* Laxamamentum II
A4 Lyke Wake The Power Of The Dream (Live)
A5 Womb (7) Hallucination
A6 Ezzer/Gella The Inside Soul's Suicide
A7 Therabaqud Leic Pflunger Archè
A8 Giardini di Marzo* Tema
A9 Solar Lodge Bactra Part I
A10 Son (2) Slow & Real
A11 Circus Joy Shout (Live)
B1 Capricorni Pneumatici The Ceremony
B2 Stato Terminale Acciaio
B3 CCC CNC NCN Untitled
B4 Terapia Dura Popolorum Progressio
B5 Ultima Rota Carri Strepitum Mortis
B6 Torngod Lunar Mass Ascending
B7 Nome Marte Alla Volta
B8 Plurale Majestatis Ninnao'2
B9 Subliminale T(ms)=Input
B10 Eiaculazione Amusicale* Esalazione Mistica
B11 Contropotere Tien'a'ment

Friday 8 April 2016

CRAPPY NIGHTMAREVILLE-Shadow Garden-(Miasmahaus Music BMI-Usa-2004)

Few years ago a friend passed me this amazing cd and I loved it.Looking for  permission to post it on my blog I got in touch with them via FB and after swapping few messages they sent me an introduction about this project and this nice cd.I have therefore give them a big thanx for giving me the OK to post it here and for this info.
"Crappy Nightmareville is an experimental music group formed in Louisville, KY in 1993 by Andrew Willis and Mike French, and populated over the years by a shifting cast of adventurous friends. Most of our work has been issued as very limited (frequently handmade) cassettes, CD-Rs, and a couple of 7” records. The pieces on Shadow Garden were recorded live in Louisville at the Butchertown Pub, Hemispheres, and the Rudyard Kipling, and cobbled together in 2004 as a sort of demo. Many of these pieces have continued to take more developed and elaborate forms as we work to assemble our first full-length studio album."
They are still playing and you can check their last activities on their Facebook page
For all the lovers of experimental improvised music mixing fantasy, creativity and a pure genial attitude without musical borders this cd is just great.
To complete this post I am going to attach here a cool video introducing one of the songs published in this cd. 
Enjoy it.
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Wednesday 6 April 2016


One of the best italian speed metal band coming from the very first wave of italian heavy metal,I spoke about them when I posted their old demo-tapes,they formed in 1982 and disbanted in 1988,reformed in 2005 and in 2012 released a new album called " The end of  silence".
This is a small fanzine with lots of old flyers,gig posters and tickets,press reviews and biography(in english and italian).
A rare document of their history.
Long live speed metal...
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Tuesday 5 April 2016

M.NOMIZED-High Technology-(Contaminated Productions+Cadenced Noise-c60-Italy-1993)

Another tape-work by the mighty M.Nomized,an artist covered in this blog many times now here. here and here and here and yes probably there is more stuff by him also as the Golozos and as No Unauthorized.
It came out as a co-productions by Contaminated Productions and Cadenced Noise, I already spoke about them few times posting different tapes released by those labels.
For the lovers of certain geniality of hypno electro and  weird experiments from the past.
A nice tape from the crypt of the 90s.
Enjoy it.
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Monday 4 April 2016

v.a.-Ska & Punk Venezuelan Bands vol 1-(Think Ok! Records-Venezuela-2001)

18 bands from Venezuela playing punk and ska sung in Spanish and English.
Good recordings and info in the folded cover sleeve.
Only for the lovers of ska and punk.
Enjoy it.
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Sunday 3 April 2016

THERABAQUD LEIC-Panacea-(Ministry Of Ultramarine Theatres-Italy-c30-199?)

I passed this tape to Vita Ignes Corpus Lignum blog back in 2010.
 I re-post it here including the excellent review by Crepusculum.
I `ve posted another tape by ths amazing project by  Gianluigi Russolo.
(Italian one-man project. Not to confuse with Luigi Russolo.)
you `ll find it here.
Enjoy the pagan ritual all acoustic music/messages.
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"Great acoustic ritual sonorism here from this projekt ov Gianluigi Russolo [Subliminale, TV Satanico, S. Biasin Trio..] thee info in thee cassette states: "a coumcept ov natural acoustick sonorites/ only acoustick instrumentation were employed in this sexsion/ dedicated to Pan" it appears that assistance may have been provided by DeviLs G. and Stefano Della Volpe.. though due to thee esoteric heiroglyph-type writing some ov thee information tis a bit confusing..
druides - [sounds like thee recording tis a bit warbly] ritual percussions, flutes, bells, pieces ov metal, wailing saxophone, droning voice, and dissonant bowed-strings make for a strange piece ov esoteric sonorism!!
soltitius - dissonant wailing call and reponse from saxophones!!
ritual-theatro chimico - nice distant ritual percussions reverberate, and later thunder and are met with more dissonant wailing ov sax!! later still in thee piece tis what sounds like nice dissonant/melodic vibraphone!!
-genesis - ritual sonorous flutes evoke a unique atmospere and are joined with shimmering ov crystal and vocal chanting!!
arkanos desvuelos - reverberating percussions and howling voice!!
rex-pansophia - shimmering sounds ov crystal with quiet distant percussion and vocal chanting!!
ana-valknut - beauteous flute with quiet droning atmosphere and sparse ritual percussion!!
Track listing:
a03-ritual-theatro chimico
a05-arkanos desvuelos
(transferred by [[F@R@W@Y]] / review by crepusculum)"

Saturday 2 April 2016

B.M.G.-Nmtole` Warriors +The 1990 Pig Sessions-(Cheap Tapes International-UK-1990)

This is another release by this very undergrond label:Cheap Tapes International,I wrote about them when I Posted the Canwll Corfe-1988 And Other Tales Of Terror tape.
B.M.G. is an unknown band playing lo-fi bass propelled dirty blues/rock...it is just a pity that this recording isn`t very good but their music is somehow inspiring and full of good vibes/energy.
To let you know more I am going to attach here the few info coming into the cover sleeve.
The Jimi Hendrix hit "Fire" covered in a weird lo-fi psycho way is mindblowing.
For all the lovers of certain obscure blues genius...this is great.
Enjoy it.
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Friday 1 April 2016

v.a.-I Feel Much Better Now That I have Given Up Hope-(Backstreet Abortions-South Africa-c60-199?)

International compilation edited and distributed by this small yet very active South African distribution called Backstreet Abortions.
Lots of bands playing HC punk,Grindcore and similar genres.
It was benefit for ARAG(Abortion Reform Action Group)-a group  fighting for women`s rights during the 90s.
Enjoy it.
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