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Thursday 3 August 2017

v.a.-NYARLATHOTEP-A Tribute To H. P. Lovercraft-(Kadath-Portugal-c60-1997)

Astonishing compilation tape released in a  limited edition of 50 copies. A bunch of  top-class artists playing strange forms of  experimental electronic touching the dark wave, the esoteric, the new wave, the  no wave and the industrial music.
With a cover picture by H.R. Giger and dedicated to H.P. Lovercraft this sampler will enlight the dark souls and the wicked minds.
Kadath was a Portuguese tape label based in Coimbra and run by Nuno Loureiro. The first tape was released in 1995, the label produced noise, experimental and industrial artists.
A great project with mesmerizing artists.
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A1 Kirlian Camera Die Hochöfen Des Schmerzes (Organ Version)
A2 Tombstone Ritual Affliction
A3 In Articulo Mortis The Perfect Solitude Of The Wolf (Song For Bernd Thies)
A4 Gerstein Dagon
A5 Nigredo De Tenebroso Lacu
A6 Tombstone Illusions?
B1 T.A.C.* Deadly Nightshade
B2 M.Nomized Tantra Music

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