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Wednesday 21 December 2016

v.a.-DEFAECATIO 1-(Biotope Art Organization-Italy-c90-1989)

Another astonishing compilation by the mighty Biotope Art Organization a label covered in this blog many times now,I have in fact posted many tapes by this label. 
Originally located in Benevento (Italy) but relocated to London (UK) in the early 1990s.It was managed by Guglielo Lanzilli also music sculptor using the name Disumana Res.
In this long sampler we find a very good selection of obscure (or less obscure) artists playing esoteric electronikx,industrial,noise and more genial and difficult music.
It came out with a long A4 zine with info and amazing graphix works about/by the bands!The track listing was handwritten with a white market on an x-ray,this was included in the folder of the zine while the actual cassette case was all covered  with sand paper.
A package rather special and unique...
Enjoy it.


A1 No Unauthorized Clap (Remix)
A2 Black Flowers Space Wars
A3 Viktimized Karcass All After Me
A4 Tam Quam Tabula Rasa Erigendi Cumuli Ruinarum
A5 David Prescott Untitled
A6 Mental Anguish Yeah, That's The Way You Do It
A7 Thuscia S. King Your Obedient Servant
A8 Big City Orchestra Eat To Live
B1 Costes Sex Is Dope
B2 Thuscia Tanz Den Deutsch
B3 Disumana Res Huzdra
B4 No Unauthorized Traffic Twist
B5 De Fabriek So Long Captain!
B6 Nightmare Lodge Strategic Operations Simulation
B7 M.Nomized Electro 1-2
B8 City Limits (3) Ingsoc

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  1. Thank you. This is truly a work of art before even audibles are gotten to. Intrigued indubitably. Blessings.