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Wednesday 29 June 2022

v.a - Sign Language - (Allied Recordings-USA-1992)

 Fantastic compilation in a box set with 3 7inches and amazing graphics. I wrote already about Allied Recordings, defunct hardcore label from San Francisco, California run by John Yates, a graphic designer whose work can be seen on many covers of punk and hardcore records, also known for Punchline, a graphic magazine with sociopolitical contents.I have, also already, posted many numbers of Punchline Magazine-fantastic paper with astonishing graphic works.


This triple 7 inch contains great bands and writings/graphics against war/sexism and racism.All the contents of the booklet are included here,I am inviting you to read it ...this is not only music but food for the brain. Enjoy it.

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Record One: Stop Racism
A1Scarecrow (14)Walls Of Vacaville
Backing Vocals [Guest] – Caroleen*
Bass – Greg*
Drums – Andrew*
Engineer – Jeffrey Warner
Vocals, Guitar – Tommy Strange
A2SawhorseTwice Removed
B1Seein' RedMan-Trap
Music By – Seein' Red
Words By – Rawie R. Frederick
B2Political AsylumSentenced
Bass – Kees DeGreef*
Drums – Leo Van Setten
Guitar – Stephen Dewar*
Vocals – Ramsey Kanaan
Words By, Music By – Political Asylum

Record Two: Stop Sexism
C1SpitboyMotivated By Fear
Bass, Vocals – Paula*
Drums, Vocals – Todd*
Guitar, Vocals – Karin*
Vocals – Adrienne*
C2Four One One*Life Minus Me
D1Christ On A CrutchFish People
D2SuckerpunchThe Pain Never Dies
Bass, Vocals – Dave (209)
Drums [Drums N Shit] – Joe (174)
Guitar – Jaime (24)

Record Three: Stop War
E1The FixturesSupport The Troops?
F1Econochrist18 And Free



Thursday 23 June 2022

SADO RITUALS/MASS GRAVE-Sado Rituals/Mass Grave-(Gates Of Hypnos-Poland-2021)

 Sado Rituals:

Mass Grave:


Funeral drones and ambient doom noise walls suitable for traditional Sunday burnt offerings in your town. Yes, we do children's parties too (.click me)

 Gates Of Hypnos: Label specialized in meditative noise walls, hypnotizing industrials, dark drones, chilling ambiences, gloomy landscapes, psychedelic noises, sickening power electronics, violent harsh noise filth and more.

Tuesday 21 June 2022

Perfect Day N5 -(Fanzine-UK-2016)

 Number 5 of this English zine, I have already posted the number 2. In this issue an article about wrestling,many gigs reviews, an interview to Lights Out zine editor,some nice drawings,a bunch of flyers, some rants and a few music reviews. A rather interesting zine about various topics. Here the Introduction to this issue.Enjoy it.

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Sunday 19 June 2022

v.a.- Electro-Genetic - (KK Records-Belgium-1992)

Fantastic compilation with a bunch of artists playing electro, techno, EBM and Industrial music.

KK Records :Belgian label that started with EBM/Industrial in the 2nd half of the 80s. During the 90s the style changed into some more experimental pop-electro before it dissolved around 2000.(webpage)

 Enjoy it.

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12nd CommunicationFire4:46
2Sloppy Wrenchbody2nd Episode4:48
3Minister Of NoiseChasing The Flame6:16
4DRP (2)Warp6:54
5Stereotaxic DeviceBPM4:40
7Kode IVDisobey5:46
8Exquisite CorpseAnxiety6:43
9Blue Eyed ChristBurning Bodies2:47
10Cat Rapes DogPoint Of No Return4:38
11InsektZoeloe Noizz4:12
12SwainsSurely Get's Me3:41
13Psychick Warriors Ov GaiaPatience6:15


Friday 17 June 2022

SEKAANNUS– Eksyneet (Stigma-Finland-1987)

Born 1983, and recorded multiple EP:s in 80's and did gigs around Finland with many legendary bands of time. Faded away 1989, and was resurrected from kiljusammio in 2008.
After that have done gigs and split ep & lp with Massacre, and split ep with Abortti-13.
2013 Sekaannus recorded Lp in Blackfloyids studio. There was limited cassette mini LP released from session 2015. (from their Bandcamp Page)  
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Väkivallan Vihollinen
Recorded 18.10.86 at JJ-Studio.



Saturday 11 June 2022

v.a - 1997 Damn The Control - (Vomiting Label-Finland-1997)

 Crust Punk political compilation 7inch  released by this Finnish label in 1997. It  came out with a cool folded cover sleeve reporting info and  messages by the bands and the label. Enjoy it.

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A1    Chaos Channel–    Don't Kill Future
A2    Leben (2)*–    Mit Dem Wind-Wendehals
A3    Besthöven–    Sacrificio Grotesco
A4    Kirous–    Kasvava Uhka
A5    Guernica Y Luno–    La Programo
B1    Conclude–    No Need Flesh
B2    Totuus–    Kirkot Hyötykäyttöön
B3    Disclose–    Rights Of Liberty And Equality
B4    Blaze (19)–    Heavy Confusion

    Recorded At – Studio Cab

    Artwork [Chaos Channel] – Tem Tem

Comes in a fold-out poster sleeve cover. Some copies came with three postcards. Both glossy and matte sleeves exist.


Tuesday 7 June 2022

ANY GIVEN DAY- Perverts And Pornstars - (Self Released-UK-2003)


Full Self Released Cd by this British Band playing street rock catchy tunes with a female voice,sometimes a bit too cheesy for me but...

Their Cd is well produced and well played and has a few info inside its folded cover sleeve. Enjoy it.

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Friday 3 June 2022

Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia – Out Now! - (KK Records-Belgium-1994)

  Formation from Holland (Tilburg), specialised in blends of deep techno, subtle trance and ambient soundscapes, mostly redefining the adjective 'tribal'.
At the end of 1992, Robbert Heynen left the group to concentrate on his solo project Exquisite Corpse. PWOG went through different line-ups and after a long silence re-emerged in the 2000's with a remix compilation and a few appeareances. They dissolved after an final performance at Incubate 2016.
Tim Freeman, Robbert Heynen and Reinier Brekelmans started a new project immediately afterwards; SUMUS.(from Discogs)
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Wednesday 1 June 2022

Corroded Zine N2 -(Fanzine-2012)


Good fanzine covering the crust punk scene around the world, a few intersting interviews,some gigs reviews and some music reviews, a tour report in Spain and an article about Santiago in Chile + a few rants. Everything surrounded by a very crust punk graphic layout.

Check table of contents for more info. Enjoy it.

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