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Friday, 25 September 2020

IN THE SHIT-The Fall Of The Damned-(Mass Productions-France/ Inflammable Material -UK-1999)

In The Shit is an Hardcore Punk band formed 1996 in South Wales, UK, disbanded 2004. 
In this 7 inch the shoot 5 tunes of pure furious old school hardcore punk, including a cover version of "American Are Cool" by the Spermbirds.
Enjoy it.
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Wednesday, 23 September 2020


Amazing 60 minutes compilation with a bunch of industrial artists, at the time of release pretty obscure yet some of them to be famous in the year to come...and the rest is history.
Not much info about the label, it came out with a small booklet (scans included here).
Enjoy it.
;f/a*r~a^w:a_y :
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A1 The Band Of Holy Joy* City Of Tales
Performer – Big John (3), Brett Turnbull, Johnny Brown*, Matine Thoguenne, Max (18)
A2 Rowland S. Howard Still Burning 5:33
A3 Lydia Lunch Dear Whores 2:33
A4 Nurse With Wound Alas The Madonna Functions 3:37
A5 Total (4) All Night Long
Performer – Helga (2), Richard Heslop, Tim Burke, Tom Astor (2)
A6 Test Department* Total State Machine 8:13
B1 Dau Al Set Strange Pain
Performer – Hammersmith, Robin Rimbaud, Tony Rimbaud
B2 Dau Al Set Dream Scum
Performer – Hammersmith, Robin Rimbaud, Tony Rimbaud
B3 Total Damage Pump 3:40
B4 Derek Jarman Untitled
Recorded By [Uncredited] – Robin Rimbaud
B5 Current '93'* Anti-Christ Anti-Christian
Performer – Bee, David Tibet, Isidore Ducasse (4), John Balance, Rose McDowall, Steven Stapleton
B6 Pure (6) Untitled 3:14
B7 Coil Dream Photography
Performer – John Balance, Peter Christopherson
B8Unknown ArtistUntitled
Performer [Uncredited] – Robin Rimbaud



Comes in 24 page b&w booklet with graphics from all artists.
Second Edition: Yellow Cover.

Special thanks to Robin, Chris, Richard, Tibet and Mami

Unknown Artist [Track B8] was Robin Rimbaud: "I was Dau Al Set, as well as recording the Jarman pieces, being the 'Unknown Artist' and producing the entire production. I still have the reel-to-reel tapes in the studio here"

Monday, 21 September 2020

El C.E.R.D.O-Toilet Grind-(Bandcamp-Mexico-2014)

El C.E.R.D.O is a digital grindcore project from Ciudad Juarez (Mexico)!
This is their second production and they have a new album released this year. You`ll find all the discography on their Bandcamp Page .
Recorded and forgotten since 2005
Freak as a social whore:
twitter: @AgorafobiaJRZ
Facebook: la mancha del pecado
Blogger: www.collantsnoirsreleases.blogspot.com

released March 10, 2014 
Harcor Malkriado - Vocals
Patas - Programming / Samplers
Freak - Bass / Vocals 
















Saturday, 19 September 2020

v.a-Вторая Часть Сборки "Панк-Рок Без Границ"-(Примитив-Дистро-Belarus)

This is the second part of the compilation Punk Rock Without Borders-2 Cds with punk bands from many places including East Europe, it was released by Primitive Distro. 
The folded cover sleeve reports pictures of the bands and info, almost everything in Cyrillic characters.
A big thanks to my friend Al-Maytatu L-Habithu for the help in translating some of the song titles and providing additional info.
Enjoy it.
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Disc 1
1 Meatwhistle Bungholes-A-Blazin
2 Meatwhistle Spiderman's A Homo
3 Meatwhistle Lobotomy
4 Opus Dead Maldito Obseso
5 Opus Dead Ohne Gewissen
6 Dr. Green* Purvas
7 Dr. Green* Tai Ne Man
8 The Daunza Cause Хрустящая Бумага
9 The Daunza Cause Сам
10 Silikon Fest Bin Laden
11 Silikon Fest Mama Anarkija
12 Dissect Themepark
13 Dissect Tiku & Taku
14 Solitary Neglect Stop Circumcision
15 Solitary Neglect Patriotic Provisions
16 Dezinfekce Haijl
17 Dezinfekce Bud Si Jisty
18 Toro Bravo Jokios Politikos
19 Toro Bravo Mes Sukūrėm
20 Dissent (13) Demand And Supply
21 Dissent (13) Filler (Minor Threat Cover)

Disc 2
22 Słowa We Krwi Zapomniane Wojny
23 Słowa We Krwi Martwy Punkt
24 No Choice! Radnička Pesmica
25 No Choice! Niko Ne Voli Klonove!!!
26 Шоу Трумэна Про Моэ Жыття
27 Шоу Трумэна Кучма - Хуй!
28 V3 Anus Похуй Кто Ты Есть
29 V3 Anus ЭКО
30 Bora (2) Under Control
31 Bora (2) As If I Care
32 The Stillborns M.D.C.
33 The Stillborns I Don't Give A Shit About You
34 Trompka Pompka Jak Pies
35 Trompka Pompka Moj Swiat Jest Moj
36 The Parafin Поколение NExT?
37 The Parafin З.П.Р. (Запрещать)
38 Czolgosz ...Kill You
39 Czolgosz No War But The Class War
40 Link (22) Driedust
41 Link (22) Fairy Tales
42 Lämant Спаси Планету

Thursday, 17 September 2020

ABUSE-I Guds Namn?-(Consume, Be Silent, Die-USA-1996)

Abuse was a Swedish hardcore / crust punk band from Uppsala, Sweden!
The were active around the mid 1990's to late 90'.This 7 inch came out with a folded cover sleeve reporting lrics and info.
Consume,Be Silent,Die was a small punk label from Rhode Island(Usa) active during the 90s.
You `ll find this 7inch as waves.
Enjoy it

Tuesday, 15 September 2020

Neo Gothic n 9&10-(Fanzine-Italy-1997)

Double number for this amazing Italian fanzine focused on goth culture and music.
94 A5 pages with interviews to London After Midnight, Die Laughing, Limbo Pankow, Astasia, Land Of Passion,articles about King Ludwig,  Fedor Michailovic Dostoevskij, Fallen Angel, Roger Corman + reviews of gigs and music productions, comics and rants.

Very well done, this is underground press at its best.
Only in the Italian language.
Buona Lettura.
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Sunday, 13 September 2020

v.a.-Taking Liberties-(Kleines Mädchen-France-1996)

7-inch benefit for the Anarchist Black Cross including 4 bands playing different styles of Hardcore Punk. 
It came out with a small booklet with info about the ABC and the bands,(all the relevant scans included here.)and I left these tracks as waves.
Enjoy it.
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A1 Unhinged Misère
A2 Suffer Full Of Hate
B1 Seein'red* It's About Time
B2 Öpstand Vigipirate
B3 Öpstand Temporary Slaves
B4 Öpstand Serve And Protect

Companies, etc.


  • Liner Notes [Originally Intended For An Abc Pamphlet]David Bowen


"Anarchist Black Cross benefit ep."

Seein'red recorded at Bunts studio, Utrecht.

Comes with info inserts.
First press released by Kleines Mädchen alone. The second press was co-released with Bad Card.
Pressing plant from matrix.