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Sunday 23 August 2015

v.a.-BASISGLEICHE VERSCHIEDENHEITEN-(Bawler Prods-c90-Germany-1997)

Another great tape production by this amazing label,a full collaboration between Thomas(the mastermind behind it) and different artists.
The result is astonishing.If you are into drone industrial,noise and abstract music you`ll love this one.
As for a full explanation of this nice collaboration I am going to attach here what Thomas wrote on the cover sleeve.
The front cover of the cassette case is hand-made coloured,I guess with a spray colour and it has a plastic transparent xerox copy(all the scans included here).
Enjoy it.
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A1 Solar Dub Machismo - Our Small Planet
A2 Telepherique Machismo - Große Drangsaal
A3 Kirchenkampf* Sound & Fury
A4 Anemone Tube Fallen Out
A5 Peter Schäfer* Untitled
A6 Yggdrasil Prayer Wheels
B1 X-Ray (Porno) Geisha* Remix
B2 De Fabriek Crazy Horse - Saloon Music
B3 Aube Continuant Gust
B4 TBC (2) + Scour Nummer 2
B5 Macronympha Re-mix Collaboration
B6 M.Nomized Happy Birthday Mix