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Thursday 21 March 2019

LIFE CYCLE-The Weight Of Tradition-(Mad World Records-UK-1989)

The Weight of tradition sits heavily on all our shoulders, from the subtlest forms of enculturation to the most stringent social codes, all encourage us to lose truth in favour of habit or convention; as Blake wrote"The Establishment of truth depends on the destruction of falsehood continually"

We all possess the faculties for self-analysis along with the ability to change our modes of thought and behaviour, in reality, the stumbling block when it comes to the conscious avoidance of sexual or other forms of roleplay,is our fear of deviance,the fear of disapproval from those around us,along with anxieties based on the abandonment of our histories,our individual experiences. Shere Hite outlines the visual codes our society perpetuates,"The fact that men are allowed so little in forms of dress while women can wear all kind of things, show the value that men and the male system place on conformity, showing membership on the "male" group, because only by abiding to the rules of conformity can one prove he is part of the "male" club or the official ruling elite. That is why men adhere so strongly and with such pride to these forms, who would ever catch a man wearing a skirt, no matter how liberal?"

Hite`s words are not without humour but they still ring true, and if men cling so fiercely to traditional forms of dress, Imagine the ferocity with which they hold onto internalised norms and roles. It follows too that women are similarly attached to ideas and values that tie in with their position as the subordinate sex.
So it goes the long script on the back cover of this mini-lp, written by Marie Sheard(the singer) in June 1989. 
  Previously known as Capital Gain, the band Life Cycle started in the summer of 1986. The line-up consisted of Marie Sheard on lead vocals and bass, Ivor White on lead guitar, Neil Morgan on guitar and Chris Sheard on drums. After playing some live events, Ivor White left to join the band Shrapnel.
Enjoy this great Welsh crust/metal band. 

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