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Saturday 5 December 2020

CREPUSCULE ‎– Closing Wounds -(Slaughter Productions-Italy-1996)



Crepuscole is the American artist En Lewellyn,also active under the name Carrion.This great tape comes sealed in clear plastic sleeve, also includes special colour photo sleeve + over sized 9 page brown booklet 8.25" X 6" with high quality textured paper, from the Slaughter Productions label, Italy. This is a limited edition of 100. Enclosed booklet is about Embalming Procedures and Funeral Rites written by the artist. Cassette comes with the official Slaughter Productions gold seal. Also included on this release, as tracks B4 to B6, is the CARRION, The Caregiver Single.released by the legendary Slaughter Productions: label managed by Marco Corbelli aka Atrax Morgue, releasing mostly his own music and few other associated noise artists. 

Enjoy it.
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A1 Crepuscule Early Findings 1:16
A2 Crepuscule Beginagain (Cribriform Reading) 5:39
A3 Crepuscule Muerie Maquinas (Contempt) 22:32
B1 Crepuscule Mythology Of The Stars 2:47
B2 Crepuscule Wishbone Sacrifice 3:53
B3 Crepuscule Spooky Tooth 13:28

The Caregiver Single
B4 Carrion (2) Can't Stop (Won't Stop) 4:31
B5 Carrion (2) I Will Live Forever 2:09
B6Carrion (2) The Caregiver (Careless Mix) 3       

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