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Monday, 17 December 2018

The Mouth n13-(Fanzine,Poetry,Mail Art-Italy-1994)

Number 13 of this container of Mail art, Visual Poetry and various languages poetries. It was created by Alberto Rizzi and Alessandro Ceccoto from the Mail Art Archive in Adria (Northern Italy).
I have already posted the Number 5 the number Number 1 and the Number 2,3 and 14 of this excellent zine,.
Also in this issue many contributions by various mail artists and poets, some stuff is in the Italian language, some other in English, some other in Spanish, few poetries in German + visual poetries, collages and pics.
Here the introduction to this issue written by Alberto Rizzi.
Enjoy it.


Saturday, 15 December 2018

DISGRACE-Last Laugh-(Self Released-Holland-1999)

There are probably a hundred bands with this name and making a research about it become complicated! This band was formed in Utrech (Holland) on the end of the 90s and this tape seems to be their only release! 
13 tracks of raw HC punk sung in English, the recording is kind of low-fi yet it suits very well their songs.
Punk As Fuck.
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Thursday, 13 December 2018

SATANIC MALFUNCTIONS-Disgrace To Humanity-(Teacore-UK-1990)

This is the second album by the mighty Satanic Malfunctions, an astonishing and powerful band from  Scarborough, UK. They formed in the mid-80s, following the demise of S.A.S (2).
Disgrace To Humanity slaps our faces with 25 killer tunes mixing  violent HC Punk with grindcore/thrash.
Their Bandcamp page is here, strange enough this album is not listed there.
Enjoy it.
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Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Diversity Is Strenght! n2-(Fanzine-UK-1996)

Anarcho-punk zine made in Scotland in the mid-90s, this is the second issue and it contains interviews to Scatha, Sad Society, Game Over, Apocalypse Babys, Head Apart, Aktifist and Evan of Mitsey Distro + zines and music reviews. 
Well done and with the usual punk layout graphix itis worth checking out.
Enjoy it.
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Sunday, 9 December 2018

LUCKY FOR FUN-...Vs Skorpio!-(Self Released-Italy-2003)

Lucky For Fun was a full-SKA band including keyboards, trumpet and Sax.
Another band in which Mario Pota was singing, I spoke about him when I posted the music by Rudy e Crudy and Bandiera dell`Odio.
I have asked him to write a brief note about this band.
About the cd, it was just about to be released when Mario left the band and after only 2 gigs the band  broke up, therefore some of them made+distributed just a  few copies with another cover and another title "Pulsar Chi E`?" back in 2003 while Mario is spreading it around nowadays, only as a digital release.
If you are into SKA you should really listen to this one, it is, in fact, a very good cd of this music genre. 
A big thanx to Mario for passing me this astonishing pearl and for the precious info in his little note.
Enjoy it.
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"Lucky For Fun was born on the end of 1997 in Naples(Southern Italy). At the time the SKA in Naples was a genre almost forgotten and we got involved in this adventure with a little conscience about it.

We shared the practise room, home, small vans, dreams and stages until 2002.

Our cultural background was the Neapolitan squatting scene, a small scene where many of us were, somehow, involved.

The band was part of a collective managing, with a no profit attitude, the practise room of the Laboratorio Okkupato SKA of Naples, this Collective self-released various compilations and organized many free gigs in many social squatted centres in Campania.

Eventaully It managed to set up a recording studio for all bands active within it, at the time.

We played around Italy both in commercial places than in squats (the first places were the economic boost to support the second places) sharing the stage, among the others, with Skatalites, Banda Bassotti, Statuto...

We recorded a 5 tracks promo back in 1999 and we changed the line up quite often.

In the meantime something broke up within us but telling you about this it wouldn`t be very interesting...many bands born, many bands die.
Nothing extraordinary, after all.

This is not the story of the band but the one of an album (recorded between the spring and the summer of 2002)that, by me, it should have had a different destiny.

I like to think that there are people who like to have it (even if only as the digital format).

And to be able to discover it for the first time or rediscover it after many years far from all the troubles that came with its release.

It includes the original graphic work."

(Mario Emme P8)

Friday, 7 December 2018

Qamat is-sa'atu-Unpronounceable-(Detriti-Germany-2018)

This tape-work is the astonishing production by this Russian project that works in various areas such as art, film, music and propaganda like the old industrial acts. Their sound combines heavy electronics with ancient melodies.It was formed in Moscow by Ixes and Al-Maytatu L-Habithu.
As it happens that I am in touch with Al-Maytatu L-Habithu, who kindly has helped me a few times translating stuff from the Russian, I have asked him to write an introduction for his wonderful act.
I am very proud today to offer here a comprehensive biography including links and some videos.Big thanx to my friend Al-Maytatu L-Habithu for this great contribution. Enjoy it.(~fa*r~a^w~a*y^)click me

ﻗﺎﻣﺖ ﺍﻟﺳﺎﻋﺔ [Qamat is-sa'atu] in Classical Arabic means "The hour of resurrection from the dead has come".
Qamat is-sa'atu was formed by me (Al-Maytatu L-Habithu) and Ixes in Moscow, Russia in 2009,year in which we made our first release: 4-track noise album 'Настал час Северной Пальмиры' (The Hour Of Northern Palmyra Has Come) in a limited edition of 15 copies, self-released, not for sale, no album cover, just a number of CD-R signed in Arabic. All copies were left in the streets, squares and other public places in Saint Petersburg, Russia (another name of the city is Northern Palmyra, especially in poetry). There were 4 short rhythmic noise tracks inspired by some old school industrial weird bands. This release we made not for sale, just the idea was to make urban artefacts and left it in the streets.
In 2010 second release 'Labyrinth of R'lyeh'. The edition was 1 copy, self-released, not for sale, hermetically sealed box with CD-R inside. This album is a 2-hour long ambient track with ocean sounds and deep water drones. Hermetically sealed box with CD-R was thrown to the bottom of the Indian Ocean somewhere near Phuket island.
In 2011 Ixes left Qamat is-sa'atu to form his own act Per Aspera. That year I was searching for my own sound and started buying second-hand old hardware. The idea was to make a new sound design which will combine synthetic melodies, heavy electronics and live instruments in exotic oriental scales. Some friends of mine joined the project to do records in the form of studio jams. We recorded such instruments as cello, trumpets, hunting horn, zurna, didgeridoo and more to make loop and samples.

In 2012 Qamat is-sa'atu found a new direction. We produced a short movie 'Темный Лес за Кукольным Домиком' (Dark Forest Behind the Doll House) inspired by the silent horror films of the 1920s. We also produced the soundtrack for this movie and it was an interesting experience maybe we will do more films and video art in future..

In 2013, after two years of experiments, Qamat is-sa'atu released [‘ālam al-mithāl]. 2 track EP. Digital release by Inversion Records (Russian netlabel).
That year vocalist Nomind (aka Alsinner aka Alibek B.) joined our project. He also does vocals in several groove metal bands in Chercessk.

After 2013 Qamat is-sa'atu recorded tracks for a number of industrial compilations, and exclusive tracks for compilations of UIS label. It is my small tape label. Label's concept was born while I was working in Qamat is-sa'atu with Ixes.

In 2017 Qamat is-sa'atu and Russian darkwave band KRRAU released an epic split 'Archaos' which was based on oriental myths about Iskander Zul-Qarnayn (Alexander the Great). Most lyrics on Russian, some part on Karachay language (the ancient language spoken in villages in remote areas of the Caucasus Mountains). There were two editions:
By Slovak label Sky Burial. Tapes may be still available here: https://skyburialproductions.blogspot.com/2016/09/sky014krrau-qamat-is-saatu-archaos.html
And by my (second) label Oriental Prophecy. Tapes available here: https://orientalprophecy.bandcamp.com/album/--2
In December 2018 will be new album 'Порождение ночи' (Night Breed). Edition by Hvedrungrsmil Records (Russia). 25 numbered tapes, xeroxed collage on the album cover, analogue mastering with vintage hardware in pro-studio. It is pretty raw electro-industrial with early 90s spirit. 3 tracks from this upcoming album are included in the Detriti release 'Unpronounceable'.
In 2019 We will return with a new ethnic oriental industrial album (I hope).

Detriti is a well-known label here in Russia. This label produced a lot of Eastern European and Russian releases. Detriti doesn't care about the language barrier in music. Big respect! And I like Detriti old-school concept design. I think fits with the music very well. I met Davide (owner of the label) in Moscow this summer. He made a show with his Words And Actions. His gig was great, we talked a bit. He is really a kind person. I sent him Qamat is-sa'atu new album 'Порождение ночи' (Night Breed). He liked it but he also wanted to include in the release old tracks. Therefore We created 'Unpronounceable' that is, in fact, a compilation of old and new tracks. The sales went very good and the edition of 40 tapes was sold out in preorder (before the official release date).

About our live activities, Qamat is-sa'atu is not a band, like a rock band, we don't do gigs and all these activities. Our band is a studio project. Sometimes we do jams and records but we live in different cities and meet each other very rarely. We produce our music in this way: I program some rhythms on my SR18, the other participants record some improvisations that I will include with a sequencer, after we write the lyrics and record the vocals.
Regular members are:
me (Al-Maytatu L-Habithu) - synths, drum programming, vocal, percussion
Nomind - vocal

Partitipants are the friends of mine. They joined project from time to time:

Ulia K. - vocal
James Adlay - trumpets, hunting horns
Max Irm - guitar (ravish-sitar), zurna
Vitaliy K. - guitar, radio manipulations
Maria Vrana - didjeridoo
Stan Dex - cello

Important links:
https://qamat.blogspot.com/ (navigation in Russian)
Also parent labels. [Q] tracks in every release:

Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Optional Flesh-(Fanzine-Matching Head-UK-199?)

Another weird graphic experiment by the genius Lee Stokoe covered in this blog for few of his fanzines and many of his tapes as noise artist Culver mostly released on his own label  Matching Head.

A label that seems to be still alive and kicking.
Lee called this zine "a Matching Head audio/visual scribbles production".

A Discogs page about his many music productions as Culver is here.
Enjoy this short graphic zine and discover his astonishing releases of drone/noise and bizarre electro goings.

Enjoy it.
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