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Saturday 8 August 2015

ANTENNA 59-Ze Do Caixao-(Chupa Verga Rex-Italy-c20-1998)

Not much information about this obscure project from La Spezia-Italy. This tape is a C20 consisting of two tracks: one on the black side, and the other on the white side. It is noise-industrial manufactured with different analog instruments, recorded in December 1997. It came out in a limited edition of 30 copies.
The label Chupa Verga Rex appears to have been active during the mid 90s releasing quite a lot of different noise artists from the underground scene.
Antenna 59 seems to have been active during the mid 90s untill 2001. In 2009 the Spanish label Smell The Stench released a compilation cd-r with tracks taken from previous releases by this Italian project.
If anyone out there has more info about this label and this band I`d love to know more.
Enjoy the noizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz-
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