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Saturday 2 April 2016

B.M.G.-Nmtole` Warriors +The 1990 Pig Sessions-(Cheap Tapes International-UK-1990)

This is another release by this very undergrond label:Cheap Tapes International,I wrote about them when I Posted the Canwll Corfe-1988 And Other Tales Of Terror tape.
B.M.G. is an unknown band playing lo-fi bass propelled dirty blues/rock...it is just a pity that this recording isn`t very good but their music is somehow inspiring and full of good vibes/energy.
To let you know more I am going to attach here the few info coming into the cover sleeve.
The Jimi Hendrix hit "Fire" covered in a weird lo-fi psycho way is mindblowing.
For all the lovers of certain obscure blues genius...this is great.
Enjoy it.
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  1. А где можно найти их треки в mp3?

  2. Где можно скачать их песни?

  3. @Emil Valentiron---the link is there and still working...

    1. Тип файла не поддерживается 🗿

  4. @Emil...I am sorry must be a proplem of your pc ...I have tried and it is working fine.