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Wednesday 29 September 2021

PROTON ENERGY PILLS - Survival/Symmetry - (Waterfront Records-Australia-1989)


The Proton Energy Pills were a hi-energy Australian band from Wollongong-via-Detroit that muscled their way into the thriving Sydney scene in the late '80s, an hour's drive to their north - and fell apart soon after. Two singles and a mini-LP are the physical legacy from a couple of years hard work, but the band members went on to form or play with (Tumbleweed, Brother Brick, Asteroid B-612, The Yes-Men).  
The Waterfront Records label was started in 1982 by Steven Stavrakis while he was working at Phantom Records. It's first release was JFK and The Cuban Crisis "Careless Talk Costs Lives" EP.
In 1985 Stavrakis and Phantom co-worker Frank Cotterell opened the Waterfront shop in York Street Sydney. Later joined by Chris Dunn (another ex-Phantom colleague) the store move to Sydney's Haymarket and eventually back to York street where the dream ended.
The name Waterfront was appropriated by MGM Distribution who released a number of records utilising the name Waterfront. This was done without the knowledge of the "real Waterfront" label owner (Stavrakis, or his partner Dunn).
[info from Discogs]

Monday 27 September 2021

SHANK/ MINUTE MANIFESTO - Parasite / Minute Manifesto - (Enslaved-UK-1998)

 Great split 7inch with two amazing bands from the UK! They both play a very violent form of  HC punk mixed with powerviolence. The folded cover sleeve includes lyrics, info and some nice graphix. All the relevant scans included here and I left these tracks as waves. Enslaved was a Bradford based Hardcore label run by Nick Loaring.

Enjoy it.

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Saturday 25 September 2021

BLEED THE PIGS-Flowers In D-Minor(Nirvana)covers-(Self Released-USA-2014)

Bleed The PIgs is a Grindcore band from Nashville, TN.
Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter, bleedthepigs.tumblr.com 

Recorded live and engineered by Ian Brown at Ocean Way Studios in Nashville, TN, and mastered by David Hobbs.

Artwork originally by Nirvana, glitched by Kayla Phillips click me

Thursday 23 September 2021

You Are Fucker n5-(Fanzine-UK-2018)

 Small zine focused on the crust punk:long interviews to Fatum and Disease, music reviews, columns and an intersting punk  report about the London scene.

Enjoy it.

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Tuesday 21 September 2021

KID606-Songs About Fucking Steve Albini-(Important Records-USA-2010)


Miguel Trost De Pedro (born July 27, 1979), better known by his stage name Kid606, is an electronic musician who was raised in San Diego and later moved to San Francisco. He is most closely associated with the glitch, IDM, hardcore techno, and breakcore scenes.

Kid606's music is similar to the work of his friend and colleague Lesser, as well as hardcore and IDM acts such as Atari Teenage Riot, Autechre, Mr. Oizo, and Matmos. He is primarily inspired not by his electronic contemporaries, but by his love of the industrial music, death metal, and industrial metal of the 1980s and 1990s, particularly bands like Godflesh and Napalm Death.[1] His music is known for its high tempo breakbeats and liberal use of noise and sampling, as well as its punk aesthetic, uninhibited genre-mixing, and irreverent sense of humor. However, he is equally adept at creating more serious tracks that often reside in the realm of ambient and glitch ("Parenthood" from Kill Sound Before Sound Kills You and the entirety of P.S. I Love You being good examples).

Notable releases by Kid606 include Don't Sweat the Technics (VC140: 1998), Down with the Scene (IPC-7:2000), P.S. I Love You (MP93: 2000), and Kill Sound Before Sound Kills You (IPC-46: 2003). He collaborated or participated in the groups Flossin, Spacewurm, Ariel and Disc.[2]

In 2005, he put together a band with a drummer and guitarist called Kid606 and Friends.(from Wikipedia)


All songs on this album were created with analog source material (analog synths, AM/FM radio, microphone) then processed on a computer, then mixed and mastered to two-track analog tape.

The album cover and title are both a reference to Big Black's album Songs About Fucking, of which Steve Albini was lead singer and guitarist. Also, all of the track titles are anagrams of "Miguel De Pedro", Kid606's real name.

Issued in a clear tray digipak style cover.
The shrink wrap has a sticker on the front.(from Discogs)  click me

 tigerbeat6.com, brainwashed.com, Bandcamp, Facebook, plus.google.com, Bandcamp, Last.fm, MySpace, songkick.com, SoundCloud, Twitter, YouTube, Wikipedia, brainwashed.com


Sunday 19 September 2021

VIOLENCE AND THE SACRED-Failure Parade-(audiofile Tapes-Usa-c60-1988)

Violence and the Sacred has been recording and performing electronic / experimental music since 1985. Styles range from noise, ambient / drone, pure electronic composition, improvised cacophony.
Recent releases include Dawning Luminosity (2010) and You are planning to enjoy the apocalypse (2009), as a well as a 5-CDR set of older, anarchic, improvised live recordings from 1986-1987.(from their bandcamp page, where you`ll find more amazing productions to download)

The legendary New York industrial/experimental/electronic label audiofile Tapes was run by Carl Howard and active since the mid-1980s.I  wrote about him quite a few time now.Here an interview  to him on Autoreverse Independent Music Magazine and another one on Media Hyperrel.org.

This tape was reprinted as CDr by the Canadian label Vats in 2011.Label associated with the band.

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Friday 17 September 2021

CANEPHORA-At A LOss For Words-(Moo Cow Records-USA-1998)

Where do I start with this beast... I mean, holy shit man. At A Loss For Words is the most tormented and intense metal I've ever heard, let alone deathcore! The animosity this little 7 inch possesses makes even the most spiteful of metal bands like Ildjarn sound like Kiss. And here I thought metalcore's aggressiveness peaked with Arkangel - and Arkangel were monoliths of sheer raw aggression and heaviness. If Arkangel was a massacre in this sense, then this band is an absolute genocide. However, that wouldn't be the proper way to phrase things for what this band would try and, successfully, accomplish.

You see, Canephora wasn't out to achieve genocide, it was out to murder as many people as it can with it's bare-hands. The constant dynamics and dense brooding atmosphere makes At A Loss... feel like a knife being stabbed repeatedly through your chest and blood soaking into your eyes. I wouldn't doubt that this is certainly what plays through a mind of a serial killer when he's on his next hunt. It sounds like something that can only be tapped by reaching into the deepest corners of a psychopath.

While only being 13 minutes long with both songs being 6 minutes long, it's feels extremely alienating just to get through and leaves you with an unnerving aura that steeps into your subconscious. The core root of Canephora's intimidation lies in it's consistency of buildup and releases. It almost feels like they're playing with you by giving you a few gasps of air before suffocating you again with dense, swirling, angular death metal tremolo picking and blastbeats. In the midst of all the bludgeoning songwriting you have this insane vocal work which really makes you feel the forlornness of the situation you've gotten yourself in. Hell, I don't even think they actually acquired an actual singer, I think they just picked up a poor bastard off the street and started torturing him and threw the audio of it over the songs. His vocal work is something you have to really listen to because I can't put into words properly how great he is at fitting what this band is trying to realize.

Don't play this too loud or else the cops will definitely be called - in fact, don't play this at all without headphones on or else you'll be getting some really concerning looks.  (review by Bystandard,published on Discogs-14/Dec/2020)   click me


Wednesday 15 September 2021

S-CORE-Undersong-(Underground Productions-France-c46-1987)

 S-core is the art name chosen by Yutaka Tanaka, noise artist active since the mid-eighties. Early works are all cassette albums he put out on his own cassette label Afflict Records, many of those were recorded via mail collaboration with many sound artists from the international underground scene, such as Stefano Biasin (Italy), Telepherique and Trigger B (Germany), Merzbow (Japan), Al Margolis/If, Bwana (USA), Rafael Flores (Spain). rgnz.free.fr ( info taken from Discogs) click me

Monday 13 September 2021

Death Speaks n2-(Fanzine-Yugoslavia-1986)


Number 2 of this Yugoslavian fanzine,I have posted already the number 1 released in 1985.In this issue interviews and articles about Possessed, Carnage, Defender, Outrage, Ganx, Death Angel, Legacy, Thanatos, L.S.N., Amebix, Desexult, Voor, Angel Death, Mutilation and a few rants.All typewritten and with a very "metal" graphic layout , this is a perfect example of the underground press of that era.

Enjoy it.

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Saturday 11 September 2021

v.a.-A Saucerful Of Pink, A Tribute To Pink Floyd-(Cleopatra/Cherry Red-USA/UK-1995)

 Great double CD compilation with a bunch of fantastic artists covering the songs of the famous English psychedelic band.It was co-released by Cleopatra in the USA and Cherry Red in the UK in 1995.It was reprinted in Europe by Red Line Records in 2008.

Enjoy it.

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1-1Psychic TVSet Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
1-2Controlled BleedingAnother Brick In The Wall Part 1 & 2
1-3Spahn RanchOne Of These Days
1-4Sky Cries MaryWots... Uh The Deal
1-5Spiral RealmsInterstellar Overdrive
1-6Leæther StripLearning To Fly
1-7Ron GeesinTo Roger Waters, Wherever You Are
1-8Eden (6)Jugband Blues
1-9DinOn The Run
2-1Alien Sex FiendEchoes
2-2FurnaceHey You
2-3Nik TurnerCareful With That Axe, Eugene
2-4The Electric Hellfire ClubLucifer Sam
2-5Helios CreedPigs On The Wing (Part 1)
2-6PressurehedLet There Be More Light
2-7Penal ColonyYoung Lust
2-8EXPA Saucerful Of Secrets
2-9Melting EuphoriaPoint Me At The Sky
2-10FarflungThe Nile Song



Thursday 9 September 2021

LUNACHICKS – Cookie Moshter / Complication-(Blast First-UK-1990)


Lunachicks are an American punk rock band from New York City.[1] The band formed in 1987 and had been on hiatus since 2000,they reunited for a 20-minute set at CBGB's on April 6, 2002 with Benezra on guitar and English on drums.[13] Another reunion took place at the March for Women's Lives Benefit in Washington, D.C. on April 24, 2004 as a four-piece with English on drums. In November 2019, the Lunachicks announced their first reunion in 15 years which they were set to perform two nights at Webster Hall in April 2020. Both shows are sold out, however they were postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.(info from Wikipedia)   click me


Full colour poster sleeve, packaged in clear plastic sleeve with 4cm diameter cookie sticker.

Labels (not sleeve) have band name intentionally misspelled as Lunachips in keeping with the cookie theme.


Tuesday 7 September 2021

CHARLIE OF KENT-Sovereign Of Saveloy-(ExtraNation Records-Germany -2021)


Charlie of Kent presents himself with his debut EP Sovereign of Saveloy in a world between rotten eggs and barely durable hot dog sausages
Expect massive Extratone when you have Dinner and Enjoy this EP!

ExtraNation Records was founded in 2018 by Andre Binias (Deathvanatik) and is an international undergound record label. We are focused on speedcore, splittercore, extratone, noise and experimental.
Founder and Owner: Andre Binias--CEO: Sandra Müller--Designer and Mastermind: Juan Velter click me

Sunday 5 September 2021

DEITY GUNS-Electricity-(Blu Bus/EL Paso-Italy-1991)



Deity Guns was a French noise rock band from Lyon active between 1990 and 1993. After the split, musicians would form Bästard (1993-1997) and Zëro (until 2006). With an excellent recording this live album shows us their vibrant energy, it was recorded in El Paso in Torino,I wrote about this squat many times.

Enjoy it.

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Bloody Eyes
When You Sleep On The Stage
Simple Dare
Rail Way Pleasure Trip
Stroboscopy 2
Kurious...Here Today
The Wait
Written-By – Killing Joke
Pushes Kingdom
Kiss Me Black
Written-By – The Birthday Party




Friday 3 September 2021

DE ZONDAGSVRIEND-(Fanzine-Belgium-201?)

 A zine focused on raw noise punk,in this issue a few interesting interviews both to bands and record labels: Suffer Damage, Despise You, Pessimer Records, Sete Start Sept, Ecoute La Merde, No Fucking Label Records, Herion SS + some old and weird pictures and rants.It is all in English language.

Enjoy it.

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Wednesday 1 September 2021

v.a.-DEATHTOPIA-(Sea Weed Records-Japan-2016)

Long cd compilation released by the Japanese Sea Weed Records and covering Japanese acts/artists/bands playing weird electronic jingles : breakcore, noise, industrial, experimental and more deranged sonic messages. 

Enjoy it.

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1    Edo Destruction–    Intro ~OoMiYaI¢Hi~    0:25
2    Edo Destruction–    Music For Bousai    3:18
3    Kyou1110–    Himitukiti    2:58
4    ToupeMapeto–    Gabba In Qvp    6:54
5    Masayoshi Iimori–    Kiken Drug    2:34
6    Darklaw–    Chaoswitch    8:44
7    Zaiden (3)–    Siren ~セイレーン~    7:36
8    Detroit24000–    Deathrace 3000    7:01
9    黒死病ギロチン–    Devil House    2:23
10    TABQURIA–    Smokebelc
h On The Water    5:31
11    SOFTKILL–    Crack Esp    2:25
12    Abisyeikah–    Levitation    6:18
13    Mirrors (8)–    Hypocrisy    4:10
14    Vogos–    Vogos    2:2