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Wednesday 19 August 2015

v.a.- LVXVRIA - Vol 2- (Enlightment Communications-c60-UK-1995)

Very good compilation released by Enlightenment Communications
in 1995, featuring different artists playing industrial,abstract,ambiet and  modern classical.
Very good recordings and colour cover sleeve,it came out witha j-card with info and contacts of the bands.
Enlightment Communications was an english label
 producing mostly  ambient and industrial acts
it was managed by members of Endvra.
Enjoy it.
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A1 Extrapolate Cement Imprint Machinery Screen Test Idol 4:24
A2 Ontario Blue Love From Affar 3:53
A3 Witches, The After We Die 3:42
A4 Communion Tombstones 3:44
A5 Toups The Death Of A Twin 2:26
A6 Oberon (2) Through Time & Space 4:55
A7 Martin Howard (2) I Desire 4:07
A8 Hex Minora Acid Transmission 3:15
B1 Incubus Succubus* Eternity 4:15
B2 Collapse (2) Total Lack 4:41
B3 Propaganda Machine The Wild Hunt 4:23
B4 Endura* The Dark Face Of Eve 3:52
B5 Shadowdance Break This Chain 4:21
B6 Book Of Wisdom Gia Ebbi Liberate 3:15
B7 L.R.I. Anastasia 2:58

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