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Thursday 10 August 2017

No Sanctuary n25 + No Sanctuary n27-(Resistance Productions-Switzerland-1994)

Number 25 and number 27 of this Swiss punk zine released by the label Resistance Productions.I already posted few issues of this fanzine and lots of other productions  released by this small yet very lively and totally DIY and anarchist label based in Zurich first and then relocated to Biel. 
It was managed by Fritze F.T.S., Pablo Van Paz, Sämy Soyahead, Oli, and Lara. They were active from 1988 to 1998.
In these small fanzines lots of interesting articles, interviews, reviews and more political messages.
Two great tools to research the amazing international punk scene of that era.
Enjoy it.
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  1. Thanks for this! Today I got hold of the Brains of Humans EP Resistance Prods put out in '89.