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Friday, 29 September 2023

GURKHA - Death To All Fanatics - (Self Released-UK-Undated)

 Gurkha is a power trio from Bristol active during the end of  last decade!!This Cd isn`t listed on a Discogs page dedicated to them.

It has 6 tracks of heavy distorted HC Punk and no info at all, just the songtitles. Great fast bastard music. Enjoy it.

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Saturday, 23 September 2023

IDORA– To Life, To Movie, To Lie, To Die -(MCR Company-Japan-1991)

4 tracks of raw and angry HC punk  on this  7inch by the Japanese Idora! This release comes with lyric insert in Japanese and English! MCR Company is a Japanese hardcore punk label that has been in operation since 1983, their offical webpage is here. I left these songs as waves.Enjoy it.

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Friday, 15 September 2023

WHAT IF GODS LIE/AXT - Split Ep -(Thrashbastard/ Deadboulder Recs/ Suiciety Recs -Germany-Undated)

 Great split 7inch with What If Goods Lie playing heavy thrashcore and Axt  playing crust/d-beat! The cover reports some info and the lyrics by What If Gods Lie + pictures of both bands.A good piece of vinyl.Enjoy it.

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Monday, 11 September 2023

You`Re So Hideous[Special Crazy Boredom Insect Annihilation Syndrome Issue]-(fanzine-UK-1994)

Another amazing issue of You`Re So Hideous punk fanzine created by Ben, who was previously managing the cool fanzine Raising Hell.
  Inside this, you`ll find interesting articles, scene reports, interviews with bands, reviews of cassettes and eps/lps and more great writings.
Very nice graphics work just like the proper old school zines.Enjoy it.

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Tuesday, 5 September 2023

Me♀ss – Get Into A Mess - (KWR-Japan-1986)

 Legendary flexi disc by this Japanese punk band from the 80s. 4 tracks of raging HC Punk,recorded on September 1986 at Heacon recording studio. King's World Records:Punk rock label from Fukuoka, Japan, most famous for artists such as the Swankys. Active from about 1985 until today.I left these tracks as waves.Enjoy it.

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Friday, 1 September 2023

THE MESMERIZERS - Tregenda - (Self Released-Italy-1993)

 Professional cassette by this Italian band from Sedriano(Milano)! 6 tracks of old school heavy metal with a poweful voice.1000 copies printed with a colour cover sleeve reporting info about the recording.Enjoy it.

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Tuesday, 29 August 2023

CONCLUSION - 零ノ目醒め -(Overthrow Records-Japan-2004)

 Conclusion is Japanese band playing a personal form of furious HC Punk! This 7inch is crafted with 3 fantastic tracks,the cover sleeve reports lyrics in Japanese language and info in english. Enjoy it.

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Wednesday, 23 August 2023

v.a.- Orecchiette Alla Pestona - (Terapia Intensiva/Kollettivo Indios-Italy-1998)

 Number 1 of  this seire-I have already posted the Number 2-or called Bis-compiled by Roberto Liuzzi, who used to write a newsletter called Contro. I cannot find my copy, this is the digital one passed to me by Roberto, I got back in touch with him not long ago, he has nowadays a blog: Tribe`s Union, which mainly focused on the Italian HC punk scene.

This compilation offer to us a selection of great bands coming from Apulia region, active on the end of the 90s.The booklet reports info and contacts. I have translated,freely, the introduction to this sampler:

 This compilation assembled by the chefs Terapia Intensiva and Indios Collective, it was born from the will to get together in 1 tape the music by bands around us. a sort of manifesto of the expressions of the DIY punk scene from the Apulia region. This scene is close to us geographically, we live in Apulia. Maybe this is the first action of this kind in our region. We thought to make it as a fundraiser, eventually we want to use the profit out of it to build a DIY screen printing to print T-shirts, stickers and more stuff and use the money raised from their sale as a fund to help various organizations (animalist,anti-army, ecologist...)which we care of. Actions that we have had in our minds for a long time, this idea is definitely something that we can define as THINK GLOBALLY-ACT LOCALLY, this is our Compilaton Orecchiette Alla Pestona. The dish is very yummy and we hope that the tape will be yummy too.
This sampler will not stay alone, in fact, we are already thinking to release a second volume next year, a volume that will include other bands that we couldn`t fit in here for various reasons. So, stay tuned..you can write to our addresses...
NDT addresses are very obsolete.

To complete this post I am adding the tracklist and the introduction from the booklet. A very big thank you to Roberto for his help and kindness.Enjoy it.

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Ricetta Brindisina
A1Shock Treatment (4)New Day Rising
A2Shock Treatment (4)Escape From...
A4Gangway Man*Papapaparipapa

Ricetta Barese
A5PancroniaItalian Hospital
A6A Testa Bassa*Movimenti Statici

Ricetta Leccese
B1Suburban NoiseWhat Else To Say
B2Run Patty RunPressure
B3Lilly NoizCielo Grigio

Ricetta Tarantina
B4HobophobicNon È Realtà
B6SFC*È Stato Lo Stato
B7SFC*4 Sbarre

Friday, 18 August 2023

HEAD Magazine N10(Altered States) - (Magazine-UK-2000)

 N10 of this fantastic magazine,I have, already, posted
the Number 2 released in 1992, the Number 3½(Woof) ,the Number 7(the Sex Issue) and  Number 4(Freedom and Gender)and number 8 released in 1998.

This issue has 2 parts of 56 pages each,many interesting subjects,books and music reviews, columns, drawings and more. I am attaching here the tables of contents.

This is, unquestionably,an exquisite example of underground press at its best, coming from the very underground world of the pagan post-cyberpunk revolution.Enjoy it.

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Sunday, 13 August 2023

SWARAJ CHRONOS - Gibberish-(Live @ The Birds Nest-Deptford-London-UK-04/03/2022)

 An unreleased track by this London combo already covered in this blog when I posted their 2021 self-released Cd Sinners. The video is pretty good giving us an astonishing picture of the whole band and their sound in a live setting. Enjoy it.


Thursday, 10 August 2023

DIASPORA - Gaikkodibehtet Muvrrat Vuolás - (ElderBerry Records/ BBP Recs/Ruin Nation Recs/Witchhunt/Yellow Fever-UK/Finland/Germany/Sweden-1999)

   Diaspora was a hardcore punk band from Finland. Members also played in "Alakulttuurin Kusipäät", Kansalaistottelemattomuus, Olotila, Pax Americana, Positive Negative, Anti Maschistas, Domo Arigato, Haymarket Eight, Life's A Riot!, Scumbrigade, Sista Civilisationens Död, This Is Not A Game Of Who The Fuck Are You, Umbrella Tribe, War Of Words, Yuppiecrusher, Eristetyt, Lapinpolthajat, Kurwa Aparata, Rajat, Riistetyt, Sotatila, and Turun Tauti. This album came out as a co-production amongst various cool independent punk record labels. Enjoy it.

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Monday, 7 August 2023

RAKSHA MANCHAM - Phyidar - (Musica Maxima Magnetica-Italy-1992)

This Belgian group's music is strongly derived from the music of indigenous peoples worldwide, and is played on native instruments from Tibet, Egypt, Brazil, Morocco, Mali, Nepal and the Cameroon, along with many other acoustic percussion, wind and string instruments. (from Discogs)

"Phyidar" may be defined as the "second broadcasting" of the (Buddhist) "doctrine" in Tibet. It has deep connections with the history of Buddhism - as Buddhism was initiall y introduced in Tibet during the VII th century and was eclipsed during the late IX th, the X th and the early XI th century. There was a second "broadcasting" of the (Buddhist) doctrine in Tibet in the early XI th century.

This first CD of Raksha Mancham is a compilation of the first three vynil albums of the band, plus several new tracks.Recorded between 1987-92 and mixed between 1989-92. Some versions on this cd are different from the original vinyl albums.
Also released as a limited deluxe boxset (108 copies). (from their official webpage   click me


Thursday, 3 August 2023

v.a.- Statics - (CCI Recordings-Japan-1995)

 Great compilation with a bunch of cutting-edge artists playing experimental electronics!!CCI Recordins was Japanese label run by Ryoji Ikeda. Now Defunct. Enjoy it.

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1    Darrin Verhagen–    Soft Ash
2    Akira Yamamichi–    Phenomenized Soundscapes
3    Ryoji Ikeda–    Untitled
4    Jim O'Rourke–    Sinking Lights In Lambeth   
5    Kazuhiko Kinami–    Le Banquet Céleste
6    Alan Lamb–    Beauty (Short Version)
7    Christophe Charles–    Undirections/Stationary    8:03
8    Paul Schütze–    Sleep IV
9    David Toop–    Iron Perm
10    Andrew Lagowski* & Toru Yamanaka–    Rain


Saturday, 29 July 2023

In Media Res N8 -(Fanzine-Croatia-1996)

 Number 8 of this Croatian Zine, I have, already, posted the Number 9!! It was created by Mark Strpic in Zagreb on the end of the 90s. Although quite short,it has very good contents.In this issue a detailed and funny editorial,long and interesting interviews to Urte (a small DIY label from Germany),Gecko aka Pille Weibel from Switzerland who was running Gultertiertapes, the American @punk band Aus Rotten, a report about Foggia`s Squats + columns, fanzine`s reviews and comics!! All in all a great example of pure underground press at its best. To complete this post,I am adding the editorial for this issue. Enjoy it!

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Wednesday, 26 July 2023

WARPEACE/DISABLED - Two Way Split -(Obdura Distro-Italy-2011)

 Split Cd-r with two crust-punk bands. Warpeace from Italy and Disabled from Indonesia!! 5 tracks for each band in this political release,the  folded cover sleeve reports lyrics and info,the music is d-beat/crust punk as well as the graphic layout. Both recordings are pretty good. Obdura Distro is a small italian distribution, their blog is here. Up the PUNX.

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Wednesday, 19 July 2023

Nödvärn - Limbarn -(Self Released-Sweden-Undated)


10 tracks of pure D-beat by the Swedish Nödvärn! The CD-r comes with an insert reporting the Swedish lyrics with English translations,no  info about the band and/or this production.Enjoy the Swedish ultra-crust punk.

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Thursday, 13 July 2023

ACCION MUTANTE - Y No Hai Remedio - (Skuld Releases/Profane Existence-Germany/USA-1998)

 Legendary 7inch by this combo from Stuttgart, Germany. It comes with a black and white 8-paged booklet with lyrics, credits and artwork as cover.All the relevant scans included here and I left these tracks as waves.Enjoy it.

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Saturday, 8 July 2023

STREETPUNK DRUNKS - Oi! Junkie 14 Rough Demos - (Streetpunk Drunks-UK-Undated)

 Streetpunk Drunks are a 4-piece Oi! band with a bit of Hardcore Punk thrown in.
The band formed in 2007 in Liverpool England. Their FB page is here. This K7 is not listed on the Discogs page dedicated to them. It  has 15 tracks with a good recording, the A4 folded cover sleeve reports lyrics and scattered info. Enjoy the OI Street-Punk.

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Sunday, 2 July 2023

L.C.B. - Dopo Ore Di Silenzio - (Alampo Records-italy-2010)


L.C.B. was born in the first months of 2009 in Arezzo, after some free Live-Electronics sessions. Son and successor to a long history in the arena of ambient-industrial music, L.C.B. has a unique individual as father: Giņ.His strong passion for experimentation, audio manipulation, extreme sound,  and above all his attachment to the forerunners of the genre (from Russolo and Bianchi to the present) bring him to explore musical avenues which are free from any rational or stylized order.

L.C.B. is The Man, with his languages, his shifts and cracks, his discomfort.
With his curved behaviour and the whacked hopes.
With his life, too.
With his end, above all.

Dopo Ore Di Silenzio: A collection of 14 tracks recorded in early 2009 from this italian "solitary" project.An eclectic trip from noise to harsh, from cool electronica to old industrial school influence.Many references but truth is that NO ONE sounds like L.C.B. Info taken from Alampo Records webpage where this cd appears to be sold out.The folded cover sleeve reports info and graphix. 

L.C.B. stands for Le Cose Bianche,it means The White Things.Enjoy it. click me


Thursday, 29 June 2023

UP AGAINST - War Will Never End... - (Drunk Records-Canada-1997)

 Up Against was a band from Montrel (Canada) active at end of the 90s. This 7 inch has 4 fast and violent HC Punk tracks, the folded cover sleeve reports pictures, lyrics and info.Drunk Records was a small DIY label from Montreal (Canada),probably managed by the band. Eventually I left these tracks as waves .Up The Punx !

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Friday, 23 June 2023

Ripping Thrash N7 - (Fanzine-UK-1992)

 N7 of this historic british punk zine managed by Steve in Burton-On-Trent during the 90s. He was also running a distro and a tape label called simply Mut. I have, already, posted a few issues of this great zine.

In this one lots of interesting stuff :Interviews to Chaotic End, Mushroom Attack, Corpus Vile, Earth Citizens,Pussy Juice, Acoustic Grinder, Agathocles, Wiwisekja, Gulag, Life But How To Live It?, No Fish on Friday, Resist, scene reports from Portugal,Turkey and Italy + music reviews and tons of related info.

Enjoy it.

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Monday, 19 June 2023

v.a.- Orecchiette Alla Pestona il Bis - (Terapia Intensiva/Kollettivo Indios-Italy-2001)


Long compilation compiled by Roberto Liuzzi, who used to write a newsletter called Contro, back in the 90s. I had lost my copy of the booklet and so I couldn`t retrieve the track-list of bands/songs, funny enough lately I got back in touch with Roberto,after a very long time and he kindly provided the scans of the booklet. Roberto has nowadays a blog called Tribe`s Union, which mainly focused on the Italian HC punk scene.

The sampler Orecchiette  Alla Pestona Il bis is the second issue of this series and it covers HC Punk bands from Puglia (and a few strictly related bands of the surrounding area) active at the end of the 90s. The booklet reports info and lyrics, I have asked Roberto to write a few lines to present this great sampler, so here is his message:

Nostalgic Attack! This strong sensation felt from listening to this tape compilation, after 20 years that I didn`t play it. A time journey that recalls many reminiscences: a freeze frame, an adrenalinic picture of that precise and very rich moment, a peak of a creative and antagonistic turmoil (fanzines, bands, squats,t.a.z, and similar diy events)like, maybe never happened before in that region.
It is so clear in my mind as an experience that I have lived, it is an unforgettable memory.
Selective criteria in choosing the acts(only  HC Punk bands from that area, with many different sound variations, only Pugliesi bands with just a few cousins very close in that area)based on human/attitude affinity, all united to imprint on tape our will to make ourself heard, everyone hoping to keep going in our journey.Thanks, Faraway to renew the experience.

To complete this post I am attaching the tracks list. A very big thanks to Roberto for helping me with the booklet scans and for his written contribution. Enjoy it.

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Lato A


a02-SQUARCIAGOLA- Guardando

a03-SICK BOY -Riot flag

a04-FUCKAGARE '-Fanculo

a05-POPE OFF -Mutazione genetica

a06-ANONIMA PUNK- Selvaggio

a07-SPUTO -Randagio

a08-RUGGINE- Non ne posso più

a09-RUGGINE-Un no alla merda


a11-OTAKU- One way only

a12-IRIDIO- Cane mordace

a13-CHAOS- Giustizia di Stato, Giustizia dei padroni

a14-FRANTIC- Urban winter

a15-BRUSCA -Tra me e te

Lato B

b01-BRANDELLI D'ODIO- Fotografie di Stragi

b02-BRANDELLI D`ODIO- Tutta merda

b03-The MUDDLERS- Desperate stomp

b04-RUIDO SOS- Ne miti nè eroi

b05-D.I.A.- Tradition + Straight to nothing + Robbed + Bodies on parade

b06-S.N.F. -Scorrono i secondi + Spina Nel Fianco

b07-SPRINGFIELD -Springfield

b08-BRIGANTI -Bugia! + L'ultima violenza

b09-BELINTESTA- Non cambiare

b10-ROOM 104 -Untitled


b12-LE CENERI -Sessioni di trapanazioni mentale n.1

ps-this is the exact set list,the track b05 by D.I.A. appears as 1 long track, it includes 4 different songs, the track b06 by S.N.F. it includes 2 different songs.


Thursday, 15 June 2023

ASSEMBLY OF GOD - Submission Obedience Denial -(Havoc Records-USA-2001)


8 tracks of furious Hardcore Punk in this 7inch by the American trio Assembly Of God!! The folded cover sleeve reports lyrics and info. Havoc Records is an Independent punk / hardcore / grindcore label from the United States founded by Felix Havoc! Here their webpage where this 7inch appears to be sold out.Enjoy it.

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Saturday, 3 June 2023

DEATH COMES ALONG - Heavy Psychedelic Schizoid God - (Mangrove-Japan-1994)

Death Comes Along is a side project of the HC punk band Crow.They play a sort of heavy psychedelic music mixing art-rock, noise, death industrial, avant-garde, and weird experimental jingles. 

As a kind of reference the cover sleeve reports: Funeral March for Amebix, The Mob, Dirt, Antisect, Crude SS, MB, SPK, F.T.B., Diamanda Galas, Ash Ra Tempel, Guru Guru, Amon Duul, Bodkin, Black Sabbath, German Oak- Dedicated to Edward Gein.

 This statement might help you to understand the influences that, in a way, helped to shape their music. Not an easy listening yet full of surprises. Big thanks to Gianluca for lending me this fantastic piece of vinyl, I left these tracks as waves. Enjoy it!

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Wednesday, 31 May 2023

POUNAFLESH/REJECTED - Cursed - (Mass Productions, Angry Scenes Records, Winston Records, Deadworld Records, Blind Destruction Records, FCR-UK/France-2008)

 Split Cd by these 2  British punk bands sharing angry and fast HC punk.The folded cover sleeve reports info and lyrics with a cool graphic layout.The recording is very good. A great split album.

Up the Punx!!

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Saturday, 27 May 2023

Desde Abajo N15 - (Fanzine-Mexico-2000)

 Political fanzine from Mexico City created by members of the J.A.R.-a collective of punks into anarchist ideas and counter-culture. In this issue a long report about the second meeting in Bahia (Brasil) about Humanity and Against Neoliberalism, an article about ecology + few other thoughts.In Spanish language,only.Disfrutalo!!

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Tuesday, 23 May 2023

OPPOSITION PARTY - Chaotic Years 1989-1995 -(Donotconsume-Malaysia-2004)


OPPOSITION PARTY - the earliest punk/metal band from Singapore since 1986! This CD is a compilation of old releases out of stock since a long time,it contains New waves Recs 7", Side A of It's Our Lives cassette, Nightmare Visions cassette, Reborn cassette (incomplete, missing 1st track) and 2 unreleased tracks.Formed in late 1986, Opposition Party started out as a bunch of social misfits
 Their Official Website offer to us a complete long biography,discography and related info.Their Bandcamp page has their latest productions.Enjoy it.

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