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Tuesday 28 April 2015

DIONONESISTE-Voicinferi-(Cdr-Self Released-Italy-2003)

Diononesiste means "God doesn`t exist",it is a black metal project by  Daniele Brusaschetto,an artist from Torino (Northern Italy) active,using his real name,in the electronic/industrial scene since the mid 90s.
This ep on cd-r is black metal with a lots of 80s influences,here the description from his bandcamp page where this album is not listed.

"Atmospheric Blackened Death from the catacombs of Turin. A unique one man act that rips up the book on the Death Metal by numbers shit with many unexpected twist and turns. Completed with a putrid and cavernous production that puts over produced and sanitized so called “Death Metal” back in the pop charts where it belongs"
Enjoy it.
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