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Saturday 27 January 2024

v.a. - Fuck The Millenium - (Munster Records-Spain-2001)

 Fantastic compilation created by the legendary Spanish Munster Records!! It is all about Garage Rock, Proto Punk and high energy R`n`R ! A great selection of bands and tracks that will make you jump and dance till you drop. Enjoy it.

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1    Suicide King–    Get On Up (On The Floor)    3:08
2    New Christs*–    Groovy Times    4:51
3    Atom Rhumba–    Gimme Chaos    4:39
4    Sour Jazz–    Mr Popular    3:10
5    Streetwalkin' Cheetahs*–    Automatic    3:26
6    Tight Bro's*–    Make It A Habit    2:16
7    Sonny Vincent–    Surfin' Motherfucker    1:37
8    Los Perros–    Rockeros    2:51
9    Broma De Ssatan*–    Terrorismo Autorizado    3:11
10    Safety Pins–    Just In Fun    2:08
11    The Meanies–    Buffalo Free    3:12
12    Michelle Gun Elephant*–    Baby Stardust    3:16
13    Graves Brothers Deluxe*–    Honey    2:44
14    Sylvain Sylvain–    Paper, Pencil & Glue    3:00
15    Golden Zombies*–    The Creepy Conga    2:52
16    No Artist–    Untitled    0:04 


Friday 19 January 2024

Without Future? (Fanzine-Portugal-1993)

Anarcho-punk zine made in Coimbra(Portugal)in the early 90s. In This issue interviews to Hiatus, Agathocles and Sofa-Head + an article against the death penalty and music reviews. Photcopies and pencils,very old school yet cool. All in english language. Enjoy it.

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Tuesday 16 January 2024

UF-UR-NJAK FT. SNAGA - +15 6 11 3+ - (Debila Records-Slovenia-2016)

 Mni Cd-r by this  Slovenian project playing a quiet and rather interesting form of drone noise rock!! A long track mixing regular repeated pattern of movements with a noise background.Debila Records,label already covered in this blog a few times : Slovenian DIY label, active since 1995. Operated by Nejc Počkar Trelc.Sites:brotherofjudo.blogspot.com.Enjoy it.

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Thursday 11 January 2024

GRITO - Grito - (Rizoma Records-Mexico-2001)

 Grito is a Mexican band playing furious HC punk with political lyrics sung in Spanish.14 tracks in this CD released by Rizoma Records, I haven`t got many info about this label neither the band,sorry...Disfrutalo!

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1        Cero Democracia
2        Masa Oculta
3        Che
4        No Cedas
5        Libertad Igualdad Para Las Mujeres
6        Nuestra Vida
7        Poder
8        Estudiantes
9        Dejalos
10        Raza
11        Solo En Esta Vida
12        Dos Caras
13        Pura Mierda
14        Estupido Vicioso

Tuesday 9 January 2024

REVOLVER- Chi Sono I Veri Mostri ?! - (Ogiva Records-Italy-1997)

 There are thousands of band using this name,this one is the rock band from Milano active on the end of the 90s!! They released a CD in 1998 called "E` Difficile Bere Sangue Quando Non Lo Vendono"!!

 This tape was released one year before the CD and it has a colour cover including lyrics, info and pictures. 8 well-recorded tracks of hard rock sung in Italian. Enjoy it.

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Friday 5 January 2024

v.a.- Shizuoka City Hard Core - (MCR Company-Japan-1991)

 Flexi 7inch compilation with bands from Shizuoka,the label is the famous MCR Company!!1.500 copies pressed back in 1991.Enjoy it!!

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A1    Mental (10)–    ネコ
A2    Mental (10)–    Your Life Is...
A3    The Rustler (2)–    How To Live
A4    The Rustler (2)–    Like A Beast For Myself
B1    Innocents–    Esper
B2    Innocents–    Agony
B3    Nibbles (2)–    Out Cast
B4    Nibbles (2)–    1/5 Oz