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Saturday 31 December 2016

Wanted Christopher Columbus-(Poster-Mail Art-Italy+Global Networking-1992)

Mail Art project and Documentation realized by Alessandro Ceccotto,it was 1992 and all the world was celebrating 400 years of the discovery of the "new continet".Quite few mail artists took part to this project which theme was the anti-celebration,I spoke about this project when I posted a very nice postcard printed by the same mail artist on the same subject.
The Brain of the monster was a fanzine managed by Alessandro Ceccotto and Boccato Gerardo active in the end of the 80s,I spoke about it when I posted some of the tapes released by the same zine.
Enjoy it.
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Friday 30 December 2016

THE PINS-Demo 2006-(Self Released-UK-2006)

3 songs of pure punk rock by this english punk band.
There are different bands using this name therefore my attempt research on the net isn`t easy.
No much info about this band here,sorry.
Enjoy the punk-rock.
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Thursday 29 December 2016

LUSTER-Ne Quid Nimis-(audiofile Tapes-c60-1996-Usa)+Abandon-(Vuzh Music-Usa-c80-1998)

Quite an interesting project here called LUSTER. The mind behind it is C.REIDER who is also the head of VUZH Music; a label active since the early 90s. C. Reider has collaborated with many artists and different projects [De Fabriek, Tarkatak, ] and also played in the bands: Drone Forest and Grook`d Finger. C. Reider was active in the underground cassette tape labels network back in the 90s and he has also been involved in music journalism; writing mainly for the magazines: Autoreverse and Mouthy. Luster is his solo project. the 1st tape “not named” was released in 1991(diy pre-Vuhz music), the 2nd tape “ne quid nimis” was released on Audiofile tapes in 1996, and the third (and final) tape “Abandon” was eventually released on Vuhz Music in 1998, and then re-released on cd-r in 2002. You can find more info about this project and all the other bands by C.Reider on his webpage here. Also I scanned the cover sleeve of both tapes where you`ll find more info about the music and the people who collaborated with him at the time. ”Abandon” came out with a nice small booklet (included here)where you`ll find plenty of info about those songs. About the music: soundscapes of grey and gritty quietnoise???? A touch of organic dream ambient??? maybe… call it as you like; this is inspiring stuff from my collection.(from Vita Ignes Corpus Lignum blog).
All the old releases on tapes are available as free download from his nice webapge.You will also read more about all those great tapes,lots of info provided there.
For all the lovers of meditative ambient and abstract relaxing noises.
Enjoy it.
ne quid nimis 

Tuesday 27 December 2016

HEX MINORA-Hex Minora-(Self Released-UK-1992)

Hex Minora is a female noise artist who also ran BV Tapes.
I wrote about this project when I posted the split tape with Skinflick Productions.
In this tape Hex Minora offer us 8 tracks of occult esoteric electronickx with sexual references.
A discogs page about this project is here.
Enjoy it.
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Track listing:
A1 Idolater
A2 Force-Fed
A3 Heresy
A4 Virgo Intacta
A5 Loveless Fuck
B1 Intensifier
B2 Slow Blower
B3 Famous For What? 

Monday 26 December 2016

Dog Dirt n1-(Fanzine-UK-1997)

Small fanzine by Lee in Derby,active during the late 90s,this is the first number where He write about the 121 squat and his threat of eviction (happened in july 1999),interview to Black Flag(the english band not the american one),movement aganist monarchy,Sheffield scene report,reviews of tapes and vinyls and other random thoughts.
It is all handwritten,no pc,no typewriter...
Enjoy it.
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Sunday 25 December 2016

Head Magazine N3½-Woof!-(Magazine-UK-1993)

Number 3½ of this amazing magazine,I already posted the Number 7(the Sex Issue) and also Number 4(Freedom and Gender).
Also in this issue lots of art-works, very nice graphics, good comics and tons of interesting articles.128 pages printed in off-set giving us a full example of the real counterculture coming from the underground press of the early 90s.I am going to attach here the table of contents of this number.
An exquisite magazine from the very unknown world of the pagan post-punk revolution.
Enjoy it.
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Saturday 24 December 2016

GLOD-Gnosis-(Musica Maxima Magnetica-Italy-1995)

Ritual soundscapes mixed with dark melodies recalling some goth rock and industrial sonics tribalism!Glod hypnotize us with their dissonances in this well crafted cd.
Hailing from Detroid(Usa),a discogs page about them is here.
Musica Maxima Magnetica was an italian label created by Luciano Dari.
It released  lots of good productions by industrial,ritual and experimental electronikxs artists.
Enjoy it.
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Friday 23 December 2016

Εκτός Ελέγχου-Εκτός Ελέγχου-(Self Released-Greece-1985)

Εκτός Ελέγχου Romanized to: Ektos Elenghou Translated to: Out Of Control. Punk/Rock'N'Roll band from Thessaloniki, Greece. Started playing in 1982 as "Συν Και Πλην", but in 1984 they changed their name to "Εκτός Ελέγχου". They released a Demo cassette in 1985.(info taken from a discogs page deditcated to them). A wikipedia page about them is here only in greek language.  I have no idea how this tape ended up in my collection,some greek distro must have sent me long time ago,I didn`t know anything about this band as I could not even read their name,everything changed when my friend Zina(big thanx) translated  their name and so I could search info about them on the net.On the cover sleeve there are only the songtitles(in english),no info of any sort.Maybe this is the demo that came out in 1985 but I am not sure 100%.It has a good recording.Anyone out there with more info about this tape???Enjoy the punk rock sung in greek.


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Wednesday 21 December 2016

v.a.-DEFAECATIO 1-(Biotope Art Organization-Italy-c90-1989)

Another astonishing compilation by the mighty Biotope Art Organization a label covered in this blog many times now,I have in fact posted many tapes by this label. 
Originally located in Benevento (Italy) but relocated to London (UK) in the early 1990s.It was managed by Guglielo Lanzilli also music sculptor using the name Disumana Res.
In this long sampler we find a very good selection of obscure (or less obscure) artists playing esoteric electronikx,industrial,noise and more genial and difficult music.
It came out with a long A4 zine with info and amazing graphix works about/by the bands!The track listing was handwritten with a white market on an x-ray,this was included in the folder of the zine while the actual cassette case was all covered  with sand paper.
A package rather special and unique...
Enjoy it.


A1 No Unauthorized Clap (Remix)
A2 Black Flowers Space Wars
A3 Viktimized Karcass All After Me
A4 Tam Quam Tabula Rasa Erigendi Cumuli Ruinarum
A5 David Prescott Untitled
A6 Mental Anguish Yeah, That's The Way You Do It
A7 Thuscia S. King Your Obedient Servant
A8 Big City Orchestra Eat To Live
B1 Costes Sex Is Dope
B2 Thuscia Tanz Den Deutsch
B3 Disumana Res Huzdra
B4 No Unauthorized Traffic Twist
B5 De Fabriek So Long Captain!
B6 Nightmare Lodge Strategic Operations Simulation
B7 M.Nomized Electro 1-2
B8 City Limits (3) Ingsoc

Tuesday 20 December 2016

Ripping Thrash - Issue 14-(Fanzine-UK-1997)

Issue 14 f this nice punk zine,I posted already the Number 12.
It was managed by Steve in Burton-On-Trent during the 90s.He was also running a distro and a tape label called simply Mut.
In this number you`ll find a Slovenian,a Minneapolis and Turkish Scene report 1997,Interviews to Disorganized, Assert,Global Holocaust,Riot,tons of music and zine reviews + flyers.
Enjoy it.
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Monday 19 December 2016

New Bullettin n29-(Mail Art Archive-Italy-Dec.1992)

New Bulletin was a mail art fanzine created and managed by Alessandro Ceccotto,who was also managing  a big Mail Art Archive in Adria(Northern Italy)-I wrote about him when I posted the fanzine The Mouth.
I already posted the number 31 and the number 27 of this nice
Also in this issue lots of mail art invitations,flyers,underground press and various info of the obscure global networking scene in the early 90s.
Enjoy it.

Sunday 18 December 2016

v.a.-ENDLESS STRUGGLE[The Worst Of The 1in12 Club]Vol. 12/13-(2xLp-1in12 Records-UK-1995)

This is an amazing document released by the famous 1in12 club in Bradford(UK). 
2 vinyls with a long booklet!Astonishing selection of great punk bands,all of them played at some point at the 1in12 club during the early 90s.It came out with 28 pages booklet with info about the place and all the bands,great graphix works,lyrics,addresses and more...(all the scans provided here).
The official webpage of the 1in12 is here.
With a printrun of 2000 copies back in 1995,this is long gone now yet it is a brilliant piece of history of the diy/punk scene.
Enjoy it.
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A1Terminus (4) (In This) Dark Carnival
A2 Disaffect State Worse Than Death
A3 Sedition Disgrace / Abuse
A4 One By One Prisoner Of Conscience
A5 Cluster Bomb Unit Without A Warning
A6 Blitzkrieg Lest We Forget
A7 Sarcasm Mist Of Confusion
A8 Wat Tyler James Whale
A9 Sore Throat Hurry Up Garry '94 / Retribute
B1 Oi Polloi Guilty
B2 Voorhees Fucker / Whatever I Do
B3 Ironside (4) Suffocation
B4 Nailbomb (3) My Problems
B5 Wordbug Anywhere But Here
B6 Decadence Within Stitch In Time
C1 Contropotere Attacco Al Visus
C2 Doom (2) (We Hate The) Brew Crew
C3 Concrete Sox Speak Japanese Or Die
C4 Scraps Familiar Patterns
C5 Virtual Reality (7) Stalemate
D1 Hiatus (2) They Really Got Me
D2 Protest (8) Paralysis Through Conformity
D3 Beer Beast Govern Mental System / Ilkey Moor
D4 Immortal Dead Who's In Power

Saturday 17 December 2016

LA FALLAS DEL SISTEMA-Musica Para La Resistencia-(Estajanovismo Recs-Mexico-1999)

"Fallas Del Sistema started in 1992. Anarchist - AnarchoPunk band and besides the band we do other activities of libertarian diffusion, resistance and self-education. They've done many benefit shows and tours with Sin Dios and Los Muertos de Cristo from Spain, @patia no from Venezuela, Subsistencia and Resist and Exist from California, etc. And they did a South America tour in the following contries: Perú, Argentina, Uruguay, Brasil." (from anarcho-punk.net).
I wrote already about them when I posted the split tape with Brandelli D`odio.They are active since the end of the 90s,you can check their activities using their FB page.
 It was edited by Estajanovismo Recs ,which seems to be their own label,it  has a folded cover sleeve reporting lyrics and pics.
Enjoy it.

Friday 16 December 2016

PAUL IPBO-Sampler-(Not On Label-UK-1996)

An exquisite cassette of electronic jingles and weird experiments by this english musician.It doesn`t seems easy to find info on the net about him or/and his works.
It will make happy all the lovers of obscure musical creations crossing the borders of different scenes.
The recording is very good and there are few info on the cover sleeve.
Enjoy it.

Thursday 15 December 2016

D.L.K.-The Hell Key Zine n4-(Italy-January 1998)

Number 4 of this brilliant fanzine,I already posted the number 3 and the  number 2,this was before Marc started to collaborate with Maurizio Pustianaz and together they started Chain D.L.K. Zine,which I posted the the number 7 that came out with a cd compilation.,this excellent fanzine is still active as webzine,check it here.
In this issue you`ll find very good articles (italian and english)about Mutoid Waste Company,Psychic TV,Copy Art,Audiofile tapes,Hocico,Gerstein,Tryloc,Deviate Ladeis,TempleBeat,K.L.F.,Negativland,anti-copyright and tons of reviews of cds and tapes.
Enjoy it.

Wednesday 14 December 2016

Shag Stamp n5-(Fanzine-D.I.Y.-UK-1994)

Number 5 of this  amazing fanzine,I posted already the Number 6.
This was the personal fanzine by Jane active in the punk scene in Sheffield.She was also managing a "zine-only" distro and printing other very cool stuff.In fact I also posted by her the art-zine Hickey.
In this issue Jane writes about different issues,some of them still very up to date:Feminism and Pornography,Stripping for money(and Art),Obscenity and  few other interesting articles.
Well done and with nice pics and graphix-works this is a classic of the underground press coming from the fabulous 90s.
Enjoy it.

Tuesday 13 December 2016

v.a.-LA DIY OU LA MORT-Une Compilation Historique Du Mouvement Anarchopunk Francais-[1984-2006]-(Double cd compilation+Fanzine-Federacion Anarchopunk-France-2006)

Amazing double cd compilation + a well done fanzine of 68 pages(A4 b/w) with info about the bands and a long article about the history of the anarcopunk scene in France.
This article is translated into english and spanish and you can read it here, on the same webpage more info about this compilation and related projects.
The 2 cds of this long sampler offer us a wide view of the big anarcopunk scene in France spanning two decades(1984-2006)!The graphix layout is very nice providing lots of info,only in french language but you`ll find some translations on that page.
A precious and very useful document digging into the history of counter-culture and punk music with an attitude.
Enjoy it.
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1-120 Minutes De Chaos She Song 3:21
1-2 Agora (3) Le Planqué 2:03
1-3 Apatride Bunker Isolement Carcéral 2:07
1-4 Aside (2) Pink Triangle 2:42
1-5 Attentat Sonore Rien Qu'un Été Bleu Marine 2:06
1-6 AZF AZF + Baloche 4:12
1-7 Binaire What's Anarchy To Do With Your Badges 3:27
1-8 Civil Agression Génération Sans Idées 1:54
1-9 Coche Bomba La Guerre Civile 1:10
1-10 Desert Culturel* Jean-Marie (Live) 2:04
1-11 Flagrants D'Eli Tout Va Bien 4:25
1-12 Foetus Party Mon Fils Est Punk 3:25
1-13 Haine Brigade Vivre 2:14
1-14 Heyoka (4) Peine Perdue 3:26
1-15 Karnage (5) M. Durand, Mort Pour La France 3:59
1-16 Kochise Les Six Couleurs 3:28
1-17 Koroll Amnistie Blues 1:38
1-18 Nacht Und Nebel (6) Rester Lucide (Live) 2:25
1-19 Nada (22) La Complainte Du Lache (Live) 2:44
1-20 Nagasaki By Night Champignon De Paris (Live) 3:16
2-1 Nocif (2) Douce France 1:52
2-2 No Reason Voices Airwick System 2:21
2-3 No Time To Lose Buy The Kids (For The Kids) 4:15
2-4 Pariapunk Le Dire Et Le Faire 2:43
2-5 Parkaj Mental Et Si Pour Une Fois 2:50
2-6 Pekatralatak Des Lignes Et Des Lignes 3:01
2-7 Phase Terminale Sempiternel Combat 2:33
2-8 Primitiv Bunko Code Barre
Drums – FlöxVocals – Lölö Ass-Social
2-9 Psycho Squatt Au Labo De La Mort 3:19
2-10 René Binamé A Brief Comment On The Ballot Sham 2:10
2-11 Samizdat Politique 3:28
2-12 Scraps Familiar Patterns 4:46
2-13 La Société Elle A Mauvaise Haleine Résistance 1:42
2-14 La Soupe Aux Clous Putain De Lune 2:05
2-15 SS20 (2) Dernières Nouvelles Du Front 2:43
2-16 Urban Blight (3) I Hope We're Still Alive 1:56
2-17 Usual Suspects (8) Vivre Libre Ou Mourir
Written-By – Bérurier Noir
2-18 Utopia (23) Dans Chaque Scène 2:11
2-19 Verdun Les Geoles Républicaines 1:38
2-20 La Veru Berlue Révolte Autorisé 2:27