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Monday, 15 July 2019

ZONA INDUSTRIALE-Requiem-(Discipline Produzioni-Italy-1987)

Zona Industriale was an industrial group (two people) formed in Cosenza (south Italy) in 1983, and released 5 tapes album before became inactive in 1987: “IZ” (C60), “Neutro” (C45) (for ADN Tapes), “Sequenze” (C20), “Away” (C45) (for Bloedvlang Produkt) and “Requiem”(C45) (for Discipline Production). Tracks appear on some compilations in Italy, France and Netherlands.
In 1996 the Slaughter Production re-releasing first on tape after on CDR (2003) the first tape “IZ” and after another two tapes: “Pornografia: frammenti/materiali” (1996) (C34), “Materiali 1985 - 1987” (C34) (1997).

The first tapes of the group were noised and industrial from “Sequenze” the sound became more evanescent and ambient. 

Discipline Produzioni was an early Italian industrial/experimental label run by Gianfranco Santoro (info from Discogs).click me

Saturday, 13 July 2019

KLEG-Eating And Sleeping(#15)-(Barooni-Holland-1987)

Kleg (1984-1995) was an art-rock ensemble from Groningen, the Netherlands. Influenced by Glenn Branca, Rhys Chatham.
Kleg recorded two albums: #15 'Eating and Sleeping' and Zing.
#15 was a 50-minute suite.
Zing had a more conventional rock-feel and was produced by Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth. Both albums are out of print.
4 unreleased tracks from 1995 were made public in 2014 via their Bandcamp page.
 Eating And Sleeping (#15) was commissioned by the City Of Groningen in 1987.
Barooni was a Dutch label, founded by Roland Spekle, it seems that it is not active anymore. (All Info from Discogs)
Enjoy it.

Friday, 12 July 2019

Θάνατος Αρχίζει –Γιατί -Λαυχατατάθλιψη [Thanatos Archizei / Begins the Death - Giati / Why - Lauchatathlipsi]-(Fanzine-Greece-198?)

Very rare Greek fanzines from the last century.
These zines were made by the band Mavra Idanika (Black Ideals) from Athens.
Aesthetically very close to some graphic works of bands such as Crass and Rudimentary Peni as well as the messages contained in these great collages.

Thanatos Archizei(Death Begins) contains
graphics works and texts against the army, (nuclear) wars and religions.

Giati(Why) delivers to us some lyrics by Mavra Idanika + messages against prisons/asylums, state violence, family violence, veganism and animal liberation.

Laukatathlipsi offers us contents about sex and gender, religion, the voting system + political parties, animal exploitation and some music reviews. 

These amazing fanzines were printed around the early and mid-80s and are true evidence of the anarcho-punk movement in the Greek capital during these years.
My gratitude to Ionas of E.T.C. label for passing me these 3 obscure pearls from the deep Greek underground scene and for translating their main messages.
Enjoy them if you are greek literate.



Tuesday, 9 July 2019

SOCIAL INSECURITY-Futureless World Demo-(Self Released-UK-2001)

Social Insecurity is a Hardcore Punk band from Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.
This is their first demo, it was also released as 7 inch with the name Burn All Flags (with a different track sequence) by the Czech label Emergency Records in the same year.
5 tunes of raging HC Punk with political lyrics, the folded cover sleeve report email address and the lyrics too.
Their Bandcamp page is here, where you will find only their last album 
Resurgence released in February 2019.
Enjoy it.

Sunday, 7 July 2019

v.a-Northern California Is A Noisey Place Indeed-(Sound Of Pig-c60-USA-1987)

Great compilation with a bunch of good artists playing some strange forms of experimental electronics and early industrial music.
Sound Of Pig was an American Industrial/Experimental/Electronic/Noise tape label run by Al Margolis in New York. Now defunct.
SOP Cassette Mail Order Catalogue featured hundreds of titles.
From the early 1980s through the '90s, Al Margolis earned the title "Cassette Godfather" with his Sound of Pig cassette label by releasing tapes and distributing them through growing DIY music underground.
Many of the tapes are still available via Pogus Production website.
Enjoy it.

Friday, 5 July 2019

DEGENERATE-Issue 3-(Fanzine-Finland-2003)

Number 3 of this amazing fanzine, professionally printed and very well done.
In-depth interviews to Genocide Organ, Somer, Slogun, Knifeladder, Isomer, Troum, RRR Records, Robert X and many more + interesting articles and tons of reviews, nice graphic layout and pictures/flyers complete a fanzine that is a work of love and passion.

If you are into industrial music and all its subgenres then you`ll love this zine.
Enjoy it.


Wednesday, 3 July 2019

POLIDRICO-Primera Muestra-(Korm Plastics-Holland-1984)

Polidrico is the name chosen by the Spanish artist José Manuel Vázquez, this is his first tape-work and it seems that came out on the Spanish label Obreros Del Sonido and then reissued by the Dutch Korm Plastics on the same year. 
His music is a mix of experimental electronics touching the old school industrial, some drone and atonal concrete music.
There are no info in the handmade cover sleeve and no song titles either.
Definitely, a tape that will make happy people into a certain old type of unsound experiments and difficult music. 
Enjoy it.