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Tuesday 19 March 2019

GRIM MACHINE-Decay-(Concrete Noise-Greece-Mini Cdr-2013)+Still Lives-(Concrete Noise-Greece-Mini Cdr-2013)+Ancient Future(M/Stick-Not On Label)+ Heterodoxa-Une Totale Midnight Chamber Music-(E.D.A./E.T.C. Tapes-Greece-2017)

Grim Machine is a solo project by Alex M. (The Zyklons, Black Faun)
through found/modified instruments and homemade/readymade sounds it deals with noise and improvisation as machinery made to attack reality, more or less, a useless skronk of freedom.

I swapped a few emails with Alexander, the headmaster of this project, He kindly wrote a biography based on his releases.

"Grim Machine started 2013 as an HNW experimental project dealing with noise as a way of protest in music, an anti-silence statement, opposed to the cultural and moral deprivation that occurred during the worst years of Financial Depression in Greece. Also, it was –and still remains- a political entity, anti-fascist, anti-capitalist and supporting the DIY ethos. The name is a metaphor for the human condition, the man seen as emotive machinery overwhelmed by negative feelings. The first releases were self-made cd-rs, hand painted or printed and distributed hand by hand in DIY concerts, squats and counter culture spaces. Decay and Still Lives are the documentation of that period, existential and strongly political in nature, made from urban sounds loops, broken toy instruments, and noise generators.
Along with those came the Ancient Future USB memory stick that included 3 digital mini albums and a folder of GM’s art inspired by rock drawings, prehistoric art, and Art Brut.
In 2016 GM cooperated with EDA/ECT TAPES label in Athens, sharing ideas, organizing gigs and forming a coherent circle of like-minded artists. Heterodoxa is the first tape release on ECT label, mixing a wide range of diverse references such as sound poetry, industrial noise, children’s music, circuit bending, the Dogon Nommo mythology, and tribal fetishism. B side Une Totale Midnight Chamber Music is a live recording from Villa Zwgrafou squat in Athens shortly before it was evacuated, and the title is a schizophrenic homage to three of GM’s beloved artists, Ghedalia Tazartes, SPK, and Violent Onsen Geisha."

I have split his introduction according to the various releases,I will make another post about his more recent releases in the near future. 
To complete this post I am also attaching a video.
Enjoy this amazing artist.
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