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Saturday 11 June 2022

v.a - 1997 Damn The Control - (Vomiting Label-Finland-1997)

 Crust Punk political compilation 7inch  released by this Finnish label in 1997. It  came out with a cool folded cover sleeve reporting info and  messages by the bands and the label. Enjoy it.

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A1    Chaos Channel–    Don't Kill Future
A2    Leben (2)*–    Mit Dem Wind-Wendehals
A3    Besthöven–    Sacrificio Grotesco
A4    Kirous–    Kasvava Uhka
A5    Guernica Y Luno–    La Programo
B1    Conclude–    No Need Flesh
B2    Totuus–    Kirkot Hyötykäyttöön
B3    Disclose–    Rights Of Liberty And Equality
B4    Blaze (19)–    Heavy Confusion

    Recorded At – Studio Cab

    Artwork [Chaos Channel] – Tem Tem

Comes in a fold-out poster sleeve cover. Some copies came with three postcards. Both glossy and matte sleeves exist.


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