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Thursday 27 June 2019

DEMANT/BAD JUSTICE-Live-Split Tape-(Bloody Murderer Tapes-Croatia-1997)

Live Split tape with two Croatian bands playing thrash/Hardcore punk with political lyrics.
It came with an A4 folded cover sleeve reporting the lyrics in Croatian and the English translations.
The overall recording quality is not too bad.
Bloody Murderer Tapes was a small tape label from Zagreb active in the mid-90s.
Enjoy it.
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Tuesday 25 June 2019

CRUENTUS-Seeking The Truth-(Self Released-Italy-1992)

Cruentus was a Death/Thrash metal band hailing from Bari (Southern Italy)! It seems that they were active on and off until 2007.
A Discogs page about them is here.
This cassette offers us 5 tracks of well-played thrash metal, the recording is also quite good and the folded cover sleeve reports info and lyrics.
Enjoy it.

Wednesday 19 June 2019

DISANTHROPE-Wir sehen uns in der Hölle-(Self Released-Germany-2009)

DISANTHROPE exists since 2006, with different Members. But always sounds like Old School German Hardcore Punk !! Sad, Misanthropic and Political Lyrics are important to us. HATE EVERYTHING !!
This introduction is taken from their Bandcamp Page where you will find this production and two more as "name your price" download. 
This tape came out in a limited edition of 100 copies, it has a folded cover sleeve reporting lyrics and pics.
Enjoy it.

Monday 17 June 2019

v.a.-BUIO IGNOTO-(Discipline Produzioni-Double Tape-Italy-1988)

Amazing double tape compilation with a bunch of great artists from the last century playing a weird mix of industrial, experimental electronics, new wave, dark ambient, post-punk,minimal synth and similar music genres.Limited and hand-numbered. It was released with 2 insert sheets.
Discipline Produzioni was an early Italian industrial/experimental label run by Gianfranco Santoro
Enjoy it.

A1 No Unauthorized Hiroshima (Remix)
A2 No Unauthorized Crocodile (Old Remix Version)
A3 X Ray Pop* Dune/La Mort
A4 Helmut Unter Kreuzen Kleines Lied (B.Brecht)
A5 Corte Degli Angeli Let The Blind Lead
A6 Corte Degli Angeli The See Of Light-Sister
A7 Rosen+Kreuz Mother Of Fountains
A8 Rosen+Kreuz Elfenlied (Goethe)
A9 Lyke Wake Burning Human Flesh
A10 Lyke Wake Pavor Nocturnus
B1 F.A.R.* Se Ti Dessi La Luna
B2 Liberticide Lo Spirito Del Tempio
B3 Rattus Rexx Twilight Shinee
B4 Rattus Rexx Different Ways
B5 Exces Nocturne* Le Soleil S'Est Noyé
B6 Exces Nocturne* Il Disait
B7 Parchment Prayer Change
B8 Parchment Prayer Anger
B9 The Venus Fly Trap* Morphine
B10 The Venus Fly Trap* Catalyst
B11 Saigon (5) R.e.m.
C1 Gronge Grido Chimico (Live In Berna 22/3/88)
C2 Mario Marzidovsek Historical Dioxin
C3 Mario Marzidovsek Marburg-Ind. Und Polizei
C4 Tito Turbina Tastierista Futurista Breve Addio
C5 Tito Turbina Tastierista Futurista Episodio 3
C6 Phaeton Derniere Danse* Les Reliefs Perpetuels Du Sommeil
C7 Phaeton Derniere Danse* Arpente L'Inutile
C8 The Shadow Of A Doubt Gozilla Plays In Love
C9 The Shadow Of A Doubt Gozilla Dances In Altered States
C10 Libexin Mucolitico Sciatica (La)
C11 L.S.D. (3) Pigs In The Space=Davvero Un Corto Collage
D1 MGZ Palla Pallina
D2 Vittore Baroni Graveyard Bogey (Instrumental Mix)
D3 Klau D.E.D.I.* Enema
D4 Klau D.E.D.I.* Così È, E Sarà
D5 Radical Change Radical Change
D6 Stefano Biasin Rovinare La Musica,Rovinare Il Jazz
D7 Stefano Biasin Ge Ghe Gè
D8 Nostalgie Eternelle I'm Sorry
D9 Nostalgie Eternelle Decay
D10 Vittore Baroni Graveyard Bogey (Maniac Mix)

Saturday 15 June 2019

THE MASS-Ghost Fleet-(Not On Label-USA-2016)

"Produced once again by Tim Green (THE FUCKING CHAMPS) at his Louder Studios compound in 2016, “Ghost Fleet” sees THE MASS taking their already inimitable sound into deeper levels of cohesion, aggression and dark psychedelia. The album is both the most accessible, song-oriented affair the group has ever put together and it's most intense, thought-provoking offering to date. Two and a half years in the making, “Ghost Fleet” represents THE MASS in its most vital state: focused, recharged and determined to push music beyond defined boundaries."
This introduction is taken from their Bandcamp Page where this amazing album is available as "name your price" download. It was released only as a digital release. A Discogs page about them is here. 
and their official webapge is here.
To complete this post I am attaching a nice review by Conan Neutron from that same Bandcamp page.
Enjoy it.

 "An absolute pummeling of epic proportions. Expect top-notch musicianship and absolutely no mercy is given. The Mass's stunning return could possibly be one of their very best. Difficult music for difficult people, and to be clear: I mean that as a compliment.
RIYL: Melvins, NoMeansNo, Breadwinner, Sweep The Leg Johnny, Naked City. Favorite track: Neuronic Channels Driven to Agitation."

Wednesday 12 June 2019

Archbishop Kebab -Beyond Ma Ken-(Trottel Records-Hungary-1993)

The second LP by this original Scottish band, I have already posted their first album released in 1989.
Archbishop Kebab was a Scottish Avant-Hardcore collective formed in 1986 in Edinburgh. They had a 13-year life span up to 1999.
1989 saw the release of their first LP, produced by Tim Ellis (Jackdaw With Crowbar) and the start on the first of many European tours they shared with likeminded groups - a.o. The Ex, Dog Faced Hermans, Badgewearer, Dawson and the Stretchheads.
In 1993 they released their second LP 'Beyond Ma Ken' recorded in the studio of the Hungarian label Trottel Records.
Then came along 'Heeliegoleerie And Scunnered (but cheerie)' partly recorded in Italy; the final Album 'Bellyhunting', recorded in 1997. (info from Discogs).
In this album some crazy free jazz core influences take over their amazing post-no wave hardcore yet they remain an exquisite avant-guard phenomenon. 
Enjoy it.

Monday 10 June 2019

v.a.-Insanités-(Korm Plastics-c46-Holland-1984)

This amazing sampler was released twice as tape in 1984 and once as CD-R in 1992. 
It is the "Best Of..." of an old label called Insane Music
The artists and the tracks are an exquisite example of early industrial and electronic music.
Korm Plastics was a Dutch experimental label founded in 1984 by Frans de Waard. In 1992 the label began operating as a part of Staalplaat, but this relationship ceased in 2003.
A great compilation for people into old school industrial.
Enjoy it. 
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1 Human Flesh Nymphomaniac Child 4:51
2 Pseudo Code Back To The Water 4:11
3 Bene Gesserit Little Lady 5:17
4 Japanese Genius Pikah Ô Papikah? Part 1 1:30
5 Subject (2) Italian Summer 3:35
6 I Scream Tarang? 3:07
7 M.A.L. (2) Overnight Train 3:47
8 Bene Gesserit Que Lit Lily? 2:27
9 I Scream Collage (Extract) 1:02
10 Bene Gesserit From Belgium With Laugh 1:03
11 Pseudo Code Nothing More 1:16
12 Subject (2) Fever 1:07
13 Human Flesh N'Importe Quoi 1:04
14 Cortex (2) Cortex Y 1:11
15 Bene Gesserit ...And They Danced In Gdansk 2:35
16 Human Flesh Saxual Intercourse 2:44
17 Pseudo Code Far Away From My Own Land 3:34

Saturday 8 June 2019

Art Unadentified 91-(Mail Art Container/Bullettin-Japan-1988)

Art Unidentified 91 was a container of Mail Art published in Japan by Joko Kumaki, it has a few mail art projects covered and a focus on the performances and the mail art contemporary exhibition held in Tokio on 1-17 January 1988.
Enjoy it.
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Wednesday 5 June 2019

v.a.-NO LEGAL MURDER-(Contaminated Productions-c90-Italy-1992)

Production number 11 by this small Italian label covered in this blog many times now. This 90 minutes international sampler came out with a long booklet with a section reporting a few examples of police crimes, some articles about the subject and another section covering the bands(address, lyrics, pics, graphix).
Music-wise it is a very eclectic mix of bands and tracks exploring various music genres: hardcore punk, industrial, crazy electronics, ska, stoner rock, ragga, crust punk, garage rock, and more hybrids of this kind.
Eventually, to complete this post I am attaching here the introduction for this amazing compilation.
Enjoy it.


A1 Ruins Grudandgo
A2 Political Asylum I've Got A Name
A3 Die Testers* Wochenend Und Somnenschein
A4 Etat Des Stocks Cops Are Circling
A5 Mushroom Attack Kill The Pigs
A6 Mushroom Attack The Fight Goes On
A7 The Subversives No Questions Will Ask
A8 Dawson Fifty Years
A9 Infezione Terrorismo Legalizzato
A10 Who Moved The Ground* A Thousand Voices
A11 One By One Making Bacon
A12 Thompson Rollet Senseless Things
A13 Sabot (2) At The Point Of No Return
A14 Frogs Of War Here It Comes Again
A15 Hirn* Just Like Eddie
A16 Spiny Norman Quartet Stand Still A While
B1 Agent 86 (2) Capitol Police
B2 Les Seminoles Une Plague
B3 Blind Justice (3) X-ray Vision
B4 Dirty Hands Men
B5 Forehead But I Seem To Accept It
B6 Spinners (2) Dig The Hole Forget The Sun
B7 Anticorpi (2) Senza Alternativa
B8 Badgewearer Inflexible Expendable
B9 Crime Under New Titles The Soothsayer
B10 Demise Firecracker
B11 The Neolithics Long Journey Into The Mudlights (live)
B12 Hiatus (2) Police Crimes
B13 Hiatus (2) Lay It All Down
B14 Solanaceae Tau Barrels Of Blood
B15 Jimmy Saville'S Wheelchair Jade Root
B16 Chilli Confetti Bad Songs About Love
B17 Ufo Ja Antennia Ooh Beibi
B18 Ufo Ja Antennia No Trouble