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Monday 17 August 2015

ANDROMEDA COMPLEX - Hypnotic Erotic Syndrome - (Trummer Kassetten-Germany-1995)

Excellent erotik meditations and esoteric body music here from thee Italian projekt Andromeda Complex; who were formed in 1993 by Angelo Bergamini (keyboards and programming) and Celestino Pes (vocals and guitar)!! released on thee German label Trümmer Kassetten which was run by Lutz Pruditsch.. thee release tis packaged in an a5 cover loaded with some surreal/erotik collages and photos..
Vessillifera Mortifera [deadly spearbearer]- begins with melancholy slowed orchestral samples and tis met with drear loungey German femimine vocals, and some sort ov Giallo styled piano and percussion which tis played alternatingly forward and reversed with processing for a sort ov glitchy type ov effect with thee continuing ov thee previously mentioned feminine vocals.. all fades away..
Deep Gardens - rattling, chimes, and somber ambiance are met with a feminine voice guiding us towards an erotik meditatitive overtaking ov thee senses.. "you are magnificent , you are divine, you are ecstasy, and you are sex"..
The Black Mother - dark beatific ambiance tis interspersed with slowed breaths and ecstatic vocalisations as well as nice minimal synthesizer progressions.. tympanies thunder a ritual cadence and masculine vocal chants make their presence amidst climaxing feminine vocalisations!!
La Perception De L´Eternite [the perception of eternity] - thunder and a splashing ov rapids are soon met by a restrained rock beat with thee occasional dripping ov waters and the distant continuous rushing ov streams.. anthemic minimal synthesizer work plays atop thee continued rock beat with thee interspersing ov a few somber French masculine vocal utterances.. thee rushing ov thee aqueous flows continues, and transitions to a trickling over which intermittent static appears before fading away..
Aristockings Queen - "ready for anything?" great restrained esoteric body music tis overlayed with thee monologue ov a dominatrix describing and utilising her devices for thee transmission ov pain/pleasure upon thee body: whips, nipple clamps, teeth, candles, shears.. "I know your fantasies, I know your dreams, I know the darkest ones.."
Women And Masses - more ecstatic elektronik dancefloor revelry ensues amidst repetitious processed gasping/panting.. two more samples are repetitively interspersed: that ov a woman's voice: "do you mind waiting for me?", and some indecipherable word met by thee thunderous voice ov a crowd..
Lady With Opera Gloves - atmospheric synthesizer work tis met with short agonised groans, and very scarce hits ov elektronik harpsichord..
Lady With Grey Stockings - meandering piano work flourishes before being met with a more sustained hammering and chord progression for thee final piece ov thee album which suddenly comes to a cessation with a repetitive Italian feminine vocalisation..

Track listing:
A1 Vessillifera Mortifera
A2 Deep Gardens
A3 The Black Mother
A4 La Perception De L´Eternite
B1 Aristockings Queen
B2 Women And Masses
B3 Lady With Opera Gloves
B4 Lady With Grey Stockings

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