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Friday 8 April 2016

CRAPPY NIGHTMAREVILLE-Shadow Garden-(Miasmahaus Music BMI-Usa-2004)

Few years ago a friend passed me this amazing cd and I loved it.Looking for  permission to post it on my blog I got in touch with them via FB and after swapping few messages they sent me an introduction about this project and this nice cd.I have therefore give them a big thanx for giving me the OK to post it here and for this info.
"Crappy Nightmareville is an experimental music group formed in Louisville, KY in 1993 by Andrew Willis and Mike French, and populated over the years by a shifting cast of adventurous friends. Most of our work has been issued as very limited (frequently handmade) cassettes, CD-Rs, and a couple of 7” records. The pieces on Shadow Garden were recorded live in Louisville at the Butchertown Pub, Hemispheres, and the Rudyard Kipling, and cobbled together in 2004 as a sort of demo. Many of these pieces have continued to take more developed and elaborate forms as we work to assemble our first full-length studio album."
They are still playing and you can check their last activities on their Facebook page
For all the lovers of experimental improvised music mixing fantasy, creativity and a pure genial attitude without musical borders this cd is just great.
To complete this post I am going to attach here a cool video introducing one of the songs published in this cd. 
Enjoy it.
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