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Monday 31 August 2015

New Bulletin n. 27-(Mail Art Archive-Italy -199?)

New Bulletin was a mail art fanzine created and managed by Alessandro Ceccotto,who was also managing  a big Mail Art Archive in Adria(Northern Italy)-I wrote about him when I posted the fanzine The Mouth.
In this issue you`ll find tons of mail art invitations,few interesting articles about the networkers congress and  more random issues about mail art and related subjects.Some articles are in english some others in italian.
Enjoy it.
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Saturday 29 August 2015

KER KRISE/SADO TERROR AUTOSIMBOLISTIK-Split Tape-(Slaughter Productions-Italy-c60-199?)

Sorry not much info about this Slaughter Productions release. The year is not stated. Ker krise is Diego Stellino playing a kind of deep noize industrial. Although there are 4 tracks on the cover sleeve; on the tape there are not marks between the tracks, and it was just impossible to cut those tracks--after listing Ker Krise side I Decided that to experience fully his message the best is just to go with the flow of his de-constructed noises.
On the other side: Sado Terror Autosimbolistik. No idea who`s playing(He might be Atrax Morgue with another name, but I am not sure). This side is a full on breaks-stop and go, and although 3 tracks are listed; it was very difficult for me to decide where one ends and the other starts. Also in this case I decided that the best is to follow the continuum of this journey.
This is music for death chambers, sounds for dungeons of torture and pain, sonics for nightmares, expressions of fear, or call it whatever you feel like, but this is just great.
For all the lovers of Slaughter productions- this is a pure gem.

Track listing:

A1 Ker Krise - To Gate's Voice
A2 Ker Krise - Falling Sins
A3 Ker Krise - Mind Distortion
A4 Ker Krise - File.dth
Automatik Ritual Noise
B1 Sado Terror Autosimbolistik - Pain/Pleasure
B2 Sado Terror Autosimbolistik - Suffering/Ecstasy
B3 Sado Terror Autosimbolistik - Torment/Beauty

Friday 28 August 2015

FRIGORA/N.P.H.-Split Tape `95-(Liberate Animal Tapes-Japan-1995)

Split tape with two crust punk bands:Frigora from Japan and N.P.H. from Equador.
It was released by Frigora in 1995.
The Frigöra side contains 10 live tracks recorded at the Crescendo in Tokyo on Apr 23/1995 and the 20000V in Tokyo on Mar 24/1995, plus extra 2 studio demo tracks.
The N.P.H. side contains the uncredited studio demo tracks. 
Enjoy it.

Wednesday 26 August 2015

FLAGRANTS D`ELI/DOVES UNDER CHAIRWALK-Screaming Hearts-[split tape]-(Self Released-France+Germany-c60-199?)

Flagrants D`Eli was an Anarcho punk band from Epernon, France formed in 1986.They released lots of stuff, here a discogs page dedicated to them.
Doves Under Chairwalk changed their name to DUC in the early 90s for two reasons: The circumstance that the band sang only German lyrics was one, but the main reason was that they have changed their guitarist. From then on, his influence was gone but the band refused to be the same band. So they did not want to change their name completely but worked on under the shortcut of their previous name: DUC.
Enjoy it.
ps-this rip is been revisited on 28jan 2016-it is much better now

Monday 24 August 2015

v.a.-RIFIUTO-(AZ Autoproduzioni-Italy-c60-1990)

Compilation with different italian Hc Punk bands.It came out with a small booklet with lyrics and addesses of the bands involved(all the scans included here).It was partly benefit for the Anti Army Support Funds=Cassa Di Solidarieta` Antimilitarista.
Az distribuzioni was a small  label from Pavia(Northern Italy)that started  releasing a  zine called Astro Zombies from which they took the name AZ.They were into anarcopunk and libertarian books and zines.This is their very first  music production.
Enjoy it.
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A1 Wretched Muori Per La Patria Muori Per Niente
A2 Wretched Spero Venga La Guerra
A3 Impact (12) Per Sempre Senza Via D'Uscita
A4 Panico (3) El Paso
A5 Peggio Punx La Tua Lotta
A6 Madhouse (7) Fly Off
A7 Fall Out* Kit Per Tagliare
A8 Fall Out* Ranodrome
A9 Fall Out* Schizofrenia
A10 Maze (13) Giornate Vuote
A11 Misfatto Nostra Signora Dei Retinenti
A12 Atrox (7) Senza Tregua
B1 Contropotere Inquisitor
B2 Sovversione Sovversione
B3 Digos Goat Non Lasciarlo Morire
B4 Maximum Feedback Correndo Fuori
B5 Infezione Noi (Live)
B6 Permanent Scar Confusione
B7 Kina (4) Lo Specchio
B8 Kina (4) Occhi Di Rana (Live)

Sunday 23 August 2015

v.a.-BASISGLEICHE VERSCHIEDENHEITEN-(Bawler Prods-c90-Germany-1997)

Another great tape production by this amazing label,a full collaboration between Thomas(the mastermind behind it) and different artists.
The result is astonishing.If you are into drone industrial,noise and abstract music you`ll love this one.
As for a full explanation of this nice collaboration I am going to attach here what Thomas wrote on the cover sleeve.
The front cover of the cassette case is hand-made coloured,I guess with a spray colour and it has a plastic transparent xerox copy(all the scans included here).
Enjoy it.
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A1 Solar Dub Machismo - Our Small Planet
A2 Telepherique Machismo - Große Drangsaal
A3 Kirchenkampf* Sound & Fury
A4 Anemone Tube Fallen Out
A5 Peter Schäfer* Untitled
A6 Yggdrasil Prayer Wheels
B1 X-Ray (Porno) Geisha* Remix
B2 De Fabriek Crazy Horse - Saloon Music
B3 Aube Continuant Gust
B4 TBC (2) + Scour Nummer 2
B5 Macronympha Re-mix Collaboration
B6 M.Nomized Happy Birthday Mix

Saturday 22 August 2015

ARS MORIENDI-Boom Survivor-(Fich Art-Germany-C60-1994)

Ars Moriendi [Bielefeld, Germany] were founded in 1989.
Their lineup consisted of various members including: Andrea Börner [KYAM, Monokrom, Templegarden's], Andreas Schramm [KYAM, Monokrom, Templegarden's, Asche, Riviera Lost Boys], Phillip Münch [Cell Auto Mata, The Incredible Three, Mandelbrot, Monokrom, Rasputeen In Heavy Leather, Rasputin, The Rorschach Garden, Show Of Exaggeration, Synapscape, Templegarden's], Sven Pügge [Moata Omen], Tim Kniep [The Incredible Three, Monokrom, Synapscape, Templegarden's], Urs Münch.
Their releases appeared on the labels: Fich-Art, Ant-Zen, Pflichtkauf.
Fich Art is the amazing label founded in 1989 by the members of Ars Moriendi, Moata-Omen, Asche and T.R.G. to promote their music.
It is still very active and you can get info and news visiting their nice webpage. 
Enjoy it.
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Friday 21 August 2015

v.a-15 Years Anniversary CD-Profane Existence n45-(Magazine+Cd compilation-Usa-2004)

DIY punk rock collective formed in 1989 and based in the United States by Dan Siskind and a number of others. They run Profane Existence Records which releases anarcho-punk style releases from bands throughout the world. They also release "Profane Existence" magazine as well as operating Profane Existence Distribution.
The collective folded in 1998, although its distribution arm, then called Blackened Distribution, continued operating. They also put out a few releases under the label Aftermath to help pay off their debts. Profane Existence restarted in 2000.
A full history of the label can be found at the Profane Existence website.
(from a discogs page dedicated to them)
I am going to attach here also the introduction page for this very nice compilation.
Making Punk A Threat Again!
Enjoy it.

Thursday 20 August 2015

ATROPOS-Tetsuo-MYRICAE-Lo Gnomo-[split tape]-(Mein Leben Recs/Tetanus Prods-Italy-c60-1997)

Split tape with those two experimetal music projects from 2  different towns in Italy:Atropos is the personal project of Borys Catelani from Lucca: Owner of Ripping Storm Records and Tetanus and also involved in all those projects:Barbarian (5), Children Of Technology, Disarm (2), Disprezzo, Forgotten Kadath, Giuda, Robanera, Unsung (3).
Myricae is instead the personal noise project by Johnny Acquaro from Turin and also taking part in those bands:Up To Date (3), Youngang
This tape is crafted with noise,ambient,field recordings and spazzed out sonic jingles!!
It came out with a booklet that I cannot find it in my messy collection of random letters,zines,flyers,catalogues,mail art and more  papers.
You love it or you hate it.
Underground sounds of trembling "hard to find" artists. 
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A1 Iononesiste
A2 Larva
A3 Ossido Di Carne
A4 Fredda Carne
A5 Contromateria
A6 I Non Confini Della Dissoluzione

B Untitled

Wednesday 19 August 2015

v.a.- LVXVRIA - Vol 2- (Enlightment Communications-c60-UK-1995)

Very good compilation released by Enlightenment Communications
in 1995, featuring different artists playing industrial,abstract,ambiet and  modern classical.
Very good recordings and colour cover sleeve,it came out witha j-card with info and contacts of the bands.
Enlightment Communications was an english label
 producing mostly  ambient and industrial acts
it was managed by members of Endvra.
Enjoy it.
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A1 Extrapolate Cement Imprint Machinery Screen Test Idol 4:24
A2 Ontario Blue Love From Affar 3:53
A3 Witches, The After We Die 3:42
A4 Communion Tombstones 3:44
A5 Toups The Death Of A Twin 2:26
A6 Oberon (2) Through Time & Space 4:55
A7 Martin Howard (2) I Desire 4:07
A8 Hex Minora Acid Transmission 3:15
B1 Incubus Succubus* Eternity 4:15
B2 Collapse (2) Total Lack 4:41
B3 Propaganda Machine The Wild Hunt 4:23
B4 Endura* The Dark Face Of Eve 3:52
B5 Shadowdance Break This Chain 4:21
B6 Book Of Wisdom Gia Ebbi Liberate 3:15
B7 L.R.I. Anastasia 2:58

Tuesday 18 August 2015

DOOM - 教祖ラッシュ - Szczytowa Godzina Bogow-(Malarie Recs-Poland - Flath Earth Recs-UK-1996)

Amazing album by the crust punk legends Doom,I guess they need no introduction nowadays.
They are still alive and kicking and you can read biography,discography and all the news in their very well done official website.
This is a  classic album and there are actually 8 versions of it.
I have the polish version on tape
The title means " Rush Hour Of The Gods".
Here all the info taken from discos page. 
Crust As Fuck!!!
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Flat Earth ‎– none, Malarie Records ‎– none

A1 Feel Good Factor 2:39
A2 Death Lock 1:47
A3 Love Song 4:11
A4 Subvertise 1:46
A5 Keep It Angry 2:47
A6 National Lobotomy 2:32
B1 Thanatophobia 3:49
B2 教祖ラッシュ 3:27
B3 Amphetamine Tortoise 2:46
B4 Joke's On You 1:45
B5 P.V.S. 14:36 

Monday 17 August 2015

ANDROMEDA COMPLEX - Hypnotic Erotic Syndrome - (Trummer Kassetten-Germany-1995)

Excellent erotik meditations and esoteric body music here from thee Italian projekt Andromeda Complex; who were formed in 1993 by Angelo Bergamini (keyboards and programming) and Celestino Pes (vocals and guitar)!! released on thee German label Trümmer Kassetten which was run by Lutz Pruditsch.. thee release tis packaged in an a5 cover loaded with some surreal/erotik collages and photos..
Vessillifera Mortifera [deadly spearbearer]- begins with melancholy slowed orchestral samples and tis met with drear loungey German femimine vocals, and some sort ov Giallo styled piano and percussion which tis played alternatingly forward and reversed with processing for a sort ov glitchy type ov effect with thee continuing ov thee previously mentioned feminine vocals.. all fades away..
Deep Gardens - rattling, chimes, and somber ambiance are met with a feminine voice guiding us towards an erotik meditatitive overtaking ov thee senses.. "you are magnificent , you are divine, you are ecstasy, and you are sex"..
The Black Mother - dark beatific ambiance tis interspersed with slowed breaths and ecstatic vocalisations as well as nice minimal synthesizer progressions.. tympanies thunder a ritual cadence and masculine vocal chants make their presence amidst climaxing feminine vocalisations!!
La Perception De L´Eternite [the perception of eternity] - thunder and a splashing ov rapids are soon met by a restrained rock beat with thee occasional dripping ov waters and the distant continuous rushing ov streams.. anthemic minimal synthesizer work plays atop thee continued rock beat with thee interspersing ov a few somber French masculine vocal utterances.. thee rushing ov thee aqueous flows continues, and transitions to a trickling over which intermittent static appears before fading away..
Aristockings Queen - "ready for anything?" great restrained esoteric body music tis overlayed with thee monologue ov a dominatrix describing and utilising her devices for thee transmission ov pain/pleasure upon thee body: whips, nipple clamps, teeth, candles, shears.. "I know your fantasies, I know your dreams, I know the darkest ones.."
Women And Masses - more ecstatic elektronik dancefloor revelry ensues amidst repetitious processed gasping/panting.. two more samples are repetitively interspersed: that ov a woman's voice: "do you mind waiting for me?", and some indecipherable word met by thee thunderous voice ov a crowd..
Lady With Opera Gloves - atmospheric synthesizer work tis met with short agonised groans, and very scarce hits ov elektronik harpsichord..
Lady With Grey Stockings - meandering piano work flourishes before being met with a more sustained hammering and chord progression for thee final piece ov thee album which suddenly comes to a cessation with a repetitive Italian feminine vocalisation..

Track listing:
A1 Vessillifera Mortifera
A2 Deep Gardens
A3 The Black Mother
A4 La Perception De L´Eternite
B1 Aristockings Queen
B2 Women And Masses
B3 Lady With Opera Gloves
B4 Lady With Grey Stockings

(transferred by [[F@R@W@Y]] / review by crepusculum) 

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Sunday 16 August 2015

ZOOPHYTE-Zoophyte-(Matching Head-UK-c90-199?)

Another astonishing long cassete by this great project playing a very strange form of dronish abstract music.Last year I posted a great tape by Zoophyte,here that post.
Also this tape deliver to us magical sounds of destructions,collapsed realities and ambient sonic planets crushing into each others with some rhythms alternating upside down.
It was relased by the amazing Matching Head managed by Lee Stokoe.
A magnificent cassette of derenged noisy passages.
Enjoy it.
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Saturday 15 August 2015

DEVIATION-Huy Vam,Abo Totalitarizm Nya Proydze!-(BMA Prod -Belarus-1997)

Deviation is a folk punk band from Belarus,I cannot recall how I got this tape!Everything is written in cyrillic characters so I couldn`t understand anything.
Eventually I asked my friend Al-Maytatu L-Habithu to provide translations of  the cover sleeve.
He did find also additional info in a interview online(also this written in russian) and he kindly translated some part of it for this post.
As far as I know there are few pages about this band yet only in russian so I am very grateful to  Al-Maytatu L-Habithu for providing all those informations,I can only add here a very big "Thank You".
"Huy vam, abo tatalitarizm nya proydze!"  is the title of this album and it means "Fuck you all, or totalitarianism will not pass!"Here you find all those useful info in english.
Belarus was  a poor totalitarian post-soviet country in 90s. Guys with
long hair, earings, strange clothes could find troubles in the streets
(especially in small towns): fights, arrests, bans... 
Those circumstances raised protests among the youth.
Deviation (sometimes deVIAtion) formed in small town Berestovica near
Hrodna in Belarus in August of 1993. Their first concert was in
November '93, in which they played  the song "Militseyskiy terror. Ubey menta"("Police terror. Kill cop!"). For this the band was arrested after their
first concert (the judge gave 10 days in jail to the vocalist, 15 days -
to the bassist and the drummer had to pay a fine). This is  how Deviation was born.After the court on Deviation a lot of rock bands in Hrodna had
problems with authorities. In their interview Stas (vocalist) said
that they were banned in their hometown, and never gave concerts in
Hrodna. But  they became famous in Belarus. And in the end of 90s they went on tour in Poland and Russia.
"Huy vam, abo tatalitarizm nya proydze!" is their second album. In 1997
they gained some popularity. The album was selling all over Belarus, but
with  title cenrosed as "…tatalitarizm nya proydze!" and sometimes
"…nya proydze!"
Their music is dark and aggressive - punk rock and hardcore sometimes
with influences of reggae and folk.They made themselves an image of
extremists. Living in dangerous times and in a dangerous country yet  they
didn’t compromise. The lyrics subjects are in anarcho-punk "no pasaran"
traditions: antisystem, antifascist, anarchism, against police &
authorities. They sings "how bad is Belarus, and it will be worse".
*Bielaruskaja vosien / Belarusian autumn was dedicated to Krasnyye Zvezdy*
Who is Krasnyye Zvezdy?
Krasnyye Zvezdy is popular belorussian pro-system (hypocritical) punk
rock band. "Deviation is like Krasnyye Zvezdy but conversely". Critics
often compared this two bands. Deviation didn’t like this comparison, and
they dedicated  the track "Bielaruskaja vosien" to Krasnyye Zvezdy.

Band is:
Stas - vocal
Vital (Kurkul*) – guitar
Andrey – bass
Dima (Balamut*) – drums

* "Kurkul' means "Meanie"
* "Balamut" means "Troublemaker"

Band is (as in booklet):
Stas - roar, moan, scream
Vital (Kurkul*) – electric and acoustic guitar, from time to time screaming
Andrey – bass, was silent
Dima (Balamut) – drums, from time to time moaning

All music and lyrics by Deviation (except track 5). Was used
belarusian folk song "Oh, rechennka, rechenka ..." ("Oh, river,
river…"), noises and samples from USSR documental film "Obyknovennyy
fashizm" ("Ordinary Fascism"1965).
Sometimes the name of the band is "deVIAtion" (with three capital letters). Its a reference to soviet past. What is VIA music you read on wiki https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VIA_music