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Tuesday 8 August 2017

PLEASANT VALLEY CHILDREN/GENERIC-Who Needs Love To Have Any Fun/Join The Cospiracy-(Dementia Records-Usa-1992)

Classic split 10inch with the demos,recorded in the 80s by those two brutal punk bands.
Generic is an hardcore punk band from Newcastle, UK, active from 1985 to 1989.In this demo they assault us with spazzed out vocals and raw hardcore punk.Micky and Sned from this band went on to form the amazing One By One.

On the other side we`ll find an uncompromising attack by Pleasant Valley Children. Hailing from Leeds, PVC plays a kind of chaos-core with the demonically possessed vocals of Pig, there’s never a danger that this is going to turn into a pleasant or safe listening experience.
The vinyl comes with a folded sheet with lyrics and info.
A great 10 inch for punk lovers.
Enjoy it.

A1 Generic Never Forget
A2 Generic Cracked
A3 Generic Caught Like A Rat
A4 Generic Same Again
A5 Generic Loser
A6 Generic Time To Jump
A7 Generic From The Ashes
B1 Pleasant Valley Children The Myth Of...
B2 Pleasant Valley Children Big Stinker / The Cut
B3 Pleasant Valley Children No Second Chance
B4 Pleasant Valley Children Flounder
B5 Pleasant Valley Children You Not Me
B6 Pleasant Valley Children Dumbfuck
B7 Pleasant Valley Children Coming Clean
B8 Pleasant Valley Children What's So Funny?
B9 Pleasant Valley Children Bedlam Valley
B10 Pleasant Valley Children Ropeburn

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