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Saturday 29 August 2015

KER KRISE/SADO TERROR AUTOSIMBOLISTIK-Split Tape-(Slaughter Productions-Italy-c60-199?)

Sorry not much info about this Slaughter Productions release. The year is not stated. Ker krise is Diego Stellino playing a kind of deep noize industrial. Although there are 4 tracks on the cover sleeve; on the tape there are not marks between the tracks, and it was just impossible to cut those tracks--after listing Ker Krise side I Decided that to experience fully his message the best is just to go with the flow of his de-constructed noises.
On the other side: Sado Terror Autosimbolistik. No idea who`s playing(He might be Atrax Morgue with another name, but I am not sure). This side is a full on breaks-stop and go, and although 3 tracks are listed; it was very difficult for me to decide where one ends and the other starts. Also in this case I decided that the best is to follow the continuum of this journey.
This is music for death chambers, sounds for dungeons of torture and pain, sonics for nightmares, expressions of fear, or call it whatever you feel like, but this is just great.
For all the lovers of Slaughter productions- this is a pure gem.

Track listing:

A1 Ker Krise - To Gate's Voice
A2 Ker Krise - Falling Sins
A3 Ker Krise - Mind Distortion
A4 Ker Krise - File.dth
Automatik Ritual Noise
B1 Sado Terror Autosimbolistik - Pain/Pleasure
B2 Sado Terror Autosimbolistik - Suffering/Ecstasy
B3 Sado Terror Autosimbolistik - Torment/Beauty

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