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Monday 21 August 2017

ERDIG-Hiob-(Self Released-Sweden-2017)

Here the cassette by this new and interesting project hailing from  Umeå, Sweden!Hand-numbered and limited to 20 copies this tape comes with an on-tape-only version of "Wer will Gott lehren, der auch die Hohen richtet?". Other tracks are slightly dubbed and mixed to fit the tape length.3 different cover sleeves available.
Music for forgotten chambers, meditative sequences, and minimal passages circle us in world of mistery and magical aura. Here a note from the Olof, the musician who recorded this astonishing tape on the 20th of June 2017.
"Erdig" is one of my side projects. "Digre" is my main act. Erdig is Dungeon Noise or Dungeon Synth with noisier parts. I make the melodies with my keyboard and computer and record it to cassette tape. Then I go out and record nature or town noises on my portable tape recorder. When I have all the material I want I go into the studio and mix it all together by overdubbing or through my porta-studio. The album/tape caller "Hiob" are mixed only through overdubbing. It is when I have two cassette players connected to a mixer and records it all to a third tape. then if I want to add a new layer I just run it all over again through that same setup. When I do music for my main projcect (digre.bandcamp.com) I use cleaner sounds and never mix like that. I make that all inside the computer like chiptune with famitracker. but with Erdig I make it much more dirty with field recordings and reverb and effects like that, analog and cable-tricks and all that. Erdig is German and translates to "earthy" or maybe "earth like" and while "Digre" is made to be heavenly Erdig is made to be more earthy and the themes are prophets of the Old Testament. I am working on Jonah for my next Erdig-tape. And Hiob is german for Job. From the Book of Job,"
After this introduction I can only suggest you to visit his bandcamp page  to listen his amazing music and/or buy his precious cassette.
Enjoy it. 

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