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Thursday 31 August 2017

THE MOUTH N1-(Fanzine-Poetry-Mail Art-Italy-1990)

The Mouth was a container for visual poetry, graphics works and poetries in various languages. It was created by Alberto Rizzi and Alessandro Ceccoto from the Mail Art Archive in Adria (Northern Italy).

with contributions by various artists from all over the world,the idea behind it was just genial.
Enjoy it.
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Tuesday 29 August 2017

TROMATISM-Une Saison En Enfer-(Active Distribution-UK-2000)

"Tromatism was a French punk band formed by Loran (formerly a member of Bérurier Noir and also Ze6). The band was famous for their live theatrical performances and on-stage visual arts.
While using some esoteric musical elements like drum machines, violins and flutes combined with anarcho punk influence, the band sounded hardcore and its lyrics had an emphasis on politics,specific issues like veganism, ecology, vivisection, anti-violence, colonialism and, homosexuality. They played in squats and defended such a way of life and existence by participating in open resistance against eviction and government intrusion.The group was active between 1993 to 1998,specific going on numerous tours and releasing two EPs (titled "K7 live" in 1993 and "Je ne veux plus avoir mal", roughly translated to "I don't want to suffer any longer" in 1994) and one full length LP in 2000 (titled "Une saison en enfer", roughly translated to "A season in hell). 

Apparently, the LP is still readily obtainable in Bourges, France (We doubt this! -jon active) where the singer is said to still reside and is actively involved in the punk scene.

Tromatism split in 1999 but individual members of the group are still active in the French punk, music and art community as phenomenal musicians,
performers ,and respected political punks."(Info from Active distribution web site)

This is one of the best French band that I ever saw live, their performances were just stunning and powerful leaving the audience in an haze of astonishment and  joy.Tribal electro punk with many messages,I am including here some videos as I think you should really watch their live actions.A wikipedia page in French  is here.This lp is a great release too.
Enjoy it.
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A2 Egoland
A3 L'Amour Est Enfant De Bohême
A4 L'Arme A Came
A5 Violence
A6 Laids Sbires
A7 Sayonara
B1 Revanche Indienne
B2 Intifada
B3 Mururoa
B4 Vichy Picrate
B5 Femme
B6 Tiocfaidh'Ar-là
B7 Itoiz



Recorded and mixed at Studios Pekor Production


Sunday 27 August 2017

AFFLICT/NAFTIA/CHAOS UK in Concerto Al Centro Sociale Autogestito di Udine-(Not On label-Italy-1989)

Very good recording of this punk gig at the social squatted center of Udine(Northern Italy)on the 7th of October 1988.
Afflict from Holland, Chaos UK from England and Naftia from Greece share the small stage of this cool squat to blast their furious HC Punk with political messages.
Inside the cover sleeve few notes about Naftia and their songs, bands addresses and info about the squat.
A nice old tape...
Enjoy it.
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Wednesday 23 August 2017

ARTHUR PERRY N47-(Fanzine-Self Released-UK-199?)

Small yet genial fanzine with lots of weird drawings, comics and short stories by various contributors writing from different angles of this planet. If  I don`t fail it was assembled by Lee Stokoe noise artist already covered in this blog for his work as Culver and his personal small label Matching Head.
Enjoy it.
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Tuesday 22 August 2017

ECONOCHRIST-Trained To Serve-(Vermiform-USA-1992)

Astonishing album by the legendary Econochrist!Powerful and fast HC Punk with interesting lyrics.
This is a classic from m the past and it shouldn`t be forgotten. A tribute FB page is here.
It was released on Vermiform Label bridging the overlap between noise, experimental music, punk/hardcore, electronics, and other music. Currently defunct. 
It was reprinted in 1994 by  Ebullition Records, an independent hardcore label from the United States, formed in 1990. Since then the label has released material from a wide variety of bands including Los Crudos, Spitboy, Econochrist, Struggle, Torches To Rome, Monster X, Bleed, and a host of others.Their actual webpage is here.
Enjoy it.
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Monday 21 August 2017

ERDIG-Hiob-(Self Released-Sweden-2017)

Here the cassette by this new and interesting project hailing from  Umeå, Sweden!Hand-numbered and limited to 20 copies this tape comes with an on-tape-only version of "Wer will Gott lehren, der auch die Hohen richtet?". Other tracks are slightly dubbed and mixed to fit the tape length.3 different cover sleeves available.
Music for forgotten chambers, meditative sequences, and minimal passages circle us in world of mistery and magical aura. Here a note from the Olof, the musician who recorded this astonishing tape on the 20th of June 2017.
"Erdig" is one of my side projects. "Digre" is my main act. Erdig is Dungeon Noise or Dungeon Synth with noisier parts. I make the melodies with my keyboard and computer and record it to cassette tape. Then I go out and record nature or town noises on my portable tape recorder. When I have all the material I want I go into the studio and mix it all together by overdubbing or through my porta-studio. The album/tape caller "Hiob" are mixed only through overdubbing. It is when I have two cassette players connected to a mixer and records it all to a third tape. then if I want to add a new layer I just run it all over again through that same setup. When I do music for my main projcect (digre.bandcamp.com) I use cleaner sounds and never mix like that. I make that all inside the computer like chiptune with famitracker. but with Erdig I make it much more dirty with field recordings and reverb and effects like that, analog and cable-tricks and all that. Erdig is German and translates to "earthy" or maybe "earth like" and while "Digre" is made to be heavenly Erdig is made to be more earthy and the themes are prophets of the Old Testament. I am working on Jonah for my next Erdig-tape. And Hiob is german for Job. From the Book of Job,"
After this introduction I can only suggest you to visit his bandcamp page  to listen his amazing music and/or buy his precious cassette.
Enjoy it. 

Sunday 20 August 2017

ZUB n7-(Fanzine-Self Released-Portugal-2001)

Graphics art fanzine made of collages, xerox experiments, comics and minimal copy art alterations reminding me some mail art, dadaism and toward the future hidden secret messages.
Few words, No poems, No articles just plain black and white shadows and xerox-art manipulations.
Underground press at its finest, for the lovers of this kind of alter-ego no-sense exploitations.
It came out in a limited edition of 100 copies in September 2001, I guess it is not easy to find nowadays.
Enjoy it.
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Saturday 19 August 2017


Primes, an electro industrial punk duo from Vancouver, British Columbia consisting of Jack Duckworth, a fixture of the underground music scene in Vancouver accompanied by Michelle Synnot. Active sometime between 2003 and 2007/2008. Fully endorsed by former prime minister Jean Chretien. Jack Duckworth is now focused on his project Soft Riot, please check out his awesome channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrxA...
(from youtube) ---official web page:http://www.primes-music.com/

Wednesday 16 August 2017

SKULL-Skull-(Self Released-Italy-1987)

Astonishing demo by this Italian band hailing from Sardinia and playing a raw form of speed metal, they formed in 1983 and disbanded in 1996. It seems they have released a full-length album in 2012 named I Saw The Fire.
This is definitely an exquisite example of the First Wave Of Italian Heavy Metal, probably pretty rare too.
Enjoy it.
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Monday 14 August 2017

ARGOT Vol.8-(Magazine-Gulf Coast Community College-USA-1995)

Very good literary magazine created by the students of West Coast Community College in the USA during spring 1995.
Lots of writers, poets and the like give their contribution to this excellent collection of short stories, poetries, fiction and illustration.
To complete this post I am attaching here a review taken from The News Herald published in November 1995 that give us lots of info about this project.
Enjoy it.

Sunday 13 August 2017

v.a.-Warsaw Un Homenaje A Joy Division-(El Colectivo Karma-Spain-1998)

Great compilation cd with all Spanish bands covering the music of Joy Division, released by this Spanish Label based in Sevilla.
Some tunes are amazing...just as some of those bands.
A good selection of artists and songs for all the Joy Divison`s lovers around the world.
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1 Automatics (3) Atmosphere
2 Pribata Idaho* Love Will Tear Us Apart
3 Sr. Chinarro Passover
4 Explosivos Acme The Only Mistake
5 Submarine (3) Transmission
6 Sweetwater (3) The Eternal
7 Honey Langstrumpf Dead Souls
8 Yellowfinn Twenty Four Hours
9 Los Planetas Disorder
10 Supernova (21) The Drawback
11 El Niño Gusano She's Lost Control
12 Lord Sickness Something Must Break
13 Long Spiral Dreamin' Wilderness
14 Mercromina Ceremony
15 Flow (29) No Love Lost
16 Alias Galor Failures
17 Strange Fruit (6) New Dawn Fades

Saturday 12 August 2017

Etica Ascetica - Flyer For The Release :10 Years Anniversary Tape.(Italy/Greece-1999)

This is the flyer that E.A.---this ghost collective already covered many times in this blog--- released to promote its 10 years anniversary tape, a compilation of songs taken from the other tape-works released previously.It was compiled by Raff during the summer 1999 and then released by Iason on his cool label 1000+1 Tilt in Greece at the end of the same year. 

Friday 11 August 2017

v.a.-AITEIN-ROCK-(JW/R Rec-Raippa Recs-Finland-1994)

This tape seems to be the documentation of a gig happened in Lahti(Finland) on the 8th of May 1994.
All Finnish bands, the most of them from Lahti. They play a low-fi rock`n` roll with different variations/influences. 
On the cover sleeve, there are listed 2 labels JW/R recs and Raippa Records, it does n`t seem very easy to find any info about those small and very probably Finnish labels.
Get it if you are into weird rock, underground bands, and lo-fi recordings.
ps-only for Finnish people, in the cover sleeve, appears a note with few lines about this recording, if you get more info from it then please leave a comment.
Enjoy it.
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Thursday 10 August 2017

No Sanctuary n25 + No Sanctuary n27-(Resistance Productions-Switzerland-1994)

Number 25 and number 27 of this Swiss punk zine released by the label Resistance Productions.I already posted few issues of this fanzine and lots of other productions  released by this small yet very lively and totally DIY and anarchist label based in Zurich first and then relocated to Biel. 
It was managed by Fritze F.T.S., Pablo Van Paz, Sämy Soyahead, Oli, and Lara. They were active from 1988 to 1998.
In these small fanzines lots of interesting articles, interviews, reviews and more political messages.
Two great tools to research the amazing international punk scene of that era.
Enjoy it.
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Tuesday 8 August 2017

PLEASANT VALLEY CHILDREN/GENERIC-Who Needs Love To Have Any Fun/Join The Cospiracy-(Dementia Records-Usa-1992)

Classic split 10inch with the demos,recorded in the 80s by those two brutal punk bands.
Generic is an hardcore punk band from Newcastle, UK, active from 1985 to 1989.In this demo they assault us with spazzed out vocals and raw hardcore punk.Micky and Sned from this band went on to form the amazing One By One.

On the other side we`ll find an uncompromising attack by Pleasant Valley Children. Hailing from Leeds, PVC plays a kind of chaos-core with the demonically possessed vocals of Pig, there’s never a danger that this is going to turn into a pleasant or safe listening experience.
The vinyl comes with a folded sheet with lyrics and info.
A great 10 inch for punk lovers.
Enjoy it.

A1 Generic Never Forget
A2 Generic Cracked
A3 Generic Caught Like A Rat
A4 Generic Same Again
A5 Generic Loser
A6 Generic Time To Jump
A7 Generic From The Ashes
B1 Pleasant Valley Children The Myth Of...
B2 Pleasant Valley Children Big Stinker / The Cut
B3 Pleasant Valley Children No Second Chance
B4 Pleasant Valley Children Flounder
B5 Pleasant Valley Children You Not Me
B6 Pleasant Valley Children Dumbfuck
B7 Pleasant Valley Children Coming Clean
B8 Pleasant Valley Children What's So Funny?
B9 Pleasant Valley Children Bedlam Valley
B10 Pleasant Valley Children Ropeburn

Saturday 5 August 2017

AMEN This Is Religgion N5 + F.A.R./RITMO TRIBALE Split Tape-(Fanzine+Tape-Amen Prod.-Italy-1987)

Here the fifth number of this legendary Italian fanzine focusing on industrial music, politics, arts and other interesting issues.In this number, a long article about Jenet, a discussion about university and politics, Nurse With Wound(the band), an interview to Coil, an article about depression,some poetries, few short stories, Test Dept interview and Joy Divison lyrics, Come Organisation and other great messages + astonishing graphic works.
This number came out with a split tape with two good acts:F.A.R.(Italian Industrial prime-movers, led by Mauro Guazzotti (later known as MGZ).and Ritmo Tribale (Italian Alternative Rock band from Milano formed in the mid 80's and disbanded around 2000.)
This is a classic of the Italian Industrial scene from the wonderful 80s.Do not miss it if you can read Italian language and if you don`t then you can always enjoy the music.
This is ReliGGion!
A1 Ritmo Tribale Circondato
A2 Ritmo Tribale Sotto Tiro
A3 Ritmo Tribale Faccia Sporca
A4 Ritmo Tribale Into The West
A5 Ritmo Tribale Ho Perso Il Controllo
A6 Ritmo Tribale Bandiere
A7 Ritmo Tribale Tempo Perso
A8 Ritmo Tribale Meglio Di Te
A9 Ritmo Tribale Guido

Suite Della Tentazione
B1 F:A.R. Lucciole Preservate I
B2 F:A.R. The Departure
B3 F:A.R. Lascia Ch'Io Fugga Colà - Non E' Una Piccolezza
B4 F:A.R. Possibilità Infinite (I & II)
B5 F:A.R. Divorato - The End


Free tape with Amen n.5 fanzine