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Monday 3 June 2019

DAWSON-Terminal Island-(Trottel Records-Hungary-1994)

Another great album by this amazing Scottish band, I wrote already about them when I posted their album Cheese Market,
This is their last production infected as usual by fragmented guitar riffs, unconventional rhythms, weird vocals and lyrics, eclectic disjoined arrangements, avant-garde post-traumatic hardcore punk for the non-easy listening people. Bizarre and unique, a crazy miasma of sounds and ideas.
An FB page about them is here, where you can see old flyers and pics, a new band formed by the 3rd era Dawson musicians is called Sumshapes and their Bandcamp page is here, you can listen/buy their album Cabin Biscuits released June 30, 2017.
Trottel Records is a Hungarian label established in 1992, operated by Tamás Rupaszov. Their official webpage is here.
Enjoy this fantastic album as FLAC file.


  1. THANKS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  2. Holy Carp (sic)! I once had my hands on this album but had somehow convinced myself that it wasn't the same Dawson.