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Thursday 30 April 2015

Braindeath n1(Fanzine-Resistance Productions-Switzerland-June 1995)

Another release by the mighty Resistance Productions,Swiss label covered in this blog many times.
In this first issue we find a long introduction by Pablo about this fanzine and other interesting thoughts,a report about diy culture,Katsuhisa Omori(Japanese anarchist in jail),squatting in Holland,an interview to Total Control and then tons of reviews of fanzines,tapes and vynils.
A very good fanzine just as all the other releases by this amazing label.
Enjoy it.
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Wednesday 29 April 2015

CULVER/E H I-Split Tape-(FDR Tapes-USA-C60-1996)

Another nice split tape with Culver,English artist Lee Stokoe,still very active nowadays.I already posted some of his music here and here.
E.H.I. is Brian Noring, American noise artist who is also the mastermind of this cool tape label  F.D.R..
Enjoy it.
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Tuesday 28 April 2015

DIONONESISTE-Voicinferi-(Cdr-Self Released-Italy-2003)

Diononesiste means "God doesn`t exist",it is a black metal project by  Daniele Brusaschetto,an artist from Torino (Northern Italy) active,using his real name,in the electronic/industrial scene since the mid 90s.
This ep on cd-r is black metal with a lots of 80s influences,here the description from his bandcamp page where this album is not listed.

"Atmospheric Blackened Death from the catacombs of Turin. A unique one man act that rips up the book on the Death Metal by numbers shit with many unexpected twist and turns. Completed with a putrid and cavernous production that puts over produced and sanitized so called “Death Metal” back in the pop charts where it belongs"
Enjoy it.
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Monday 27 April 2015

MLEHST-I Jaundice In Da Crevice Wagon-(Fraction Studio-France-c60-1996)

English experimental noise project founded in 1991 by All Brentnall which released many cassettes and vinyls (often in small quantities) until the project started to wind down in the late 1990s. 
After the last releases came out in 2001 the project was essentially defunct. In 2005, however, Mlehst was restarted and continues to release new recordings.Actual webpage:freewebs.com.(from discogs)
I already wrote about this label,in fact Fraction Studio is a French experimental cassette label from the 1980s run by Michel Madrange aka
Enjoy it.
A1 Rancid Chutney Ferret
Loops [Drum Loops] – S. Johns
B1 Driven Dogshit
Guitar – Chris Triptyckon
  • Artwork By – M. Nomized
  • Recorded By, Mixed By, ProducerAll Mlehst*
Final production March 1996 using unreleased, rare, deleted and available material from 1994 to 1996. Mlehst sounds recorded using microphones, effects, radio, guitars, electronics.
All j-cards have the same artwork, although some are in colour and others are black & white.

Sunday 26 April 2015

POLTERGEIST-Desecrated Flowers-(Anomalous Records-USA-C90-1994)

Poltergeist featured Chuck Daar [Bass, Tapes, Effects], Eric Lanzillotta
[Engineer], Brian Smith [Guitar, Rack, Samples, Radio], - Bob Blaize [Tabla, Dumpak, Flute, Waterphone, Venu, Bells [Chinese Temple Bells]].. 

Recorded Live May 14th and 21st, 1994.. 100 copies were made before Anomalous Records stopped making cassettes...strange ethereal elektronikx!!
Anomalous Records was an American experimental label and distributor established in February 1991. As of Aug. 25th, 2003, Anomalous ceased distributing and no longer offered a mail order service. The label continued to issue new releases, but was completely shut down on Dec. 31st, 2004. One posthumous release was done in 2007. 
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ATOXXXICO-Tu Tienes La Razon,Punks De Mierda-(P.P.R.-Mexico-1992)

Atoxxxico is a n HC punk band from Mexico City, some of the song in this album were recorded in 1987 and some others in 1990.
The cover sleeve has all the lyrics in Spanish language and my copy has few extra photocopied papers with the relevant English translations.
For people into punk sung in Spanish and political lyrics...

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Friday 24 April 2015

EXPOSE YOUR EYES-Nycc-(Fiend Recordings-UK-c60-199?)

Expose Your Eyes is Paul Harrison a musician from West Yorkshire,who formed this electronic noise project in the mid 90s.Here his SoundCloud page. 
Fiend Recordings is his personal label. 
Enjoy the noise.
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A1 Call Dennis Waterman. 8:13
A2 Half Full Wrestling (Charge Of The Shite Brigade). 4:02
A3 The Psychotic Mind Fucker's Good Frenzy. 15:18
B1 Fags.
Featuring – Diz Willis, Nandi Cook, Sandy Kelsall
B2 Pancakes For Berlin.
Featuring – Lee Jewitt, Nandi Cook
B3 The Sackbutts Of Toulouse.
Featuring – Lee Jewitt, Nandi Cook
B4 That Remarkably Ecstatic Chaos.
Featuring – Nandi Cook, Paul Holmes (5)

All tracks recorded at Asylum, Sowerby Bridge, W.Yorks except 'Pancakes' and 'sackbutts' at Fiendish, Bradford.

Thursday 23 April 2015

Mani Art 44-(Fanzine-Mail Art-Global Networking-May 1991)

Mani Art was a fanzine of random artworks collected and assembled by Pascal Lenoir , a mail  artist based in Grandfresnoy(France).
As Pascal used to write Mani Art is not sold and it is not bought.In fact it was sent for free to all the contributors.
In this issue 30 mail artists from different countries, took part sending to Pascal various art-works using different techniques mainly on paper.
Some of those contributions are actually very nice.
Enjoy it.
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Wednesday 22 April 2015

STONE BODY-Canabal Parasitical-(Self Released-Northern Ireland-c90-1994)

A strange project hailing from Northern Ireland,I think the  artist here is Jeremy Herron and from this tape I can understand that He is into sound collage,field recordings and  spoken words.
On this long tape-work additional conversations are added to some noise,weird mixes of various music stolen from  random radio shows and other confused passages of instruments and voices.
A very good tape of  infinite chaotic yet creative sound sculptures + pagan obscure voices whispering messages of life,death,pain and pleasure.
Nice one.
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Tuesday 21 April 2015

OUTRAGE-Smile Of Death-(Self released-Italy-1986)+Outrage-(Self Released-Italy-1987)

Outrage were a thrash metal combo hailing from Rome(Italy)
They were active in the mid 80s,they formed in 1984 and it seems that they were active until 1990.
Those demos show us a  good band of power thrash metal, both recordings are good too.
Thrash `till death!!!
smile of death


OLAF SEIDER-Industrial Revolution-(New Band Underground-Germany-c60-1993)

Olaf Seider is a German musician/sound designer and art director.
He`s involved in the experimental electronic music scene since 1986.
He also used those aliases Azreal, Olaf Seider Coincidence as names for other projects. He still active nowadays,you can check his webpage here.(It is in German only).
This tape offer us a good mix of raw noise and deep conversations(again only in German) bringing us in a  dark dimension of horror and  mysticism.
Of course I am talking about my sensations only,in fact I cannot understand German and so I am  very probably missing the most of the meanings of this tape-work.
Definitely a very good tape for people into dark and creepy sounds/messages.
New Band Underground is his personal label founded in 1992,I guess it is not active any longer.
Enjoy it.
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Monday 20 April 2015

THE BOLLOCKS-Revolution-(Asas Records-Malaysia-1997)

Hailing from Malaysia this quartet play a mix of HC and Oi punk with political lyrics.The recording is very good and the cover sleeve reports all the lyrics and few info too.
Asas Records seems to be a Malaysian  label associated to them,unfortunately I have not much info about it.
Enjoy it.
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Sunday 19 April 2015

EMBOLIA ASSASSINA-Discarika Screaming-(Contaminated Productions-Italy-c60-1992)

Another tape by the the ghost collective E.A., project covered in this blog already few times.This is the review that I have passed to Vita Ignes Corpus Lignum blog with my original rip of this tape that I am going to re-post here.

"The idea behind this project was to use the sounds from the videotapes from the 1st squat in Foggia, called  Discarika(as it was an old discharge), Raff and Mario with Megawatt`s help and machines extracted the sounds from different videotapes of this squat:there are then sounds of demonstrations, gigs, debates and daily life of this squat mixed with additional sounds/noises created by E.A.!
It is a full fun-experiment of sound collage and field recordings.
The tape was coming in a very special package made of hard cardboard where on the front the tape plastic case was glued on the cardboard and on the same face of the board it was added a photocopy treated with an acid, so to make a blurred graphics work. On the back, there was a presentation of this project both in Italian and English. 
For this project E.A. stands for Embolia Assassina, It means Killing Embolism."

Enjoy it
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Saturday 18 April 2015

EPA NYYRO-Rock`n`Roll Years 1981-1991-(Joukkohourma Prods-Finland-c90-1992)

28 songs on this long c90 exploring 10 years of  life of this unknown band from Finland.The title of the cassette talk about Rock`n`Roll : It is definitely a little joke,in fact the music here it  is a sick form of weird experiments with normal instruments played in a funny yet chaotic way.On the top of it you`ll get screams yelled with  deranged vocals,and it`is only a pity that every song is sung in Finnish language,so I have no idea what are the subjects of those crazy songs.Every now and again their music change for something a bit more conventional but the change last very short time.
Beside having few little troubles trying to explain you the music of this project or band and knowing that they were active in the 80s in Finland,Epa Nyyro remains a mystery to me:
Anybody with more info about them out there???
Joukkomurha Prods(Engl. Mass Murder or Massacre) was a small label managed by Jupe Luoma in Vaasa(Finland).The title of the label was later watered down to a more neutral-sounding (maybe even a wee bit more) JM-Tapes.The label was originally started just for fun, as a continuation to the creative stream of small press activity and it was active producing the plethora of cassette-only albums (or albums, as John Bartles would put it!) and compilations of folk / punk / electronic / aggressive / art music(k) and odd bits of sound all the way from Ohio to Okinawa.It was in action between 1989 and 1998. In total, there were more than 70 releases during that time of angst, madness and creativity,and yes there are lot of other releases by this label on this blog...
Enjoy it.
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Friday 17 April 2015

v.a.-AudioResistance 3.0 - (Cd-AudioResistance-Italy-2001)

"Audio Resistance is a d.i.y. music collective based in Rome born in 2000 in the outskirts of the city. Our sounds are against copyright because we think that music and culture in general should not be for sale but should be free and accessible to every body. We choose to selfproduce our music because we think it is a way to make our expression free outside the rules of capital. It is very important for us to share experience with people around the world. So we invite anyone who should be interested to contact us to try to create a collaboration.
From here you can listen and download our d.i.y. music realeases and other d.i.y. releases from people and
friends around us. We want to promote the indipendent music, we want to spread the world like a germ."

taken from their official website,where you will find more info about their activities and lots of music as free download including all the other compilations of this series and related artists.
Very good electronic music,different genres,techno oriented beats,dance-floor rhythms,cyborg mutant sounds and more creative whizzed sonic assaults:this is a great compilation.
Enjoy it.
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"No Copyright for situations whose activity is explicitly oriented to take relations, pleasures, loves, wealth, ideas and styles out of the ideological rule of capital."

Wednesday 15 April 2015

Papermouth, After The Foolympics `92...(Fanzine-Slovenia-1992)

Very good fanzine created and distributed by Tomaz Trplan in Slovenia back in the 90s.This isssue has  interesting articles about punk attitude,communication,revolution dietary,active birth and interviews to Agent 86,Anti Military Demonstration and Earth Citizens.

All in all a very informative fanzine with good ideas and messages.

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Tuesday 14 April 2015

THE RORSCHACH GARDEN & MOATA OMEN-Pure NRG!-(Cat Killer-Germany-c90-1992)

The Rorschach Garden was founded in 1988, It  was the solo project of Philipp Münch, mainly known from his works as Synapscape. In 1997, he stopped this project due personal reasons. The Rorschach Garden was reactivated in 2001, made its first public appearance at the Maschinenfest 2002 in Aachen, Germany. After this, some other live perfomances were held with the help of some of Philipp's closer friends. Ever since, TRG has grown into a proper band with a steady lineup and a great reputation for live performances. Their musical style has developed into a unique blend of electronic pop music and defies genre limitations. Since 2008, no concerts have been played due to personal circumstances of the band members, yet there might possibly some again.-MySpace, Facebook-
Moata Omen is the personal project of  Sven Pügge also involved in the band  Ars Moriendi.

 This tape seems to be a full collaboration between the tape labels Fich-Art and Cat Killer,both german  and active since the 90s. 
Enjoy It.
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Monday 13 April 2015

FACTOR X-Radio Dada n1(fulk songs)-(Maljugin Musik-Germany-c90-1992)+Shampoo Boots-(Self Released-UK-199?-c60)

Factor X was one of Shaun Robert's pseudonyms/projects/aliases. Factor X was founded by Shaun in 1983 as a conceptual idea. The first output was anti muzik and then moved to rough collage. Factor X ended in 1994. 
Shaun Robert (b. 1966, Brixham, Devon, England) started recording and making music since the age of 8 using tape machines by utilizing the pause button, crash editing sounds together. This was not seen as a form of art, more of a way to understand and adapt the world around him. Using a catalog of pseudonyms to do various projects, these creative outings became more and more like imaginary friends, coloring things with a rainbow of the mind’s eye. 
(taken from discogs)
Radio Dada N1 

Shampoo Boots 

Sunday 12 April 2015

MENACE DEMENT-Menace Dement-(Co-Production=Menace Dement /Nautilus-Italy-c30-1990)

This band was a side  project of Neil Burke(bass player of Born Against) and Patrick Blank (drummer of Undead and Black Snakes),they played  for a couple of years on the end of the 80s releasing only a 7inch called Nanna in 1991 on Lungcast Recs, a posthumous album on Vermiform in 1997  and this tape in 1990.
They play a rather insane form of post-punk mixed with some noise rock,tribal obsessive rhythms,some degenerated  blues and desperate   screaming vocals by the amazing Cassandra Stark.
This  tape came out as a  co-production:a good effort from the band and the legendary Italian label Nautilus,still very active, here their webpage.
Enjoy it.
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Saturday 11 April 2015

SICK FOR RAGE-Sick For Rage-(Self Released-Italy-1998)

Sick for Rage plays a very fast hardcore punk sung in Italian language,they were hailing from Torino(Northern Italy) and the print on the cover-sleeve suggest us that they were pro-squatting.
The recording in pretty good and the folded cover sleeve lists the lyrics too.
Enjoy it.

Friday 10 April 2015

EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES-Hier-(Sublimited Tapes-UK-c45-1993)

Very nice cassette by this unknown project called Educational Resources and that seems to be affiliated to this unknown small label Sublimited Cassettes from UK.
All the materials here  were  recorded,sourced and sampled from treated and found sounds collected from 1989 to 1993.
This is an exceptional rare cassette and it will make happy all the lovers of certain dreamy hypnotic spirals of soundscapes.
Enjoy it.
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Wednesday 8 April 2015

v.a-NO MORE SEXISM-(double C60+booklet-Contaminated Productions-Italy-1997)

Amazing double c60 compilation edited and distributed by Contaminated Prods in 1997.
It was  the last  release by this  good label.
A 52 pages long fanzine with articles and graphic works dedicated to the subject plus 2 tapes with bands from different countries.
I am going to attach here the introductions taken from the booklet.
Music wise there is so much in here,lot of different bands and  artists playing all sort of...
Enjoy it.

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Female Tape - Lesbian Side
A1 Forehead Yeah (Or 12 Ways To Be Killed By The One You Love)
A2 Budellam Mercenaris
A3 Oi Polloi 25 Hours
A4 Momido 4t Seraphina
A5 Disumana Res Warsex On Tv
A6 Thumber Thor Butterfly
A7 Fleischlego Michael Jagger Harsh
A8 Alphane Moon Circle Of Four
A9 Valpurgis Volta Break Away
A10 Lonely / (No Title Received)

Female Tape - No Macho Side
B1 Parkaj Mental 2 Songs / No Titles Received
B2 No Fraud Radio Sucks
B3 Cosmonauts Hail Satan This Is Not A Rorsharch Test
B4 Religious Overdose One Way
B5 Ixa-Wud Mandrugara
B6 Bad Influence Trapped In Reality
B7 Pol Silentblock Overdose

Male Tape - Gay Side
C1 Sudanese Witch Hunt, The Times Change
C2 Oltraggio E Resistenza Con I Loro Stessi Mezzi
C3 Skdron Ganjah
C4 Citizen Fish Mediamen
C5 L.A. Choix Lost Time Fag
C6 SS 20 (5) Coke Et Cola
C7 Lizgizzad* Hip To The Gentile
C8 Feel The Fire A Cowsa Serve
C9 Okaniva Fumhiro Moditer
C10 Flagrants D'Eli Le Ligne Imaginaire

Male Tape - Heterosex Side
D1 Internal Autonomy Scream
D2 Nacht Und Nebel Une Fois Encore
D3 Brandelli D'Odio Aiuto ... Mi Soffocano
D4 Sheperds, The Sub
D5 Bored Away Libera Electcion
D6 Mike Post Mortem, The Acknowledge Lost Master
D7 Condominium The Brazil Complex
D8 Blind Justice I Need Something
D9 Doves Under Chairwalk Religion Befreit
D10 Inkisikao Alternativa
D11 Ontendreven De Betoging