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Monday 17 June 2019

v.a.-BUIO IGNOTO-(Discipline Produzioni-Double Tape-Italy-1988)

Amazing double tape compilation with a bunch of great artists from the last century playing a weird mix of industrial, experimental electronics, new wave, dark ambient, post-punk,minimal synth and similar music genres.Limited and hand-numbered. It was released with 2 insert sheets.
Discipline Produzioni was an early Italian industrial/experimental label run by Gianfranco Santoro
Enjoy it.

A1 No Unauthorized Hiroshima (Remix)
A2 No Unauthorized Crocodile (Old Remix Version)
A3 X Ray Pop* Dune/La Mort
A4 Helmut Unter Kreuzen Kleines Lied (B.Brecht)
A5 Corte Degli Angeli Let The Blind Lead
A6 Corte Degli Angeli The See Of Light-Sister
A7 Rosen+Kreuz Mother Of Fountains
A8 Rosen+Kreuz Elfenlied (Goethe)
A9 Lyke Wake Burning Human Flesh
A10 Lyke Wake Pavor Nocturnus
B1 F.A.R.* Se Ti Dessi La Luna
B2 Liberticide Lo Spirito Del Tempio
B3 Rattus Rexx Twilight Shinee
B4 Rattus Rexx Different Ways
B5 Exces Nocturne* Le Soleil S'Est Noyé
B6 Exces Nocturne* Il Disait
B7 Parchment Prayer Change
B8 Parchment Prayer Anger
B9 The Venus Fly Trap* Morphine
B10 The Venus Fly Trap* Catalyst
B11 Saigon (5) R.e.m.
C1 Gronge Grido Chimico (Live In Berna 22/3/88)
C2 Mario Marzidovsek Historical Dioxin
C3 Mario Marzidovsek Marburg-Ind. Und Polizei
C4 Tito Turbina Tastierista Futurista Breve Addio
C5 Tito Turbina Tastierista Futurista Episodio 3
C6 Phaeton Derniere Danse* Les Reliefs Perpetuels Du Sommeil
C7 Phaeton Derniere Danse* Arpente L'Inutile
C8 The Shadow Of A Doubt Gozilla Plays In Love
C9 The Shadow Of A Doubt Gozilla Dances In Altered States
C10 Libexin Mucolitico Sciatica (La)
C11 L.S.D. (3) Pigs In The Space=Davvero Un Corto Collage
D1 MGZ Palla Pallina
D2 Vittore Baroni Graveyard Bogey (Instrumental Mix)
D3 Klau D.E.D.I.* Enema
D4 Klau D.E.D.I.* Così È, E Sarà
D5 Radical Change Radical Change
D6 Stefano Biasin Rovinare La Musica,Rovinare Il Jazz
D7 Stefano Biasin Ge Ghe Gè
D8 Nostalgie Eternelle I'm Sorry
D9 Nostalgie Eternelle Decay
D10 Vittore Baroni Graveyard Bogey (Maniac Mix)

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