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Sunday 11 December 2016

HALIM EL DABH-Xango Ka O-(Pointless music-Usa-199?)

Halim Abdul Messieh El-Dabh (Arabic: حليم عبد المسيح الضبع‎‎, Ḥalīm ʻAbd al-Masīḥ al-Ḍabʻ; born March 4, 1921) is an Egyptian American composer, performer, ethnomusicologist, and educator, who has had a career spanning six decades. He is particularly known as an early pioneer of electronic music.[1] In 1944 he composed one of the earliest known works of tape music,[2] or musique concrète. From the late 1950s to early 1960s he produced influential work at the Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center [3](taken from a wikipedia page  dedicated to him).
His official webpage is here,you can read there his bio,collaboration,artists works and much more. 
Pointless Music  seems to have been the personal label of Mike Hovancsek.
Veteran visual artist, writer and musician from US,here is actual webpage with lots of info about all his artistic activities.
This tape is old and doesn`t seems to be listed on his internet page,it is very interesting and will make happy the lovers of certain obscure concrete/tribal and ethnic music.You`ll find very useful info on the cover sleeve notes.
Enjoy it.
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