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Thursday 29 December 2016

LUSTER-Ne Quid Nimis-(audiofile Tapes-c60-1996-Usa)+Abandon-(Vuzh Music-Usa-c80-1998)

Quite an interesting project here called LUSTER. The mind behind it is C.REIDER who is also the head of VUZH Music; a label active since the early 90s. C. Reider has collaborated with many artists and different projects [De Fabriek, Tarkatak, ] and also played in the bands: Drone Forest and Grook`d Finger. C. Reider was active in the underground cassette tape labels network back in the 90s and he has also been involved in music journalism; writing mainly for the magazines: Autoreverse and Mouthy. Luster is his solo project. the 1st tape “not named” was released in 1991(diy pre-Vuhz music), the 2nd tape “ne quid nimis” was released on Audiofile tapes in 1996, and the third (and final) tape “Abandon” was eventually released on Vuhz Music in 1998, and then re-released on cd-r in 2002. You can find more info about this project and all the other bands by C.Reider on his webpage here. Also I scanned the cover sleeve of both tapes where you`ll find more info about the music and the people who collaborated with him at the time. ”Abandon” came out with a nice small booklet (included here)where you`ll find plenty of info about those songs. About the music: soundscapes of grey and gritty quietnoise???? A touch of organic dream ambient??? maybe… call it as you like; this is inspiring stuff from my collection.(from Vita Ignes Corpus Lignum blog).
All the old releases on tapes are available as free download from his nice webapge.You will also read more about all those great tapes,lots of info provided there.
For all the lovers of meditative ambient and abstract relaxing noises.
Enjoy it.
ne quid nimis 

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