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Wednesday 5 June 2019

v.a.-NO LEGAL MURDER-(Contaminated Productions-c90-Italy-1992)

Production number 11 by this small Italian label covered in this blog many times now. This 90 minutes international sampler came out with a long booklet with a section reporting a few examples of police crimes, some articles about the subject and another section covering the bands(address, lyrics, pics, graphix).
Music-wise it is a very eclectic mix of bands and tracks exploring various music genres: hardcore punk, industrial, crazy electronics, ska, stoner rock, ragga, crust punk, garage rock, and more hybrids of this kind.
Eventually, to complete this post I am attaching here the introduction for this amazing compilation.
Enjoy it.


A1 Ruins Grudandgo
A2 Political Asylum I've Got A Name
A3 Die Testers* Wochenend Und Somnenschein
A4 Etat Des Stocks Cops Are Circling
A5 Mushroom Attack Kill The Pigs
A6 Mushroom Attack The Fight Goes On
A7 The Subversives No Questions Will Ask
A8 Dawson Fifty Years
A9 Infezione Terrorismo Legalizzato
A10 Who Moved The Ground* A Thousand Voices
A11 One By One Making Bacon
A12 Thompson Rollet Senseless Things
A13 Sabot (2) At The Point Of No Return
A14 Frogs Of War Here It Comes Again
A15 Hirn* Just Like Eddie
A16 Spiny Norman Quartet Stand Still A While
B1 Agent 86 (2) Capitol Police
B2 Les Seminoles Une Plague
B3 Blind Justice (3) X-ray Vision
B4 Dirty Hands Men
B5 Forehead But I Seem To Accept It
B6 Spinners (2) Dig The Hole Forget The Sun
B7 Anticorpi (2) Senza Alternativa
B8 Badgewearer Inflexible Expendable
B9 Crime Under New Titles The Soothsayer
B10 Demise Firecracker
B11 The Neolithics Long Journey Into The Mudlights (live)
B12 Hiatus (2) Police Crimes
B13 Hiatus (2) Lay It All Down
B14 Solanaceae Tau Barrels Of Blood
B15 Jimmy Saville'S Wheelchair Jade Root
B16 Chilli Confetti Bad Songs About Love
B17 Ufo Ja Antennia Ooh Beibi
B18 Ufo Ja Antennia No Trouble

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  1. Great compilation...the introduction page is awesome thanks