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Thursday 3 December 2020

v.a.-Ear Smear-(Ear Smear Tapes-Belgium-1995)

60 minutes long compilation with many underground bands playing HC Punk,Grindcore,Raw Punk and Noise punk. The recordings are not always all great but they suit well the idea behind this tape.It came out with a small booklet with info about the bands,it is included here.

Enjoy it.

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A1Praperation-H* On Your Mark...
A2 Praperation-H* Hood In Head
A3 Praperation-H* Suburban Life
A4 Unhinged Out
A5 Unhinged Reality
A6 Masher (2) Scrotum Words
A7 Masher (2) Impunity
A8 Masher (2) Total Misery
A9 Masher (2) Social Pigs
A10 Dahmer Albert Hamilton Fish
A11 Dahmer Just Another Dis-Clone Song
A12 Dahmer Dennis Andrew Nilsen
A13 Hartsoeker Admit Your Error !
A14 Hartsoeker Trapped In Hate
A15 Karma (25) Killing Time For Divided Minds
A16 Karma (25) The Children's War
A17 Agathocles Enough
A18 Agathocles Throwing Away Crap
A19 Agathocles Zero-Ego
A20 Healthy Incident Sharp-Positive Idea
A21 Healthy Incident We Fuck It...
A22 Healthy Incident The Whole Me
A23 Healthy Incident Live In A Constant Lie
A24 Healthy Incident Mother Fucker
B1 In-Quest Xylad Valox
B2 Rot Rejecting The Media
B3 Rot Subversive Not Alternative
B4 Rot Where's My Happiness ?
B5 Cornucopia (5) Hardcoresloor
B6 Cornucopia (5) Kurt Heeft Koppijn
B7 Cornucopia (5) Killer Virus
B8 Entrails Massacre Progress
B9 Entrails Massacre Mistake
B10 Entrails Massacre It's My View
B11 Demolish Poser Disorder
B12 Demolish Death Metal Sucks
B13 Demolish Sell Out
B14 Demolish Ronald McDonald's Pt2
B15 Suppository Betsy
B16 Suppository Hugging The Grizzly
B17 Cohagen (2) Just A Freak
B18 Spasshaas Medly Voor Misdadige Misdienaars
B19 Spasshaas Spasthaas
B20 Sonic Disorder Trauma


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