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Sunday 31 December 2023

AGHORI / KEDAMAIAN - Split Tape - (Existential Cloth Recordings-USA-2010)

 Great split tape with Aghori and Kedamaian,both projects playing a personal form of meditative drone music!!Full colour cover reporting  the song-titles,only. Limited edition of 25 copies,released by the american Existential Cloth Recordings.Enjoy the drone.

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Wednesday 27 December 2023

Fare Arte E` Contro La Guerra - (Mail Art-Global Networking-1992)


An Old yet still very up-to-date Art-Work by the Italian Mail Artist Giovanni Strada agaisnt the war.The title says "Making Art is Against The War"!! Long Live Mail Art.



Thursday 21 December 2023

SPIETATE AGONIE - Fountains Of blood,Cascades Of Blood - (Debila Records-Slovenia-2022)

 18 minutes long track of harsh noise by the Italian artist Alessio Dutto aka Spietate Agonie!Limited edition of 50 copies by the historic Slovenian Debila Recs  managed by Nejc and covered in this blog a few times already.

Enjoy The NOizzzzz...

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Sunday 17 December 2023

ULTIMATUM - Big One - (Self Released-Italy-Undated)

 Self released tape by this Italian Band playing some kind of hard rock/AOR! 5 tracks very well recorded and a cover sleeve with a few info. This tape isn`t listed on a Discos page dedicated to them. Enjoy it.

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Thursday 14 December 2023

REsearch N2 -(Magazine-USA-1981)


Number 2 of this amazing paper that will become a cult magazine in the following years.Top quality articles about interesting topics, fantastic pics and graphics and much more. I am including the table of contents of this issue.Enjoy it.

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Saturday 9 December 2023

v.a.-Transcendency- (Discrete Records-Japan-1996)

 Triple 7inch compilation by the Japanese Discrete Records: A hardcore punk label from Nagoya-shi in Aichi, Japan that was started in 1992 and run by 240key aka Jun Nishiwaki. A good bunch of bands playing furious HC Punk. Each Band has half page inside the booklet/cover sleeve. You find here all the tracks as waves. Enjoy it!!

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A1    Zone (7)–    Outside
A2    F.I.O.M.–    In A Daze
B1    Complete Exclude–    Relic
B2    Kamui (6)–    Same
C1    Extinct Government–    Nuclear
C2    Daston–    Rush And Charge
D1    Gaizi–    ミチ
D2    Spike Shoes–    Proud Of Punkrock
E1    Beyond Description–    Leech
E2    Raise Cain–    HIV
F1    Dooms Day–    Initiation
F2    Self Destruct (6)–    Fruitless Revolution

Sunday 3 December 2023

MUSTA ROMANSSI - Ep - (Self Released-Finland-1987)

 Legendary 7inch by the Finnish Musta Romanssi-pure old school HC punk from the wonderul 80s...here as waves, Enjoy it.

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A1        Argentiina    4:05
A2        Vapaus    1:27
A3        Hyvää Yötä    1:20
B1        Allah    2:36
B2        The Aim Of Religion    2:16
B3        Eternity    1:48

    Mastered At – Finnvox

    Bass, Vocals – Jatsi
    Drums – Jari (3)
    Guitar – Kapa (7)
    Lacquer Cut By – MJ*
    Recorded By – Eero Sillanpää, Jari Jääskeläinen, Musta Romanssi
    Synthesizer – Eero Sillanpää
    Vocals – Inu (3)

Recorded 3.-4. 10. 1987, mixed 7. 10. 1987.

Friday 1 December 2023

Ain`t Life Grand?- (Pamphlet-Resistance Productions-Switzerland-199?)

 A small pamphlet by Fritz of  Resistance Productions. Different subjects proposed with his critical and interesting views. Food for brains from the last century yet still very up to date. Enjoy it.

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